To say tensions are running high on Lucifer is an understatement.  In “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father” things only get worse for Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).  

After Chloe saw Lucifer’s devil face, she ran to Italy to do some research on him.  A priest named Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) comforted her and scared her into thinking that Lucifer is really a monster.  Chloe decided for herself that she knows Lucifer better than anyone and rejected the priest’s plan to drug the Devil. Kinley thinks he can send Lucifer back to Hell.  So when Chloe backed out on their plan, Kinley goes directly to the Devil himself.

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The Peanut Gallery

Ella (Aimee Garcia) is still skipping church and decided to do some day drinking instead.  Chloe finally takes notice of her decision to take a break from God.  She tries reaching out to Ella, offering to talk things through, but they get interrupted by Dan (Kevin Alejandro).

Dan is even more frustrated than he has been before.  Especially after someone, probably Lucifer, put Dan’s phone number on a contest flyer for the best Chewbacca growl.  Chloe tries to defend Lucifer, but Dan doesn’t want to hear it. He thinks Lucifer is just bad through and through.  Ella attempts to comfort him about Charlotte, but he doesn’t want to hear it’s all a part of God’s plan.  She wasn’t gong to say that, but the cross around her neck made him think so. She takes it off, promising to practice what she is preaching. 

Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) tells his brother about Linda (Rachael Harris) and the baby. He’s a little scared though because he doesn’t know how to be a father.  So he tries to help by buying a bunch of baby stuff for Linda. Linda admits she only told Amendadiel about the baby because he had a right to know. She plans on raising the baby alone.  

Meanwhile Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is very interested in the details of childbirth.  She kind of creeps out Linda who is getting overwhelmed with all of this baby talk.   She seeks advice from the youngest person she knows…Trixie (Scarlett Estevez).  Maze thinks the baby needs a knife and asks for Trixie’s opinion.  Dan catches them and asks her not to play with knives with Trixie.  All the while Mazes slips a knife into Trixie’s hands. 

O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, O, Ye of Little Faith, Father. Courtesy of Netflix

Father Kinley tells Lucifer two things.  One, Chloe came to see him and wants to send the Devil back to Hell. She believes that Lucifer is the Devil and Kinley is worried about what Chloe might do to him. And two, he doesn’t believe that Lucifer is that Devil.But gives him a stern warning to watch out for Chloe.  Lucifer just blows off his warning and continues on with life. The warning does bother him a little though.

When Lucifer returns to the police station and Chloe suggests they reschedule their date.  Lucifer is a bit preoccupied, looking for his flask when Chloe tells him to stop drinking so much. It’s not that Lucifer gets out of control or anything, she’s more worried about the perception of other people.  

Lucifer says he doesn’t care what other people think. And he gives her permission to talk to someone about him.  Lucifer asks if she has told anyone, and Chloe says no. Lucifer runs to Dr. Linda to work out his suspicions. She advises him not to jump to conclusions, but to try and get Chloe to talk about it.  Lucifer uses the case to try and draw out a confession from Chloe, but she keeps her focus on the case.  

The Case

A  murder occurs involving two former Los X gang members.  The team talks to another former member,Oscar Rivas (Joseph Melendez) who helped one of the victims get out of the gang life.  The first victim had gotten out, gone to school, got off drugs and was living a good life. 

Later, Dan and Ella go over the evidence and Dan gets very frustrated with the details.  They found flowers at the scene that were paid for by the victim’s boss Anders Brody (Stephen Schneider).  Lucifer and Chloe pay him a visit.  At first he talks around their questions, but then Lucifer gets frustrated and gets rough with Brody. He admits to betraying the victim but won’t say  how, so they take him to the station.

As they get back to the station, Ella calls them from another crime scene and says Brody isn’t the killer.  Another murder has occurred of another former Los X gang member. Like the first victim, this one got out, got an education and was living a good life.  

Minor Setback

Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinosa, Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez, and Lauren German as Det. Chloe Decker in Lucifer, O, Ye of Little Faith, Father. Courtesy of Netflix

Dan gets even more frustrated with the case.  Chloe suggests they talk to Los X, but they need a warrant to do so. That could take a few days, but they can’t do anything about it. 

Lucifer talks to Brody and finds out that Brody demoted the victim after finding out about her past. Then he found out that she was a model employee and went to apologize. That’s when he found her dead, but ran instead of reporting it. 

