Wedding bells are ringing on Lucifer. In “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) deal with a major ex from Eve’s past that stirs up lots of drama one day before their wedding.

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Lucifer (Tom Ellis) continues trying to make up time with Rory (Brianna Hildebrand). He invites her to Maze’s wedding and suggests they coordinate suits. Rory isn’t so sure though. 

Chloe (Lauren German) found a lot of complaints against a lot of cops. She tells Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) that she’s returning to the force to clean things up. He’s happy to hear it, but she hasn’t talked to Lucifer yet. And with Maze’s wedding coming up, she doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary drama. But it’s Maze. It will be dramatic.

Eve and Maze are making the final preparations for the wedding when they get an unexpected visitor. Adam (Scott Macarthur), the first man, shows up and tells Eve that it’s time to go home. He has a hard time believing that Eve is in love with Maze. He thinks she just wants to get his attention. Adam even apologizes to Eve for ignoring her.Eve says they were never married. She was created for him. She didn’t choose Adam, but she choses Maze.

Chloe and Rory are talking about the future when Rory kills a fly with her wings. It’s the first time Chloe is seeing her wings. She’s started by how deadly they are. 

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) lurks around the precinct watching Ella (Aimee Garcia) and Carol (Scott Porter) interact. Carol is Ella’s date for Maze’s wedding and he’s super excited. Ella is a little weirded out though. Not because of Carol’s excitement, but because of what she suspects about her friends.

Ella suspects that Lucifer is the devil, Maze is a demon, and Eve is the first woman. She knows that Amenadiel is an angel, so that means Linda (Rachael Harris) knows, and Charlie is half angel. Ella isn’t sure if Chloe knows though. The craziest theory is that Dan may have been a werewolf, vampire, or a centaur. 

Adam ends up on Dr. Linda’s couch, complaining about Eve. She suggests that he move on from his ex. Linda is startled to find out that Eve is his ex. Which means Adam is the first man. Adam says he wants to stop the wedding. Linda says he can’t because she is officiating. Now Linda is in trouble. 

Eve and Maze need Linda to sign the marriage certificate, but she’s not answering her phone. When they get to the office, Maze picks up a strange scent. Eve says it’s Adam’s after shave and she just knows that he kidnapped Linda. 

Maze is annoyed, especially since Adam mentioned her mother. She’s afraid that she will eventually become like Lilith, but Eve says they are nothing alike. Apparently Adam used to talk about Lilith a lot. That gives Maze an idea. They need to give Adam what he wants. 

Chloe asks Amenadiel about angel wings. She’s afraid that Rory self-actualized her wings into weapons because Chloe isn’t able to protect her. And that may be because she becomes a cop again. Amenadiel says the changes they make won’t be easy and it could put a target on Chloe’s back. At least Chloe has the choice to walk away from the fight. But Chloe doesn’t want to do that. She wants to make a better world for her children. 

Adam meets Eve at Lux, assuming she’s coming back to him. She only wants to know where LInda is. He won’t tell her, so she knocks him out. When he wakes up, Maze is talking to him, but he thinks it’s Lilith. Maze talks about how Adam had his Dad send her away because Lilith rejected him. And then God gave him Eve, but Eve could never replace Lilith. Eve gets upset with the things that Maze is saying. She feels like Maze is torturing her. Maze reminds Eve that she is a demon. This is the real her. And if Eve doesn’t like it then she can leave.

Eve asks Adam how he found out about the wedding. He says he heard it from the Angels in the Silver City. She asks Maze how he found out and she admits she sent the news in hopes that Adam would show up. Why? Maze doesn’t want to be a mother. She thinks Eve has no idea who she’s marryhing. She thinks she would end up like Lilith. 

This brings out Eve’s frustration with Maze. Eve is sick of giving Maze the benefit of the doubt, she feels like she’s the only one who believes in their relationship. Maze just wanted Eve to see the real her. Eve says they don’t communicate and if they can’t do that, then they shouldn’t get married. She starts to leave, but Maze stops her to remind her that they need to find Linda. Eve says Maze can do that on her own.

