Let me start off by saying, I’m going watch Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m going to watch the hell out of it. I’ve been excited ever since the amazing stills were released by Entertainment Weekly.

Now, let me say, wow, this trailer is really up it’s own ass. As of now, I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

The trailer is epic. Very epic. Which is great, I like epic. In the beginning you hear lines tossed about over shots of turmoil on our planet Earth, such as

-My world is fire and blood
-We are killing for gasoline
-Now there’s the water wars

Perfect dystopian drama. That is a version of the world we may become.

After this beginning montage, all of a sudden you see what can only be a villain (unfortunately looking like John Travolta in Battlefield Earth) and an explosion. The first of many explosions. Then we hear Tom Hardy, who is playing Max, say “Everybody’s gone out of their mind.” The fun begins.

Lot’s of cars blowing up and awesome stunts. There’s grand music and amazing costumes and make-up. There’s even Charlize Theron doing a perfect drop to the knees and screaming at the sky.

But then this flashes on the screen, “From Mastermind George Miller.” Um, okay. Was that Miller’s idea to put that up there? Because it kinda took me out of the trailer? Suddenly all this incongruous music starts playing, there’s massive dust storm with lightning, wait, is Tom Hardy wearing a Bane mask? More stunning shots etc. It’s a little Kubrick, a little Gilliam and I guess a lot Mastermind George Miller.

It looks super fun but it definitely is going for a grandiose cinematic piece of work with lots of flair rather than the rugged hopeless tone to the original Mad Max. Like I said, I’ll still see the reboot. For all my comments, the trailer was fun. It’s just a different movie. And maybe that’s what a reboot should be.

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Audrey Kearns

Audrey Kearns

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