Chloe see them talking and is amused. She asks Lucifer to join her later that evening since they have to wait for the warrant.  Maze is at the station as well.  She encounters Dan and offers a solution to his frustration. 

The Vial

Lucifer meets with Father Kinley to let him know he was wrong about Chloe.  That’s when Kinley asks about the vial. He says Chloe met with a priest who had a ceremony to get rid of the devil. All Chloe had to do was drug the Devil, but the substance could kill a mere mortal and that’s why Kinley is warning him. Lucifer blows off his warning again, and leaves.  

A second priest shows up asking if that’s the devil.  His name is Bishop Hoffman (Jon Chaffin).  Kinley says the trap is set and soon, everything will come together. 

Chloe takes Lucifer to a soup kitchen and he hates it.  She thought he might like to do something good for a change.  That sparks a conversation about how Chloe is trying to change him. Lucifer asks to see her purse and finds the vial that Kinley was talking about.  He reveals that he knows about her meeting with Kinley and what she was planning to do. 

Los X

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen in Lucifer, O, Ye of Little Faith, Father. Courtesy of Netflix

Dan goes to the Los X hideout and tries to talk to the gang members. They want to kill him instead.  It’s a good thing Maze is with him. Together they beat up a lot of gang members before pulling a knife on the leader.

Afterward, Dan feels so much better.  He says he wants to fight someone again. Maze offers to take him out fighting whenever he wants. They both like this darker side of Dan.

After their fight, Dan calls Chloe while she is trying to explain to Lucifer about the vial. He identifies the killer as Oscar Rivas.  Chloe and Lucifer table their discussion to find Oscar. They go to the address he gave during his first interview and Oscar is on the floor praying.  Lucifer locks Chloe out of the house to deal with Oscar.

Oscar admits to the murders saying the victims were losers. They went back to their old ways and calls them trash.  Lucifer gets a little rough with Oscar and Oscar welcomes it, asking Lucifer to punish him.  Luci gets confused though and backs off.  Chloe gets in and pulls her gun on Oscar.  He looks in the mirror, saying he failed. Oscar asks for forgiveness and commits suicide 

True Purpose

As the police investigate the crime scene, Lucifer mentions that Oscar was acting strange.  He wanted to see Lucifer’s devil face. He and Chloe find a hidden room behind a two-way mirror.  Then Chloe gets a text saying the Catholic Church owns the house.  They know it was Father Kinley. Chloe tries to come clean about everything, but Lucifer doesn’t want to hear it and walks away. 

Bishop Hoffman is upset with Kinley for killing three people. Kinley explains that Lucifer makes all of his cases about him, so he had to set one up for him.  He says the world needs to know who Lucifer really is.  

Chloe shows up, revealing that Kinley and Oscar worked together in El Salvador.  Finley justifies that Oscar was willing to do whatever it takes to stop evil.  Chloe also figures out that the church has no idea about Kinley’s crusade. He admits that they don’t believe him.  That’s why he needed proof. Chloe arrests him, despite having no evidence, but Bishop Hoffman offers to testify against Kinley.

The Next Step

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, O, Ye of Little Faith, Father. Courtesy of Netflix

Amenadiel finds Linda at the doctors office.  He asks her to marry him, but she says no.  She commends him for being amazing, but that’s not what she needs. Linda is a bit overwhelmed and needs someone to hold her hand and tell her everything will be okay. So that’s what he does. 

Chloe finds Lucifer at home and tries to explain.  Lucifer is hurt that she tried to hurt him like that.  Chloe’s only explanation is that she is terrified because everything says Lucifer is a monster.  But she also doesn’t think he’s that guy.  Lucifer says he could be that guy and puts on his devil face. He asks Chloe if she can fully accept him like that. Chloe wants to and is trying to, but she can barely look at him.  They end their conversation and Chloe leaves.

Bishop Hoffman visits Father Kinley to take his confession and inform him that he’s been excommunicated.  Kinley is sure that he’s right and won’t give a confession.  He thinks he drove Lucifer and Chloe apart enough to stop the prophecy. 

This prophecy he keeps talking about is “when the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil will be released.” He thinks Chloe is Lucifer’s first love. Bishop Hoffman questions that she might not be. 

Elsewhere, a beautiful, mysterious woman walks into Lux and orders and Appletini. 

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