Get your plaid pressed and ready because Lumberhill is calling all lumberjacks! From devs 2BIGo, with support from ARP Games and publisher All in! Games comes a hilariously chaotic multiplayer game that will have you screaming timber! Players will travel around the world and through time completing tasks while racing against the clock and nature.

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In Lumberhill, life isn’t easy. Players have to worry about trees that can and will fling you off cliffs, angry hogs ready to run you down and even a random lightning strike that can set the forest ablaze. But alas, lumberjacks can’t survive on sawdust alone. To get the job done, players will need to work together and put their teamwork skills to the test to complete an honest day’s work.

As players progress through the game, they will experience different worlds with new scenery and tasks. It’s almost a guarantee you will find someone you will want to lay down your roots. Maybe it’s Hawaii with the cute little piglets or Dinon world with its pterodactyls. Sometimes though, it doesn’t matter where you are but who you are with. And while yes, Lumberhill does focus heavily on teamwork, there is a PVP mode to see which friends are better than others.

Lumberhill is set to hit PC through Steam on June 13, 2021, during the PC Gaming Show! It also will be released on the Nintendo Switch later this year. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are prepared to live the life of a lumberjack!

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