Being a cop isn’t easy on Lucifer, but it’s even more difficult when the system is against you. In “A Lot Dirtier Than That,” Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) fights for justice and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) tries to make up for lost time. 

Do you remember Caleb Mayfield? He was a teen that befriended Amenadiel. Amenadiel was trying to keep the kid from selling drugs, but ultimately the drug dealers killed Caleb. There was one night that the cops threw Caleb to the ground. Amenadiel tried to help Caleb and the cop shoved a gun in his face. Luckily Dan (Kevin Alejandro) arrived and saved both Amenadiel and Caleb. That night still haunts Amenadiel.

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Amenadiel’s first case is a tough one. A young black man is shot and killed in his apartment. There is evidence that a second person was in the house. However! The detective on the case is the same cop who held Amenadiel at gunpoint. Detective James Reiben (Brian Oblak) is pretty sure it is a cut and dry case. He assumes this young man is just another casualty of a gang war. There is no evidence that the victim is in a gang though. Amenadiel tries to tell Reiben about the second person, but Reiben knows what he’s doing. Officer Harris (Merrin Dungey) warns Amenadiel not to overstep too far.

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) told Lucifer to try to connect with his daughter based on how Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) is feeling. Chloe (Lauren German) also encourages Rory to give her dad a second chance. Lucifer pulls out all the stops to make up for lost time with Rory. It’s a “Daddy-Do-Over.” He showers her with gifts and attempts to teach her how to drive a car. Rory already knows how to drive his car because it’s her car in the future. 

Amenadiel turns to Ella (Aimee Garcia) for help in the case. He asks her to go over the evidence again. She finds a blood trail and a fingerprint belonging to Michaela Williams (Jasmine Ashanti). Next, Amenadiel takes the case to Chloe and she agrees that there was a second victim. She asks what the detective thinks, but Amenadiel didn’t tell Reiben because he hasn’t changed a bit.

Chloe knows there are procedures in place to correct attitudes like Reiben’s. Amenadiel doesn’t think the procedures work because of Harris. Harris has been working as a beat cop for 10 years. Chloe informs him that Harris was offered a detective seat but turned it down. In the meantime, she offers to look at Reiben’s file. She believes the system will work itself out eventually.

Amenadiel talks to another resident at the apartment complex who serves him poundcake. She says Michaela Williams was the victim’s girlfriend. Dan shows up too, so Amenadiel asks for another piece of cake. While the resident is gone, he tells Dan about Reiben. Dan filed the complaint on Reiben, but never followed up on it. He warns Amenadiel saying Reiben may have someone powerful in his corner if he can evade complaints.

Harris talks to Amenadiel again, telling him to back off of Reiben’s case. She even clarifies the reason she turned down the detective seat. She says they wanted to move her to another district, away from the hood because she complained too much. Harris chose to stay so she could do some good. 

Reiben interrupts them and asks to talk to Amenadiel. He remembers the angel and he feels bad about what happened. He says he’s changed. Reiben says Amenadiel did things by the book and because of his good work, they found a suspect. He wants to pin the murder on Michaela Williams. 

Lucifer sings to cheer up Rory on Lucifer


Lucifer throws a party for Rory, complete with his staff as guests. Maze is there too. She tells Rory that Lucifer is trying and to give him a chance. And all of the girls are single if she’s interested in anyone. Rory says Maze knows her better than her own father. 

Lucifer sings a musical number, “You Got It,” by Roy Orbison. Rory is embarrassed and tells Lucifer that he can’t make up for lost time. He asks what she wants. Rory tells Lucifer to leave her alone and leaves. 

Harris and Amenadiel discuss his situation. She says that kids are scared of cops when they should feel protected. Cops give kids a million reasons to be scared and it shouldn’t be that way. But she has to be careful. She’s already considered ‘difficult.’ If she sees something she has to properly report it so something is done about it.

Harris called Dr. Lamotte (Mandy June Turpin) who runs a clinic around the corner from the crime scene. Dr. Lamotte treated Michaela Williams after she got shot. She gives the bullet to Harris. Harris thanks the doctor and asks her to give Michaela her number if she shows up again. Ella runs forensic tests on the bullet, and it belongs to the same person who shot the victim. He is a loan shark named Logan McCarthy (Karl Herlinger). 

While they go over the evidence, Michaela calls Harris. She is hiding because McCarthy was waiting for her at the clinic. She’s at the cemetery now. Michaela asks Harris to help her, and they leave to meet her. Harris and Amenadiel find a trail of blood that leads them to Michaela. She pulled her stitches and is bleeding again. Michaela says McCarthy is outside. She saw him kill her boyfriend. Amenadiel and Harris believe her. They must get her somewhere safe where she can heal.

When they go outside, McCarthy starts shooting at Michaela. Harris calls for backup. She then yells at McCarthy that the cops are surrounding the cemetery. He surrenders and puts down his gun. More cops show up and they pull their guns on Michaela. Amenadiel walks out to protect her. He comes face to face again with Reiben’s gun. Reiben decides to take Michael and McCarthy both in and lowers his gun.

The evidence that Amenadiel found cleared Michaela’s name. He’s not sure he can handle being a cop. But Harris says she does it to keep the innocent safe.

Lucifer returns to the penthouse and finds Rory playing a guitar and singing Bridge over Troubled Water. We see Amenadiel and Harris leave with Michaela as Chloe enters the precinct. Chloe looks at Reiben’s file and finds something concerning. The song is over and Lucifer smiles at his daughter. 

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