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Did you see the Netflix series, Jessica Jones? If so, then you were privvy to one of the best on-screen realizations we’ve had for a superhero — Luke Cage, as played by Mike Colter. He was every bit as smooth, strong and lion-hearted as the hero we know from the comics.

Well, he’s currently filming his own Netflix series, set for release sometime later next year. In an interview with CBR, the actor spoke a lot about his experiences on set, acting with Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter and what it means to him to take on this iconic role.

But, the tidbit we want to focus on is the time frame for his series, which apparently happens after the events of Jessica Jones. As Colter says, “’Luke Cage’ happens over some time after the Jessica Jones series.”

So some time has passed. There’s some distance between him and Jessica and he has, presumably, moved on in some way. Perhaps he’s healed enough that he can reexamine going back to Jessica?


The actor goes on to say,“He is reeling from the experience that happens in Jessica (Jones) and he’s trying to get himself back on track. His bar was blown up, and now, he has to start over again.”

Finally, he offers up, “He’s just got to figure out where he is now, and what he’s doing with his life because he wants to define himself as a man, define himself in society and try to deal with his own demons. Just like Jessica had to deal with her demons, he has to deal with his demons, and that’s where he starts.”

So, what exactly are these demons? Does this have to do with him being unjustly thrown into prison? What did he do before all of that?

It sounds like we’ll be getting a look into his life before Jessica Jones as well as afterwards.

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