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More in game holiday events!  There are quite a few this time of year, it’s a bit insane.  However, after the Winter Holidays and the calendar New Year celebrations, this one is smaller with fewer games participating.  Here are the events for the games I play.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT – Lunar Festival
February 1st – February 15th

The Lunar Festival is one of the more tame events within Azeroth, it’s a time of year where we celebrate and honor our ancestors. As with most holidays in WoW, it is another part of the Long Strange Trip meta achievement and completing all the Lunar achievements will get you the sweet title of “Elder”.


  • Lunar Lantern


  • Elune’s Lantern


  • Large Cluster Rocket
  • Festival Dress
  • Festival Suit

HEROES OF THE STORM – Lunar Festival
February 2nd – March 1st

As has been the trend for the better part of the past year, every time there is a holiday event in World of Warcraft, HoTS does there own version.

  • Play 25 Games
    • Complete 25 games in Versus A.I., Quick Match, or Ranked play during the Lunar Festival 2016 event to earn a special Monkey Elder holiday portrait!
  • Catch the Monkey Elder 
    • Each day during this year’s Lunar Festival event, you’ll receive a Special Event quest to catch the Monkey Elder.
    • Teams will have a 50% chance to spawn a Monkey Elder at the start of each game if any players on the team have not yet finished this quest for the day
    • Work together to follow and catch the Monkey Elder who will drop a Red Envelope that awards 100 gold to each ally with an active Monkey Elder Special Event quest.
  • New Hero Skins – Jana and Illidan get into the New Year spirit with new skins available for purchase for a limited time.
  • New Mount – The Lunar Dragon
  • New Hero – Li-Ming, The Rebellious Wizard

GUILD WARS 2 – Lunar New Year
January 26th – February 9th

Celebrate the start of a whole new year in Divinity’s Reach!  Stop by the Crown Pavilion to shoot off fireworks, play the Dragon Ball PvP minigame, and earn rewards.

  • Come celebrate the Year of the Monkey!
    • Lunar New Year festivities have returned with the wily and curious monkey.
    • Collect and open lucky envelopes to earn essences of luck, delicious foods, fireworks, valuable items, and a chance to find the new Monkey Lantern backpacks.
    • Speak to Phaedra in the Crown Pavilion to purchase very valuable Divine Lucky Envelopes.
    • Trade extra essences of luck in to Fion in your guild hall to purchase Red Lantern decorations.
      • Red Lanterns can be used by scribes to craft six additional festive decorations.
  • Bash and kick your way to victory in the Dragon Ball Arena!
    • Speak to Finolla in the Crown Pavillion to enter the arena and prove your mettle.
    • Win rounds to earn Tokens of the Dragon Ball Champion that can be used to purchase extra Divine Lucky Envelopes.

Enjoy the fireworks and shenanigans while you can, we have a few more small holidays coming up over the next couple of months.GW2 Lunar


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