Lucifer is back after a long hiatus and network change, “Everything’s Okay.”  Let’s start with a brief recap.

At the end of season three, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) got his devil face back just in time for Det. Chloe Decker (Lauren German) to see his true face.  Around the same time, Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) was killed by a bullet meant for Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside).  Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) was spirling just a tad. She was at odds with Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) over Amenadiel. Maze took out some of her anger on Dan (Kevin Alejandro). And she might have called Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) a little brat in the process.  Trixie heard her and ran away crying.  

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We catch up with Lucifer at Lux, singing his version of Radiohead, “Creep.”  Lucifer has been worrying about Chloe’s reaction after seeing his devil face.  Chloe left LA immediately after seeing him, saying she was going on vacation. Maze offered to find her, but Lucifer knows Maze is just as anxious to see Chloe and Trixie.  

Regardless, life goes on and Lucifer thinks it’s time to leave the LAPD.  When he goes to confront the team, he gets the cold shoulder from Dan. Dan blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death.  Ella (Aimee Garcia) is happy to see him though.  She questions if he’s really leaving or just tired of checking in to see if Chloe is home.  And she is!  Chloe walks up and jumps right into work.  Lucifer doesn’t know what to think, so he just stares at her.  

The Case

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Det. Chloe Decker in Lucifer, “Everything’s Okay” Courtesy of Netflix

The team is working a murder case in this episode. A man named Bob Goldbach was murdered at a beehive.  Bob was a beekeeper and was killed with a honey scraper.  Bob’s wife Lenore (Alice Rietveld) wasn’t there when it happened and can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt Bob.

While Chloe is interviewing Lenore, Lucifer continues to stare.  She pulls him aside and says she’s okay. Lucifer has always told her the truth about who he is.  She says deep down she always knew who he was. And now she wants to get back to work.  Lucifer doesn’t buy it though.  

Lucifer runs to Dr. Linda to ask for her advice about how to help Chloe.  He thinks the issue is that Chloe is in denial.  Dr. Linda thinks Lucifer is having some issues accepting his devil face because he enjoyed killing Pierce.  And he expected Chloe to reject him.  So now he’s confused because he doesn’t know how to deal with the opposite. But what Lucifer hears is that he has to pretend everything is okay and slowly pull Chloe’s denial out of her. 

Honesty is the Best Policy

Lucifer starts by telling Ella that he’s the devil. Of course, she doesn’t believe and jokes around with him about it. He even tells her about Amenadiel, but she just laughs it off.  Chloe changes the subject asking for the latest forensics from the beehive.  Ella discovers that the honey scraper wasn’t Bob’s because of the type of honey on it.  Bob specialized in different flavored honey, but the scraper just had plain ole honey on it.  Chloe and Lucifer go to the Farmer’s Market and see only one other honey booth.  

Lucifer thinks it’s good that Chloe knows about him and they can use it to catch the bad guys. Chloe says no one will believe him, instead, they will just try to figure out his metaphor.  Lucifer uses his devil charm when they meet the booth owner Glenn Dobbs (Thom Rivera). Glenn admits to wanting Bob dead, but only because he was scared of him.  He also confesses to destroying Bob’s beehive.  Bob retaliated by attacking Glenn with a bag of doorknobs. Glenn was in the hospital when Bob was murdered. 

Double Life

Chloe and Lucifer leave the market and realize they are being followed. Lucifer wants to show off his devil strength. When the guy catches up with them Lucifer grabs him by the throat, but Chloe makes him release the guy.  The guy is a U. S. Marshal.  Marshal Luke Reynolds (Sasha Roiz) informs Chloe that Bob was in witness protection. He used to be an enforcer for the Paradiso crime family. The Paradisos just happen to be in the area, so Chloe and Lucifer offer to talk to them.


Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze in Lucifer, “Everything’s Okay” Courtesy of Netflix

Chloe returns home to find Maze tied up in the living room.  Maze assures her that she will not harm Chloe and Trixie. Chloe knows she won’t so everything’s okay.  Maze asks to see Trixie, but Chloe informs her that Trixie is still upset with Maze. Chloe doesn’t see that changing anytime soon, so Trixie is staying with Dan.

After a month in Heaven, Amenadiel returns to Earth.  Lucifer is surprised that he came back.  He says he is happy for his brother because he is getting what he wants: to go back to Heaven.  Lucifer says he might get what he wants too. Chloe knows about his devil face.  Amenadiel is ready to console Lucifer, but he says she’s fine with it. So Lucifer tells him to go home. 

The Pool Boy

The dynamic duo finds the Paradisos on the golf course and speaks to Frank “The Pool Boy” Paradiso (Bruno Amato).  At first, he says he hasn’t seen Bob, but Lucifer finds a jar of avocado honey from Bob’s stand. Frank comes clean saying he got a note that Bob was in LA, but they didn’t have any reason to kill Bob. In fact, he says his family owes Bob for putting their uncle in jail.  They happen to be visiting LA, so they visited Bob. They liked the honey and Bob’s wife. Other than that, they’ve had no connection to the case.  There is a missing note, but Frank gave it to Bob.

