Lucifer and the gang are back for the final season. In “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German), no longer a detective, get caught up in a magic show murder while Luci is also stalling to become God. 

If you recall, Luci beat his twin brother Michael (Ellis) last season for Heaven’s throne. He proved he was worthy after literally burning up in Heaven to bring Chloe back to life. It’s been a few months and nothing has really changed. Except that Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is still dead and that’s still very sad. 

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Even after the big Angel War at the end of season 5, it turns out nobody really wants to take on their new roles. Lucifer wants to hang out on Earth for a little bit longer and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) isn’t really rushing to get to Hell. So what are they doing instead? Lucifer is going to magic shows and Maze and Eve (Inbar Lavi) are blissfully happy. Let’s start with the new Queen of Hell.

Maze and Eve enjoy a dinner with Linda (Rachael Harris) and Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and two things come up. What is Eve going to do while Maze is at work? And Amenadiel announces that he is joining the police force. Maze really wants to make fun of Amenadiel. 

The first question isn’t answered right away, but after Eve gives it some thought, she decides she wants to throw parties. Hell isn’t really the place for good vibes, but Eve is eager to meet Maze’s family. Maze on the other hand wants Eve to stay away from those losers.

Eve and Mazikeen are ready to start a new life on Lucifer


Eve is really hurt. Linda goes into doctor mode to help them resolve their difference of opinion about family. But it turns out that Maze really doesn’t want to be Queen. She loves her life with Eve on Earth so much that she wants to marry the girl. Okay. Maze and Eve are engaged!

Lucifer takes Chloe to see his favorite magician Magnar the Magnificent (Bjorn Johnson). Magnar has been around for a long time because the magician passes down the act when he’s ready to retire. The current Magnar is doing just that tonight, but the new Magnar ended up dead.  

Chloe really wants to work this case, but she’s no longer on the force. Carol (Scott Porter) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) are working the case though and most of the evidence says the killer is still in the room. So no one can leave, giving Chloe an opportunity to help … in her own way.

Carol interviews everyone while Ella collects the evidence. While at work, Lucifer finds out that Ella is unsure that her prayers are being heard. It’s like the Big Guy isn’t up there anymore. Luci suggests that maybe God has some personal business to take care of, but Ella says that’s not God’s style. God is supposed to be in Heaven, listening to all of his children. That’s his only job. 

After Carol interviews everyone, Lucifer ends up being the primary suspect. But he has an alibi. Lucifer was pulled over by a corrupt cop at the time of the murder. The corrupt cop verifies his story. Ella finds a bead on the body and Chloe is pretty sure it is another magician Keaton Call (Deyo Forteza). Keaton used to be Magnar’s apprentice before the dead guy. Chloe assumes he was jealous and tries to arrest him. Carol stops her saying Keaton has an alibi. Despite her interference, Carol asks for Chloe’s help going over the evidence. The question is who had more to gain with the current Magnar continuing his career? There was a media deal in the works, but neither Magnar would sign the deal. But current Magnar’s son Alan (Chris Coy) had a stake in the deal. 

At the same time, Alan grabs Chloe and holds a knife at her neck. He triggers a hidden door and runs away with her. Lucifer runs after them but Chloe can handle herself. Luci sees Alan fly across a room. Chloe has Amenadiel’s necklace and uses it to give herself the strength to defend herself. All’s well that ends well. 

At the end of the day, Chloe offers to return the necklace, but Lucifer says they are staying on Earth until he feels ready to move on to being God. So she can keep it for a little longer. After Chloe goes to sleep, Lucifer leaves to visit Dan in Hell. Dan is certain that he’s going to Heaven because he is over all of his guilt, but something is keeping him there. Until Dan figures it out, Lucifer cannot take him to Heaven. This upsets Dan and he asks Lucifer not to come back until he has some answers. 

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman sits on the throne of Hell. 

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