It’s time for a flashback episode of LuciferIn “Save the Devil, Save the World,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and friends take a trip down memory lane to stop the end of the world.

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After Ella (Aimee Garcia) revealed that the world is ending, she shows Lucifer, Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and Chloe (Lauren German) her murder board with all of the clues that she collected. She’s still a little ticked off that no one told her about the celestials. And even more shocked that Lucifer is the next God. 

Amenadiel says it’s time for Lucifer to ascend. Luci agrees and attempts to fly, but his wings won’t work. Amenadiel is annoyed but offers to go to the Silver City to find out what’s going on. He runs off a building and Ella follows him. She watches his wings expand and smiles at the sight. 

Chloe says that Luci needs to get his head straight. He goes to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) to do just that. When they get to her office, Linda pulls out the book. She confesses that she is writing a book about Lucifer. She typed up all of her notes from all of their sessions. Lucifer thinks the answer to why his wings won’t work is in that book. Linda doesn’t want to say the book in its current state is a rough draft. Lucifer doesn’t hear anything she says. He calls all of his friends to help go through Linda’s book.

Ella is still mad, but brings fuzzy slippers and face masks for everyone. She suggests that Lucifer’s problem is that he is keeping secrets from the people who love him. Chloe finds a chapter that mentions everyone. It’s from Lucifer’s perception of who they all are. 

This is funny. The scene is at the precinct. Chloe is solving every crime that comes across her desk because she’s perfect and beautiful. Ella is super cheerful and talks about science a lot. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is silly and makes a lot of mistakes that Chloe corrects. And Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is super aggressive and sexual about everything. 

Linda pulls the chapter before they go too far. It turns out that everyone agrees that Lucifer got them all right. Except Ella and Chloe. Ella just wants to be mad about something. But they are definitely interested in reading the book. Lucifer suggests that Linda do more editing before letting others read the book.  

As they ready chapters of the book, they reminisce about their past together. That time Dan and Maze hired the Russian Mafia to kill someone. Dan actually feels bad about that. Not bad enough to feel guilty though. He still hasn’t figured out why he still feels guilty. Maze offers to torture him to figure it out.

Ella finds more reasons to be mad. She feels like everyone is laughing at her. In the Devil’s defense, he always told Ella the truth. She says it hurts most that when she lost her faith, none of them helped her. Lucifer hugs and and thanks her for being a good friend to the celestials, especially Rae Rae. He mentions that Rae Rae is the Angel of Death and Ella storms off. Lucifer says this is the worst idea that Linda has ever had.

Linda feels like she is in Hell. She hates that her friends are reading about her greatest professional accomplishment and they are complaining about it. Linda asks if Chloe is getting anything useful out of it and Chloe is. She realizes that Rory was right. Lucifer is never there when he’s needed the most. 

As much as Maze tries to torture Dan, nothing she says makes him feel guilty. They both see Ella trying to hold it together. Dan doesn’t feel guilty, but he feels bad and wishes he could talk to her. Maze helps him out, by talking for Dan. Maze gives Ella a part of the book after they saved Charlie from demons. She thinks they are making fun of her, but there’s more to the chapter. Everyone values Ella even though they couldn’t tell her the truth. Ella is sad because she thought she was a part of the inner circle. Dan says she is the inner circle. Ella says if they really trusted her, they would have told her the truth. 

Chloe comes to the conclusion that Lucifer’s consciousness and subconscious mind are not working together. And that’s why he won’t be there on her deathbed. Lucifer refuses to believe that because he’s grown so much in the last five years. He realizes the book is incomplete and confronts Linda.

Linda says she left the last chapter at her office. It’s her job to guide her patients and not give them the answers. But the world is still ending. Lucifer is afraid that Linda withheld the end of the book because she doesn’t believe he will become God.

The party is over. Maze is the first to leave. But first, she asks Dan about the moment of his death. She says that’s the key to his guilt but he’s ignoring it. Dan thinks back to that moment. He sees the man who killed him and thinks he knows what he needs to do.

Lucifer is sad, saying he’s not capable of real change. Chloe doesn’t believe that. She admits to being scared to live without him. She also tells him that she’s going back to the LAPD. He’s not surprised. Being a cop is who Chloe is. 

Chloe mentions her concern about Rory’s (Brianna Hildebrand) wings. She believes the wings are weapons because Chloe wasn’t there to protect her. Rory shows up and says she chose her wings because of what Chloe did right. She grew up watching Chloe fight for justice and says Chloe’s strength gave Rory her wings.

Rory still thinks Lucifer is selfish and will never understand why Chloe has so much faith in him. He had to get shot to figure out that he was in love with Chloe. Lucifer agrees and gives Rory a gun. He knows how he feels about Rory and he’s going to prove it. He wants to show her that he can be vulnerable with her too. She shoots him and he bleeds, proving he loves his daughter. 

Linda returns with the last chapter and is shocked to see Lucifer bleeding. He’s not concerned. He just wants to see how the story ends. Lucifer goes to the balcony, dressed in a tuxedo and thanks Linda for everything. Lucifer says she gave him the wisdom to ascend to heaven. He spreads his wings and becomes God. As he sits on the thrones, he gives all the credit to Dr. Linda Martin.

The real Lucifer thinks the ending is ridiculous. She admits she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She’s been his therapist for the last five years and he’s still not ready to be God. So Linda wrote a fake ending to make herself feel better. 

Linda is concerned about the gunshot, but Lucifer explains that he self-actualized his vulnerability for Rory. That means his conscious and subconscious are in sync. He’s ready to ascend. Lucifer goes to the balcony and his wings expand. He is ready to be God, but he chooses not to be. Deep down he always knew it wasn’t his calling. He doesn’t want to disappoint Chloe, but she says she could never be disappointed in who he is. He questions why she has so much faith in him.

Rory says all her life Chloe talked about how much she loved Lucifer. And now that Rory reads Lucifer’s point of view, she knows how much he loves Chloe. Chloe says he feels the exact same way about Rory. Rory knows that now. Linda reminds them that the world is still ending. Lucifer trusts that Amenadiel is figuring things out.

Ella calls Carol to pick her up. She apologizes for ditching at the wedding. She has six best friends who think it’s the end of the world when they have a problem. Ella wants to tell him everything, but it’s not her secret to tell. Carol is okay with that; he trusts in their relationship. He says he doesn’t have to know every detail because he knows her heart. She kisses him.

Linda burns her book because they couldn’t save the world. Now she feels like a fraud. Lucifer tells her that she did help him learn to put others first, repair relationships, and truly connect with the love of his life. In their time together, she managed to make him a better man. That is the best complement Linda says she could ever receive.

Lucifer goes home and has a drink. Amenadiel returns and says he knows why the world is ending. They need to talk. 

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