The devil has been dealing with his self-loathing on Lucifer.  In “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) finally has a breakthrough in therapy, with help from Chloe (Lauren German) and thinks all of his problems will just disappear. 

Linda (Rachael Harris) gave birth to Charlie and Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is ready to take him to the Silver City.  Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) made a grand gesture to let Eve (Inbar Lavi) know her feelings, only to be shot down again. Eve is desperately trying to get Lucifer back.  She may have gone too far this time, killing Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) and sending him to Hell with a message to come get Lucifer. 

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All Better
LUCIFER Season 4 Finale

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Photo courtesy of Netflix

This episode starts with a dance number, showing us how great Lucifer feels now that he has some answers. Of course Ella (Aimee Garcia) is right next to him in this fun and flirty number. He even lifts Dan (Kevin Alejandro) in the air, Dirty Dancing style.  However, Chloe wants to keep him safe and tells Lucifer to take some time off. They don’t have any cases right now so there’s nothing to do anyway. 

Eve tries to cover up her bloody mess and Maze comes home, but the door is locked. Maze has to break it down to get in.  She wants to take Father Kinley back to jail, but Eve tells her that he’s gone. She tells Maze how Kinley choked her and then ran away. Eve also says it’s time to give Lucifer up. Maze doesn’t reply, but starts to leave. Eve is confused because she thought Maze was on her side.  Maze was, but not anymore. 

Lucifer heads to the hospital and holds Charlie for about fifteen seconds.  Amenadiel tries to tell his brother that he’s taking Charlie to the Silver City, but Lucifer thinks he’s asking about circumcision.  When the nurse comes to take the baby, Amenadiel is hesitant to give him to her. 

Lucifer gives Linda a book, Freud’s personal journal, for helping him in therapy.  He thinks he’s cured so he doesn’t need her anymore. All he has to do now is forgive himself.  Linda says forgiveness isn’t easy. But she’s not his therapist anymore so Lucifer is not going to listen to her.  Linda is used to it. 

The Case

A rapper named Holla Bae (Cleveland Berto) live streams from his studio to announce that he has squashed his beef with rival rapper, MoNopolize (Erron Jay). They are putting on a concert together at a place called The Mayan. There’s a knock at the door and when Holla opens it, someone stabs him in the stomach. 

The police investigate, but there is no body at the studio.  There are some bloody footprints leaving the room though. Lucifer arrives, wondering why Chloe didn’t call him to work.  They leave to interview MoNopolize . He tells them that Holla isn’t dead. He saw Holla leave the studio with a guy in a leather jacket. They got into a pizza delivery van and left.  

At the station, Ella confirms MoNopolize’s story. Lucifer thinks the case is closed and Chloe confirms. She tells him to go home. After he leaves, Chloe examines a still shot of the video. The man in the leather jacket looks very familiar.  She goes to church to talk to Father Kinley, but runs into Maze instead. Chloe tells her about Holla Bae’s mysterious death, but not dead situation. Maze knows exactly what happened to him. She tells Chloe how demons possess humans. They assume someone killed Kinley and Holla Bae and their bodies were possessed. Something in Hell has changed, because Lucifer banned possession years ago.

Demons Rising
Lucifer Season 4 Finale

Graham McTavish as Father Kinley/Dromos in Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Photo courtesy of Netflix

Lucifer goes to Lux and Kinley is there with Holla and a woman.  Kinley runs up and hugs Lucifer, then kneels in front of him, calling him King. Lucifer looks into his eyes and calls Kinley, Dromos. He recognizes Holla Bae as Squee. Dromos says they are there to take Lucifer home. He tells the King how Father Kinley came to Hell to tell them to get their King.  Lucifer thinks it was Kinley last ditch effort to stop the prophecy. 

Lucifer has no intentions on returning to Hell. Dromos says they haven’t had a king for some time. Lucifer abdicates his title to  Dromos, but they both know that only an angel can be King. Dromos asks what so good about Earth. Lucifer says the company is better, the drinks are tastier and he has a new nephew that will need him when grows up. He tells Dromos to go home.  Dromos wants to torture a live human first, but Lucifer threatens to punish him. He’s already broken his no possession rule. 

Linda and Amenadiel take Charlie home. Linda can’t take her eyes off of the baby, even when Amenadiel offers to let her sleep. She knows he’s right and hands him the baby.  She also hired a night nurse to help while they sleep. Amenadiel still plans on taking Charlie to the Silver City. And it looks like his chance to leave has come. 

The Night Nurse

Maze and Charlie tell Lucifer about the demons, but he already knows. He says he sent them home, so everything should be okay.  Maze decides to get her knives in case the demons can’t find their way back. But Chloe is paranoid about something. She asks Lucifer to go out of town until they can get things under control.  He asks how Chloe and Maze started working together. She tells him about their search for Kinley. She didn’t tell him because she didn’t want Kinley to trigger Lucifer’s devil form. Chloe gets a text telling her to get to Linda’s immediately. 

Charlie is gone.  The police are everywhere looking for him.  Ella and Dan team up at the station to go over clues.  Dan calls the night nurse to question her, but she says the family cancelled at the last minute.  Amenadiel is missing and he’s not answering his phone. There’s the possibility that he took Charlie out for a walk and forgot his phone.  But then Lucifer remembers how strange Amenadiel was acting at the hospital. He says his brother probably has Charlie and they are safe and sound…in the Silver City.  Lucifer says Amenadiel thinks Charlie will be safer in Heaven. 

