When God’s away, the Angels will play on Lucifer. In “Goodbye, Lucifer,” it’s the Devil’s last day on Earth as he tries to avoid the inevitable. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) continues to find what he’s feeling guilty about by paying a visit to his killer.

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Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) informs Lucifer (Tom Ellis) that he has to ascend. Things in Heaven are chaotic. The Angels are answering prayers, causing chaos on Earth. Like letting a lion loose in the LA jail where his owner is on death row. Amenadiel tried to tell the Angels to stop, but he’s not god. Lucifer is. And he decided he doesn’t want the job. Amenadiel is frustrated with Lucifer, considering they fought an angel war for him. He says they need to fix things immediately. Lucifer isn’t too worried about it though.

Dan goes to the prison where Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict) is serving a life sentence. It’s the same prison where the lion is roaming. Dan watchs Le Mec escape because of the lion, but no one can hear Dan scream for help. 

The next day, Lucifer wakes up in a good mood until Chloe (Lauren German) reminds him of the date. August 4th.The Day Lucifer disappears, according to Rory (Brianna Hildebrand). They decide the best way to avoid Lucifer’s death, or disappearance is for him not to leave the penthouse and Lucifer agrees. He also agrees not to worry about the future.

While Chloe is gone, Lucifer builds a steel panic room with a time lock system so no one can get in or out until the day is over. Rory shows up and says the fact that she’s still there means there’s nothing he can do about his disappearance. They’re stuck in a time loop. She also calls him lame for locking himself away. Lucifer takes that as a challenge and he decides to have a day of debauchery with his daughter.

Lucifer and Rory eat sweets, sumo wrestle in the park, buy diamonds, sing karaoke and throw water balloons at each other. They settle in to watch Bones with all of the food they bought. Lucifer gets sentimental while spending time with Rory. 

Chloe shows up and is worried that they are both acting like this is Lucifer’s last day. She believes Lucifer can change his fate by not choosing to leave, but Rory says it’s inevitable. She also reveals to Lucifer that she’s pregnant … with Rory. Rory says the pregnancy test proves the time loop is already in motion. They don’t know what makes him leave and it could be something too powerful for the devil to stop. Chloe gets very upset that Rory and Lucifer are okay with his disappearance and leaves. 

Lucifer and Rory visit Linda (Rachael Harris) and Charlie. Rory is really close with Charlie and leaves to play with him while he’s a baby. Lucifer asks Linda if she believes in free will. She has questions. For example, if Rory already knows what they are going to do in the future, did they really choose to do it? Is everything set in stone? 

If anyone knows what it’s like to leave a child, it’s Linda. Lucifer says he’s tortured by not knowing how or why he leaves his daughter. Linda tells him to make the time he has count. He needs to let those he loves know how he feels. Lucifer leaves to let people know how he feels. Before he walks out the door, he tells Linda that he values her as a person. She truly is one of the most wonderful friends the Devil could ever have. 

Amenadiel asks Chloe to talk Lucifer into being God. Chloe believes Lucifer when he says it’s not his calling. She always thought it would be Amenadiel. He says he turned it down because of Charlie. He doesn’t want to live without his child. Chloe asks if God has to rule from heaven. Amenadiel says it would be wrong to leave Officer Harris (Merrin Dungey) alone in her fight. But if he did it, he would want Chloe to be God’s point person in the LAPD. Chloe likes the idea. Amenadiel says he has to think more on it. Chloe knows he will make the right decision for everyone. 

Ella (Aimee Garcia) takes down her Celestial board. Her investigation is over. She is glad she’s finally in the loop. Lucifer apologizes to Ella. He didn’t lie to her, but held back the truth. And he never wanted to make her feel excluded. Ella forgives him. She says she learned that you don’t have to know everything about someone to have trust. You just have to know their heart. 

Lucifer tells her that he might disappear and he didn’t want to go without warning. He asks her to accept a gift. The gift is a pencil engraved “Miss Lopez STEM Initiative.” Lucifer opened up a foundation in Ella’s name. It’s mission is to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. He says Ella is an inspiration. The world would be a better place if there were more people like Ella in it. She gives him a big hug before he leaves.

Le Mec goes to a convenience store and looks at the hair dye to disguise himself. Dan sees Le Mec’s picture on the television and tries to alert the clerk. The clerk sees Le Mec and grabs a gun from under the register. Le Mec takes the gun and tells the clerk to empty the register. Dan stops him by accidentally jumping into Le Mec’s body. He gives the gun back to the clerk and clumsily leaves the store.

