Lucifer has a daughter? What? In “Pin the Tail on the Baddie,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) looks for answers about the new angel (Brianna Hildebrand) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) looks for answers about being a ghost.

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The young angel accuses Lucifer of abandoning her before she was born. Luci is certain that he never had a kid because celestials can’t have kids with humans. Except Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) did. Lucifer looks deep into the angel’s eyes and says it’s not possible. She gets angry and says she’s glad he abandoned her before leaving. 

Dan is ready to go to Heaven now that he saved Luci’s life, but again, that’s not how it works. There is still some guilt holding Dan back, but he thinks Luci is the one holding back. Luci admits that he knew that he could bring Dan to Earth. He just didn’t do it. Dan gets upset, leaves and tells Lucifer to stay away from him. 

Chloe (Lauren German) is ready to go to Heaven, but she has a million questions. Lucifer says they will figure everything out, but he has to take care of something first. He goes to see Amenadiel to talk about the new Angel. Amenadiel knows nothing about that, but says it’s possible. They figure the girl to be about 20. There was a time at the end of the millenia that Lucifer was on Earth for an orgy. He decides to seek out four women from that party to find out if they have daughters that are not his. 

Dan goes to the precinct but no one can see or hear him. He thinks maybe Ella (Aimee Garcia) can since she is the most spiritual person he knows. He tries talking to her and she turns around. She smells something and he thinks it’s his axe body spray. Nope, it’s the frog. Oh and she named the frog Dan. 

Chloe goes to Linda (Rachael Harris) for advice about Lucifer. She feels like he’s holding back on something. Linda gives her the best advice ever. Ask him what’s going on. Chloe tracks Lucifer’s phone and is shocked to find out where he is. 

With help from Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Lucifer tracks down three of the ladies in Miami, New Mexico and Seattle. He asks to see a picture of their daughters. He’s not the father of any of their girls and they are grateful. They all agree he wouldn’t be a good father. 

Chloe catches up with Lucifer and she’s mad. She thinks Lucifer is keeping secrets from her so he tells her about the girl who claims to be his daughter. Chloe agrees that he can’t be the girl’s father, but she’s still upset because he didn’t tell her from the beginning. 

Dan returns to the penthouse and finds Maze inthe middle of a fitting for a new leather suit. He thinks she can see him but she’s too busy looking at herself in the mirror. She tells the tailor to not to make her pants too tight like Dan’s. He gets upset that she can’t see him and is insulting his fashion sense. He storms out of the penthouse again.

Lucifer tries to clear his name of any paternity


Lucifer finds the fourth mother who is now a rabbi in Boston named Esther (Alina Phelan). They find out that Esther’s daughter Mira ran away five years ago to look for her father. She shows them the last picture she has of the girl, but Luci doesn’t look at it. He describes his potential daughter as looking different. Esther says it could be her girl. Chloe offers to find the girl for Esther. 

Dan goes to Lux where Amenadiel is studying. He knows Amenadiel can see him. He approaches the angel but Amenadiel doesn’t budge until Dan yells. Amenadiel has earbuds in and couldn’t hear Dan, but he’s happy to see his friend. Dan hasn’t seen Chloe or Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) because he wants to figure out what being a ghost means first. 

Dan is happy to hear that Amenadiel is in the academy. Amenadiel apologizes for the fight they had before Dan died. They try to hug, but Dan is transparent and only Angels can see him. Maze arrives and greets Dan. She didn’t answer him earlier because she was messing with him. They are both happy to see Dan. 

Luci and Chloe go back to California. Chloe is concerned that Luci is keeping more secrets from her. He’s not but he failed to mention that his potential daughter is an Angel. Oh and that Dan is on Earth again. It’s not really keeping secrets because as far as Luci is concerned, the Angel is not his daughter. They both get upset and decide to table the discussion until after they find Esther’s daughter. 

Chloe and Lucifer are at a gas station and the clerk is uncooperative. They ask about if the girl works at the diner or the avocado stand. The clerk says he hasn’t seen anyone from the avocado farm in a year, but Chloe finds fresh guacamole. She buys a tub and they leave. Once outside, she explains that the clerk was lying. The guacamole is from a place called Green Hills.

They find a bunch of kids at the Green Hills Farm. Just as one of them is about to talk, the clerk shows up. He pulls a gun on them and shoots Luci. The devil is okay but more men show up. Chloe is ready to fight. It’s really no contest since Chloe has the necklace. Luci gets angry and has the clerk down, but Chloe calms Lucifer down. They got him. 

Lucifer and Chloe call the police and the kids are taken into protective services. They find out that Mira was there, but she met a guy online and left. The guy’s name is Ron Daniel and he lives in San Francisco. Chloe tells Luci to find Mira alone. She thought he had feelings for Esther, but he thinks Mira may actually be his daughter. And if she is, Chloe says they will figure it out together. Lucifer leaves to find the girl. 

Lucifer finds Mira with a 43 year old Ron Daniel (Peter Lindstedt). And Mira (Sara Anne) is not the angel who attacked him. Ron  turns out to be Mira’s father. Lucifer apologizes and tells Mira to call her mother. Ron says finding his daughter was the best day of his life. He thought he was being scammed at first but one look in her eyes and he knew she was his. Lucifer remembers feeling something when he looked into the Angel’s eyes. 

Dan goes to Chloe’s house. He sees Chloe holding Trixie while she cries. Trixie says she misses her daddy and that makes Dan feel sad. He goes back to the penthouse and asks Lucifer to take him back to Hell. He feels worse not being able to hug Chloe or Trixie. Luci says he can’t take Dan back even if he wanted to. 

Dan blames the Angel who brought him to Earth. Lucifer says she was just looking for him. She doesn’t know the whole story, but neither does he. If he knew she existed, there’s no way he would have abandoned her. Luci felt like he knew her when he looked into her eyes. He begins to accept that the girl is his daughter. Lucifer thinks he screwed up. Dan says he has to try and tells Lucifer to go get her, but he doesn’t know where she is. 

Chloe says goodnight to Trixie and feels something strange. She looks at an open window thinking Lucifer or Dan is there. When she turns around the Angel is there. She hugs Chloe and says “Hi Mom.”

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