Amenadiel shows up and Linda yells at him for taking Charlie. But he didn’t. Amenadiel says he handed the baby to the night nurse and went for a walk.  They inform him that the night nurse never showed up, but he says she was rocking the baby when he left. Chloe shows him a picture of the night nurse and it’s not the same woman who showed up.  Dan is able to find out that the call to cancel the night nurse came from the residence of Lyla Clayborn (Ingrid Kleinig). He sends a picture to Chloe and Amenadiel confirms she is the woman who came to their home.  

Gotta Have Faith
LUCIFER Season 4 Finale

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Photo courtesy of Netflix

Before Dan hangs up with Chloe, Ella starts to tell her they are praying, but quickly changes it to ‘pulling’ for them.  Dan asks if she’s okay. He tells her that she’s not alone if she needs to talk. Ella knows she’s not alone because she’s never felt alone with God.  She got really mad at the Big Guy when Charlotte was killed. Dan says he was mad too. Ella realizes that she can’t base her faith on if everything is good and rainbows and unicorns.  It’s not God’s job to stop the bad things, because He gives her strength to get through it.  

Lucifer recognizes Lyla Clayborne as the woman with Dromos and Squee at Lux.  The demons are at the church with Charlie. Squee is busy killing people to make more demons, while Dromos talks to Charlie, calling him the new King of Hell. Eve shows up, wondering why Dromos isn’t sticking to their plan. He says he doesn’t take orders from her because she is not his king. Squee tells Dromos that the Mayan is ready.  Dromos knocks out Eve and the demons leave.

The police can’t find a connection between Father Kinley, Holla Bae and Lyla Clayborne, but Lucifer and Chloe know what it is.  Chloe wants to tell Dan and Ella. Lucifer says they won’t believe them and offers to show them his Devil face. But then he remembers that this isn’t about him, it’s about finding Charlie.  So why would the demons take Charlie? Well, it’s all about Lucifer of course. But too many people are listening to their conversation so they go to Lucifer’s apartment.

Who’s da New King of Hell?

Someone broke into Lucifer’s apartment and stole Father Kinley’s vial of devil juice that Chloe was supposed to give to Lucifer to send him back to Hell.  Lucifer realizes that the demons are trying to replace him with Charlie. Eve shows up and confirms their worst fears. She confesses to breaking Kinley out of jail, killing him, and sending him to raise a demon.  All because she wanted Lucifer back so badly. So that means that Dromos is taking Charlie to Hell to rule as King.  

Now they have to figure out where the ceremony will take place.  Chloe remembers Father Kinley saying the ceremony would take place in a house of worship and a den of sin. Eve remembers someone saying something too.  Something about an ancient civilization…a temple where they make sacrifices. Chloe plays Holla Bae’s video again, and they realize the demons are head to The Mayan. They leave, but Lucifer tells Eve to stay behind.

The demons prepare a bottle for Charlie, but it’s too hot.  Lucifer called Amenadiel and Maze to meet them. Chloe is there too ready to fight, but Lucifer tells her to stay behind because she makes him vulnerable.  But Eve doesn’t. She followed them because she wants to make up for the trouble she’s caused. Amenadiel and Maze show up and really don’t want Eve there. Lucifer tells them to focus on the baby.

The bottle is ready and Dromos adds the devil juice just as Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel and Eve enter the building.  Dromos says they are too late. They have a new king, one that he can raise to be what they need. Amenadiel is the first to strike, demanding they give his son back. Other demons jump out and a fight begins. 

Battling Your Demons
Lucifer Season 4 Finale

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen in Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Photo courtesy of Netflix

Lucifer goes to Dromos, but has a hard time convincing him to put the baby down. Eve jumps behind Dromos, forcing him to let go of the child. Lucifer takes Charlie, gives him to Eve and tells her to get him to safety.  He continues the fight against Dromos. 

Eve runs outside with Charlie and Lyla catches up to her.  Chloe finds them and shoots Lyla several times until the demon turns to go after Chloe.  Chloe hits her with a metal post, knocking Lyla down, but she’s not out. When Eve tries to walk past Lyla, the demon grabs her leg.  Eve stops her heel into the demon’s eye to kill her.

Lucifer finally gets the upper hand on Dromos.  Maze and Amenadiel took care of the demon horde and they hold Dromos down for Lucifer. Chloe walks in to make sure Lucifer is okay. He tells her to go away because he doesn’t want her to see what he does to Dromos. Chloe says she’s not afraid of his devil face anymore. She’s afraid of losing him.  

All this talking gives the demons a chance to recover and go after Chloe. They also help Dromos.  Lucifer can see that they are outnumbered. He appears in his devil form and tells them all to kneel before him.  This saves Chloe, Amenadiel, and Maze. Lucifer orders all of the demons to go home and they have to obey.

It’s Always Been Chloe

Eve is waiting outside with Charlie and hands him to Amenadiel as soon as they emerge.  He immediately leaves to take the baby home. Maze makes sure that Eve is okay. Eve is okay and knows that Maze is in love with her.  But Eve says she needs to figure out who she really is and do it alone. Eve says goodbye to Maze.

All’s right with the world. Charlie is returned to Linda’s arms. She tells Amenadiel to take him to the Silver City where he will be safe.  Amenadiel says he’s safer at home with them. No one can protect him better than they can. Ella’s faith is restored and she puts her cross necklace back on.

Lucifer is conflicted.  They won this night, but he knows the demons will find a way to return. He tells Chloe that he has to go back to Hell to keep them in line.  She starts crying, begging him not to go, but Lucifer says the prophecy did come true. Hell did come to earth when the demons showed up. Chloe says he can’t leave because she’s in love with him.  Lucifer says his first love was never Eve. It’s always been Chloe. He kisses her before saying goodbye. Lucifer flies away to Hell where he sits on his throne, alone. 

Lucifer Season 4 Finale

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Photo courtesy of Netflix

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