Congratulations Lucifer, you are the Father! In “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) try to piece together who the Angel girl (Brianna Hildebrand) really is and why she’s so mad at the Devil.

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The Angel makes herself at home and Chloe has no idea who she is. And Chloe doesn’t believe that this is her daughter because how could she forget a pregnancy. The Angel is about to leave, but Chloe finally asks for her name. Rory, short for Aurora and the name that Chloe already picked out for her next daughter. Chloe changes her tune and welcomes Rory home. 

OK, now that we know her name, Rory tells her parents that she is from the future. She never knew her father because he was never there and her mom never said why. At the moment when Lucifer should have been there for Rory, he wasn’t. Rory got so angry that she time traveled to the past.

Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is studying for his academy final as Dan (Kevin Alejandro) chatters away. When Amenadiel tries to talk to Dan, the rest of the precinct looks at him weird. Dan gives Amenadiel some pointers about working in the precinct and then decides to leave. Ella (Aimee Garcia) interrupts Amenadiel next, telling him about a theory she has. She thinks the world is ending because a frog fell from the sky, a river turned red, and she’s missing a sock. Amenadiel assures her, because he’s always on the internet, that the world is not ending.

Lucifer refuses to believe that he abandoned his daughter because he always felt abandoned by his dad. But Rory insists that’s what happened. Father and daughter start yelling at each other causing Mother to pull Lucifer aside. 

Chloe thinks there’s a rational explanation for why Lucifer left. The only one that Luci will accept is that he’s dead. He wants to send Azrael’s blade back to Heaven to avoid being killed. That means Chloe would lose her super strength because the blade has to be on Earth for the necklace to work. Chloe talks Luci out of taking the blade to Heaven, basically because she doesn’t want to lose her strength. 

They decide to focus on investigating who would want to kill Lucifer. They ask Rory about Luci’s disappearance and potential murder. Rory says her dad wasn’t murdered. Chloe told her that they went to Van Nuys on Tenth and Swanson. Lucifer turned the corner and Chloe never saw him again. This all happened on August 4 of this year … in three weeks. 

Lucifer and Chloe leave to investigate his future murder despite the fact that Rory says he wasn’t killed. Lucifer also grounds Rory so she won’t get into any trouble. Rory leaves the penthouse in search of rum and finds Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi) planning their wedding. After Rory tells them who she is, Maze is bothered that Rory called Eve, Auntie but not Maze.

Lucifer and Chloe go to Tenth and Swanson and it leads them to a dentist office. Lucifer recognizes the dentist, Dr. Kyle (Michelle Kim) and thinks maybe he had sex with her. Dr. Kyle’s receptionist, her husband Mr. Kyle (Devin Kawaoka) overhears the claim and gets upset. He reveals he’s having an affair with the dental assistant. Lucifer realizes where he knows Dr. Kyle. Her commercials run in syndication. Dr. Kyle tells her husband to leave. Mr. Kyle is sitting on the sidewalk, crying and blames Lucifer for his failed marriage. He says he’s going to kill Lucifer. 

Rory hangs out with Maze and Eve, making the sweat about the future. Maze called Amenadiel to introduce him to Rory, but Rory doesn’t know who he is. Amenadiel thinks that maybe he dies in the future before Rory gets to know him. Maze thinks Rory is torturing them. Game recognizes game and Rory learned from the best. Amenadiel asks how long Rory has been on Earth at this time. She says a couple of days and he finds it odd that he didn’t feel her presence. It makes him wonder what else he’s not sensing. 

Chloe and Lucifer take Dr. Kyle to the penthouse to make things up to Mr. Kyle. Luci offers him money and place to live, but he just wants his wife back. If Chloe and Luci can get her to take him back, he won’t kill Lucifer. Luci pulls Chloe aside saying Mr. Kyle could cheat on his wife again and blame Lucifer and try to kill him again. The only way to keep that from happening is to take the Angel blade back to Heaven. He opens his safe and the blade is gone. Luci didn’t take it, neither did Chloe. That only leaves Rory. Does Rory kill Lucifer?

Linda offers celestial family counseling on Lucifer


Luci, Chloe and Rory go to Linda (Rachael Harris) for family counseling that only results in Luci accusing Rory of stealing the blade and killing him. Rory gets upset and storms out. Even Chloe is mad that Luci believes his daughter kills him. When they get home, Chloe admits that she took the blade. She really doesn’t want to lose her super strength. Lucifer sees it, but Chloe says she’s fine. It’s his turn to be upset that Chloe led him to believe that their daughter wanted to kill him. 

Lucifer tries to take the blade and Chloe refuses. She throws him around the room, saying she knows what she is doing. Lucifer won’t take it away from her. They fight and it ends with Chloe almost stabbing Lucifer with the Angel blade. She starts crying, scared about the power the blade has over her. Chloe gives the blade back to Luci and starts crying uncontrollably.

Amenadiel visits Ella in her lab, apologizing for not believing her about the end of the world. Ella says she just lost it for a minute. She found her sock so the world is not ending. After Amenadiel leaves, Ella opens up a display board. She has a theory that Lucifer is the actual devil, Amenadiel is an angel, Chloe may know about those two, and there’s also a picture of Maze. There’s also some newspaper clippings about strange things happening in the world. 

Lucifer visits Chloe before taking the blade back to Heaven. He brings Dan with him and Chloe can see him because she holds Amenadiel’s necklace. Lucifer gives them some time to talk. He goes to Lux and fills Maze in on all that happened. He feels bad for abandoning Rory just like his dad did to him. Lucifer called Maze to ask for her advice. Maze says Lucifer is asking the wrong questions. He won’t know why anything happens until it happens. He needs to think about Rory and how hurt and alone she feels. The question that Luci should ask is how he’s going to fix things with his daughter. 

Chloe and Dan laugh about memories of Trixie (Scarlett Estevez). Chloe starts crying because he’s not going to be there anymore to share their memories. She says she feels powerless but Trixie is strong. Dan says Chloe is the strongest woman he’s ever met in his life. He disappears before he can finish, but Chloe finally says thank you and goodbye. Dan is still there and smiles at Chloe.

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