As they are leaving, Chloe calls Dan to ask to check the security footage from the Farmer’s Market to see if Frank’s story is true.  Lucifer reaches out to touch Chloe’s shoulder and she recoils from him. Chloe says she’s started and everything’s fine, but she is obviously scared and quickly walks away.

Chloe and Marshal Reynolds go over the evidence. She believes the Paradisos while Reynolds has his suspicions. Frank even has an alibi for the night of the murder. She says whoever wrote the note is the killer.  She asks if Lenore knew about Bob’s past, but Reynolds has never met her so he doesn’t know. Chloe says Lenore and Frank gave conflicting stories, leading her to assume that Lenore did know about Bob’s past and the note.

The Mystery of Women

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinosa

Lucifer goes to Dan for advice as to why Chloe would pull away from him. Dan gets angry thinking that Lucifer is just making fun of him.  He gets mean and says it means that Chloe hates him and wants him as far away from her as possible. Lucifer gets sad and leaves.  Chloe comes out of her office looking for Lucifer, but he’s gone. Dan offers to go with her to question Lenore again.

Lucifer runs to Dr. Linda again and this time she uses a metaphor to get through to him.  She says Lucifer is dealing with a truth that scares him. So he is projecting his issues on to whatever or whomever he is dealing with at that moment. Lucifer hears that as Chloe is projecting her issues onto to case. He thinks he has to help Chloe with the case to help her understand her feelings so he can understand her.  Linda tells him to try and understand his feeling as well, but Lucifer honestly doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him.

Chloe and Dan arrive at Lenore’s house and she’s gone.  They call in for back up and find out that Lenore left in a hurry. That raises a lot of questions, especially for Lucifer. He uses the case to question Chloe.  Did she find out the truth and leave? Was she disgusted by him? Or was she just scared?  He says they need to understand her state of mind to understand why she left in a hurry.  They go over the evidence and discovered that Marshal Reynolds lied. Dan saw Reynolds on the security footage talking to Lenore. He said he never met Lenore.  So now they need to find Reynolds. 


Maze goes to Linda to talk about Trixie and why Chloe would keep them apart.   While Maze is thinking and talking, Linda paces back and forth in front of her.  Maze gets distracted and the talk turns to violence.  Linda wants to learn how to fight.  Maze is amused and agrees to teach her. Linda accidentally punches Maze in the face as Amenadiel walks in.  

Of course, he thinks they are fighting over him.  They’re not.  They tell him that they reconciled a month ago.  Both women detect that Amenadiel is troubled.  He says he went home, but it was exactly how he left it.  He should have been happy to be home, but he doesn’t understand why he wasn’t.  Maze has an idea why. It’s because LA is Amenadiel’s home now.  

Bad Cop

Dan makes some calls about Reynolds and finds out that a couple of his previous ex-cons in protection are dead. One was killed by former associates, another was killed by a betrayed girlfriend.  Chloe and Lucifer suggest that Reynolds told the old associates where to find the ex-cons. And he told new girlfriends and wives about the ex-cons’ former lives. But no one took the bait about Bob, so Reynolds killed him.  Lucifer still doesn’t understand why Lenore died.  Chloe thinks Reynolds told her about Bob’s past life, but she stayed with him anyway.  Ella finds Reynolds’ GPS signal and sends Chloe and Lucifer to his location.  

Reynolds has Lenore tied to a chair at a community swimming pool.  Chloe and Lucifer show up to stop him. Reynolds planned to kill Lenore at the pool and blame it on Frank “Pool Boy” Paradiso.  Reynolds explains that he is making the world better by getting rid of the bad guys.  Even if Lenore isn’t a bad guy, she forgave one.  

Lucifer walks up to Reynolds, saying it’s not his place to judge the evil people, it’s the devils.  Reynolds shoots Lucifer in the hand, pushes Lenore into the pool and runs away. Chloe jumps in after Lenore and Lucifer run after Reynolds. Reynolds jumps in his car, but Lucifer holds the car back with his demon strength. Chloe catches up and arrests Reynolds.  Lucifer runs away.

Everything’s Okay

Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinosa in Lucifer, “Everything’s Okay” Courtesy of Netflix

Maze delivers a bounty to the police station and sees Trixie sitting at Dan’s desk. She doesn’t say anything and turns to leave. Trixie saw her though and confronts Maze.  Maze apologizes for what she said about Trixie. Trixie runs into her arms and gives Maze a big hug.  She says she forgave Maze a long time ago.  Maze realizes that Chloe lied to her and is keeping Trixie away from her. 

Amenadiel visits Dan and lets him know that he’s staying in LA.  And to tell him that Charlotte is in Heaven. Dan gets upset, thinking that Amenadiel is patronizing him. So Amenadiel looks him in the eye and says it again. Charlotte is in Heaven.  Dan doesn’t know why, but he believes him.  Amenadiel hugs him, giving Dan comfort. 

Chloe and Lucifer finally talk about what she saw.  Lucifer says he’s more than a monster or at least he’s trying to be.  Chloe takes his hand and says she only sees her partner.  He is relieved, saying all that matters is that she accepts him.  

After leaving Lux, Chloe visits the church and starts crying.  A priest sits next to her, saying she knew this would be difficult.  It’s what’s best for everyone, including Lucifer.  He asks if she’s ready for the next step.  Chloe collects herself and says she is ready. 

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