Maze has Adam tied up and calls Lucifer to stop her from killing him. Lucifer figures out real quick that Maze and Eve had a fight. And Adam played a part in it. Lucifer mojos Adam and finds out his greatest desire is to be a better man. Adam says Linda helped him see that his ideas about what a man should be are outdated. He plans to keep Linda hostage until she cures him. 

Lucifer yells at Adam for holding Linda hostage as his own personal therapist. He needs to make an appointment and pay after each session, like everyone else. Adam realizes he’s going about this the wrong way. He says he didn’t hurt her and offers to take them to Linda. Lucifer says everyone can change, including demons. Maze has come a long way. The Mazikeen he knows wouldn’t hesitate to kill Adam. Maze agrees and says she needs his help with something after they find Linda. 

Lucifer goes to Eve and says he has a present for her. He takes her to the balcony and several demons show up, all in fresh corpses. Maze is there too. She apologizes to Eve, saying she realizes she was holding on to some old ideas of what demons are supposed to be. And she is afraid of becoming her mother. She knows she can be better. Maze promises that if Eve gives her another shot, she will never stop trying. Because Maze believes in their relationship. 

Eve takes the opportunity to tell Maze that when she tries, she’s good at communicating. And she never wanted Maze to be normal; she just wanted Maze as she is. The wedding is back on! Meanwhile, Rory showed up at Lucifer’s tailor and Lucifer never showed up. She’s angry … again. 

Everyone shows up for the wedding, looking their best. Amenadiel looks like he’s talking to himself, but it’s actually Dan. Dan moves to the back so Amenadiel doesn’t look too crazy. Carol smells the demon corpses and Amenadiel says its fertilizer. Ella starts heavily drinking because she knows otherwise. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) messes with her mom, asking when she and Lucifer will get married. Rory shows up, but refuses to sit with the family. 

The wedding begins as Linda walks Maze down the aisle. Adam arrives to find Eve preparing to walk. He says he wants the best for Eve, she deserves to be happy. He also asks if he can give her away. It’s like he’s giving away a piece of himself. Eve appreciates the gesture, but she wants to walk on her own. 

Eve and Maze get married with their closest friends in attendance. The reception is at Lux. Doctor Linda explains to Adam why Eve needed to walk down the aisle alone. Amenadiel talks to Dan and Ella watches them closely.

Dan is angry that he’s a ghost. Amenadiel says it beats being in Hell. Dan agrees until he sees Trixie. He hates that he can see her, but she can’t see him. Dan is still upset that he went to Hell. He has no idea what he’s feeling guilty about. And all his friends are celestials who are supposed to help him but they can’t. Amenadiel apologizes and says Dan is the only one who can figure it out. 

Rory talks to Trixie and realizes that she’s an outcast. Trixie loves Lucifer and they play board games. Chloe has the babysitter take Trixie home. Rory starts to leave and Lucifer tries to stop her. Rory is upset with him because he didn’t show up at the tailors. they start arguing so Chloe pushes them outside.

Ella watches them closely too. The room starts spinning and she’s noticing some of the people are moving funny. Carol tries to get her attention and she spills her drink on him. 

Rory starts going off on how they have a game night and Lucifer will always need to help someone else. And the fact that Chloe always defends Lucifer. She tells them that she sat by Chloe’s deathbed in the future. The one moment that Lucifer should have been there and he never showed up. That’s what made her so mad that she time travelled. Lucifer is never there. 

Ella gets on the microphone and reveals to the reception guests, mostly corpses, that Lucifer is the devil, Amenadiel is an angel and Maze is demon. Chloe tries to calm her down, but that’s not the part that Ella is upset about. She’s upset because her friends didn’t tell her the truth. They kept her in the dark, even when the world was ending.

Amenadiel says he thought the world ending was all in her head. Ella realizes that none of them knew the world was ending and that’s a problem. Carol returns after cleaning himself and wonders why everyone is staring at Ella. 

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