Amenadiel finds Lucifer at Lux and tells him all his ideas about changes in Heaven. He wants God to share the prayer workload and for angels to spend time on Earth to better understand humanity. Lucifer agrees all of this would be a great help to God, but he doesn’t want the job. Amenadiel does though. Being God is what he truly desires. Lucifer can’t think of a better angel for the job. 

Lucifer asks Amenadiel to sign ownership papers for Lux, in case he’s not around much. Amenadiel asks why he wouldn’t be around. Lucifer says having a daughter has changed things. Amenadiel thinks Lucifer wants to spend more time with his family and agrees to sign. He also thinks Lux is a good place for the angels to observe and mingle with humanity. 

Amenadiel can tell that something is bothering Lucifer. He says the Devil will find his calling too. Lucifer says he’s glad he spent all this time on Earth with Amenadiel because he is Luci’s favorite brother. And he will miss him. Amenadiel says he can’t get rid of him that easily. But there is someone going away for a while. 

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is leaving to pick up Eve (Inbar Lavi) for the honeymoon. He tries to hug her and Maze thinks it’s suspicious. Lucifer tells her not to worry about him anymore. Maze says she wouldn’t have her life if it weren’t for him. She considers them even, but after everything she has done for him, they will never be even. Lucifer says she is the best friend he’s ever had and he wishes he treated her better.

Maze knows something is wrong, but Lucifer lets her go before things get too emotional. Maze gives him her special demon blade, telling him to keep it so he will always have a piece of her. She hugs him before leaving to pick up Eve. She looks at Lucifer one last week and says goodbye.

Dan, in Le Mec’s body, goes to Lux to talk to Lucifer. Lucifer chokes him but Dan asys bracelet bros.That’s the only way Lucifer would ever know it’s Dan. And he thinks it’s hilarious. Dan is there to ask Lucifer how to get out of Le Mec’s body or until Le Mec dies. 

Lucifer apologizes for not being able to help Dan. He wishes he could help Dan get to Heaven where he belongs. They share a drink. Dan can’t stay in Le Mec’s body because of the nationwide search for the criminal. Time isn’t really either of their friends right now.

Lucifer tells Dan that he patched things up with his daughter. And his inevitable disappearance at 10th and Swanson. As the time ticks away, he’s realizing it’s not about how he spends his last hours, but who he spends it with. Lucifer suggests Dan spend his final hours with someone special while he still has a physical form. 

Lucifer delivers Charlie’s old clothes to Chloe’s house. He’s also there to reassure her that if there is a choice to be made, he will always choose her. He asks her to spend the rest of the day with him and Rory. 

They get in the car and drive to the beach. While Chloe plays in the sand, Lucifer has a heart to heart with Rory. He says he knows what it feels like to be abandoned by a parent and he didn’t want to believe that he would do that. But he believes Rory when she says he did. He was angry too, mostly at himself. Lucifer thought he was a monster, unworthy of God’s love. But he hopes Rory never felt that way. Whatever it is that makes him leave is not Rory’s fault. He apologizes for leaving her. He will do everything in his power to stay. 

Chloe joins them and they enjoy the rest of the day. Rory decides to leave to give her parents some time alone. Lucifer tries to change her mind, but she doesn’t want to see the moment he leaves. And she wants to remember them together like this, in love and happy. 

Dan, in Le Mec’s body, goes to Trixie’s (Scarlett Estevez) camp. He tries to hug her but she yells stranger danger and kicks him to the ground. Dan has to say he’s a friend of her dad’s and she asks him questions to verify. Dan lets her know that he is proud of her and he cares about her more than anything in the whole world. He’s sorry he had to leave her and he didn’t mean to. Wherever he is, he’s sorry he had to go before he could be a good role model for her. Trixie says her dad was the best dad ever. Trixie loves her dad, mistakes and all. She misses him everyday, but she’s always with him. And she’s proud of him. 

Dan feels a light come over him. Trixie can’t see it and decides to go back to her camp group. The light overcomes Dan and he disappears, leaving Le Mec in the park.

Chloe and Lucifer go home and get into the panic room. Chloe likes the panic room. Lucifer locks the door until the 4th is over with. He starts to tell Chloe how he feels about her, but she doesn’t want to say goodbye. She hugs him and asks him to just be with her. Lucifer holds her until the door unlocks. 

The day is over and Chloe is ecstatic. Lucifer did not disappear, so something had to change. They don’t know what, but they are happy it’s over. Lucifer gets a call from Rory and his mood quickly changes. Le Mec used Rory’s phone to call Lucifer. He has his daughter hostage and wants the Devil to come get her. They are at 10th and Swanson.

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