The time has come on Lucifer. Six seasons of devilish shenanigans come to an end in the series finale. In “Partners ‘Til The End,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) realizes his true calling. 

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Lucifer and Chloe (Lauren German) are worried sick about Rory (Brianna Hildebrand). Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict) took their daughter to 10th and Swanson, the same location where the Devil disappears. Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to go because she’s pregnant with Rory, but Chloe doesn’t want to let Lucifer out of her sight. They agree to both go rescue their baby.

Le Mec knew all about Lucifer’s disappearance at 10th and Swanson from when Dan (Kevin Alejandro) possessed his body. Lucifer told Dan all about Rory and what happened to him. Le Mec decides to use that information to bring Lucifer to him. Le Mec has been in agony since Lucifer whispered something in his ear. Now he want the Devil to stop the torture.  Rory says Lucifer doesn’t torture people. He lets people’s guilt torture them.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive at 10th and Swanson and take out all of Le Mec’s henchmen along the way. One of them throws a knife at Chloe and hits her in the shoulder. She is bleeding pretty bad. Lucifer doesn’t want to leave her, but they both know Chloe lives a long life. She tells him to save their baby and he leaves her.

Lucifer finds Rory tied up with her wings spread. He tries to reason with Le Mec, but the frenchmen is desperate to end his torture. Lucifer can’t stop Le Mec’s pain because only Le Mec can come to terms with his own guilt. Le Mec wants to torture Lucifer by killing Rory, but that’s not how torture works. You have to know someone’s greatest desire to be able to torture them. 

Lucifer admits his greatest desire is to see his daughter grow up and to be the father she deserves. If Le Mec kills Lucifer, he will inflict the worst torture upon the devil. He will suffer the unimaginable pain of leaving behind the people he loves. Le Mec is fine with that. 

Le Mec approaches Lucifer with a knife as the devil kneels down. Rory fights to get loose from her bonds. She stops Le Mec from killing her father, but holds the Frenchmen by the neck, ready to kill him herself. Rory’s face starts to change. She has a devil face just like her dad. Lucifer begs her to stop because killing Le Mec will change her. He says she has to be better than him. Rory lets go before fully transforming. And in the exchange of all of that, Rory called Lucifer ‘Dad.’

Le Mec gets up and tries to take another stab at Lucifer. Someone shoots him and he falls back on a table full of Rory’s feather blades. Chloe is barely standing with her gun raised. Rory rushes to help her. Lucifer goes to Le Mec, who asks to see the light like Dan did. Lucifer is happy that Dan made it to Heaven. But Le Mec isn’t going to Heaven, so he will only see darkness.


Chloe is okay. She’s happy they got through the threat on Lucifer’s life. He is too, but Rory is still here. That means nothing changed. He still leaves her to grow up without a father. And they don’t know why. 

Chloe finds out that Dan is in Heaven. Trixie mentioned that a strange man approached her at camp to talk about her dad. Chloe knows that man was Dan, but he avoided Trixie the entire time. She asks what changed his mind. Lucifer changed his mind by saying the people he spends time with is more important than what he does during that time. 

Chloe realizes that Lucifer helped Dan get to Heaven, the same way he helped Lee from season five. He broke their Hell loops. Lucifer says he didn’t do anything but put them on the right path. Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) used to say that she can’t give him the right answers, only the right questions. 

Rory agrees with Mom. She says Lucifer saved her soul too when she attempted to kill Le Mec. She feels like he understood her anger at that moment.  He did and he doesn’t want Rory to repeat his sins. Rory thinks that’s the reason she came back. So Lucifer could help her. Both Chloe and Rory agree that Lucifer is supposed to help everyone who deserves another chance to get into Heaven. Lucifer remembers his dad saying that Hell didn’t need a keeper anymore. Now it needs a healer. This is why Lucifer leaves.

Rory says everything happens the way it’s supposed to so Lucifer can realize he can help lost souls. They can’t change anything or he will never realize his destiny. It has to happen this way so he can save Rory’s soul. Lucifer wanted to be there for her when she needed him the most and he was. He saved her. 

And now it’s time for Rory to return to the future. She makes him promise not to change anything. He doesn’t want to miss her childhood but it’s just a blip in their eternal existence. And she’s not angry anymore. It has to be this way. Lucifer promises not to change anything. Rory says she loves them and disappears. 

Lucifer and Chloe come to an agreement that he has to return to Hell and they can’t change anything for Rory’s sake. Chloe gets sad and says even though he can see her, she is always with him. And life goes on …


Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) takes the throne in Heaven. Ella (Aimee Garcia) can feel his presence. She welcomes her first cohort of girls in Miss Lopez STEM Initiative. Chloe returns to the precinct and is immediately welcomed by Officer Harris (Merrin Dungey). Chloe makes Lieutenant while pregnant with Rory and promotes Harris to detective. Amenadiel is by her side every step of the way. 

Dan found Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) in Heaven and is happier than ever. They share dessert and a kiss.

Amenadiel returns for Charlie’s birthday as Linda is lighting the candles. Charlie sprouts wings before blowing the candles out. Linda is shocked, but Amenadiel is excited.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) are still bounty hunting bad guys when they get a call that Chloe went into labor. Chloe and Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) bring baby Rory home with the whole family there to welcome her. 

Years later, Rory returns to her mother’s bedside. Rory thanks Chloe for putting up with her all these years, knowing there could have been a different way. Chloe says she wouldn’t change a thing and passes. She is greeted by Amenadiel in Heaven.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Lucifer has become the doctor of redemption. He has an office that looks just like Dr. Linda’s. He’s listening to a man talk about making the same mistakes. Lucifer says he’s avoiding his guilt. The man wants to change and be better. If the Devil can be redeemed then he can too. Le Mec pops up and says if the guy can’t change then he can shoot him in the face. Clearly Le Mec needs a lot of help. 

Someone knocks at the door and Lucifer thinks it’s a donut delivery. It’s Chloe. They are finally reunited.


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