Life goes on for Lucifer. In “Buckets of Baggage,” Luci (Tom Ellis) attempts to help Detective Carol Corbett (Scott Porter) in the love department while Ella (Aimee Garcia) investigates Carol’s past. 

Carol was one of Dan’s (Kevin Alejandro) best friends. Dan thought Carol and Ella would make a great couple, but Ella has issues. Her last boyfriend ended up being a serial killer, so she has a major guard up. What will it take for Ella to let her guard down for an actual nice guy?

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It’s ascension day, but Lucifer refuses to go. He wants to make sure he’s completely ready before leaving. Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) argues that Heaven needs a God, but Chloe (Lauren German) argues that nothing out of the ordinary is happening without a God, so what’s the rush. Besides, if Heaven needed a God, Amenadiel would be the first to know.

Lucifer’s issue is that he doesn’t care about the human race, just Chloe. He asks Linda (Rachael Harris) how she cares about her patients. She basically tells him to keep his opinions out of the equation and his personal feelings to himself. What Luci hears is that Linda doesn’t care about her patients. So, all he has to do is be able to help the people that he doesn’t dare about. If he proves he can do that, he can be God.

Ella and Carol are working a case together at a movie theater. The theater happens to be showing one of their favorite movies. Super Cop with Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. Ella talks about her favorite scene where Chan throws chopsticks at the bad guy and Yeoh knocks him out. While she’s reenacting the scene, she drops her bag. They both bend over to pick it up and Ella is reminded of Pete. Carol starts to ask her out and Ella freaks out. She runs to the victim to report what she found to Carol.

The latest victim was killed by a stiletto shoe to the neck. Luci helps on the case but only because he doesn’t care about Carol. He mojos Carol to find out what he truly desires.Carol wants to find someone he can spend the rest of his life with, but Luci thinks he just wants sex. Ella has security footage of the crime scene and finds a woman leaving the scene with bags of shoes. 

They find out from the shoe lady that the victim’s name is Fred and that leads Carol to a drag show. Lucifer is with him along the way, trying to set up Carol with a sex partner. Lucifer performs with the headliner, Busty (Caldwell Tidicue) and afterward interviews Busty with Carol. They find out that Fred is a drag queen by the name Fiona. Fiona was helping Busty tap into her inner glamazon. Busty seems genuinely sad that Fiona is dead. 

Meanwhile Ella goes to Chloe for advice about Carol. Chloe sees this as an opportunity to work a case. They steal Carol’s personnel file and find that he was gone from the force for a year. Ella freaks out,thinking Carol is lying, but Chloe is pretty sure Carol is just a good guy. 

After the interview, Lucifer decides to ask Carol what kind of woman he’s looking for. Carol describes Ella. So Luci sets up a meeting at Lux and dresses Carol like a bad boy. Ella doesn’t buy it and tells Carol that they aren’t meant to be. 

Ella tells Lucifer that she does like Carol, but she can’t get over what happened with Pete. She’s been praying and praying and feels like no one is listening. Luci thinks Ella isn’t the person that God needs to help right now. But if helping Ella will help Carol, then Luci will complete his mission.

The mysterious young woman (Brianna Hildebrand) from last week shows her face in Hell, looking for Michael (Ellis). She’s actually an angel with red wings. She wants to know what he did wrong that made him fail to destroy Lucifer. A demon mentions that a human got the closest to destroying Lucifer, so the young angel wants to talk to the human.

 Maze gives Chloe sparring lessons on Lucifer


Chloe asks Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) to let her go on a bounty hunt with her. Maze doesn’t have anything lined up, but says she will call Chloe when she does. Chloe asks her for sparing lessons to which Maze laughs at her. Chloe provokes Maze by tripping her. The two start fighting and throwing everything in Chloe’s house at each other. 

Lucifer and Ella break into Carol’s apartment and find that he is pretty basic. Except for the giant trunk in his bedroom. Luci breaks the lock on the trunk and they find a single bottle of scotch inside with a note that says, “one day at a time.” Ella figures out that Carol is a recovering alcoholic. And he is a good guy.

Carol calls for Ella to dust Fred’s place for fingerprints. When he hangs up the phone, the drag show club owner Niles (John Griffin) shows up with a knife. He says Fred’s death was an accident. He suspected that Fred was sleeping with his boyfriend Brian, aka Busty. 

Ella and Luci arrive on the scene and try to help with Niles. Niles is certain that he’s being cheated on because it happened before. He’s a little distracted and doesn’t see Carol mouth the words Super Cop to Ella. They reenact the same scene from before and take down Niles. 

As for Chloe and Maze … their battle went into the night, but Maze has had enough. Chloe asks her to meet at the same time tomorrow. Maze asks if she’s okay and Chloe thinks she is. Maze passes on meeting Chloe the next day. 

Ella comes clean about breaking into Carol’s place. Carol admits to being an alcoholic and asks her to talk to him the next time she’s curious. Ella admits to having trust issues because of her serial killer ex-boyfriend. She asks him out to the movies and he accepts. 

The new angel in town visits Dan. She wants to know how he almost destroyed Lucifer. He says he was manipulated by Michael and shot Lucifer. He feels really guilty about it too. And now he thinks this angel is trying to manipulate him too.Dan says he won’t help her hurt Lucifer. She counters by telling him that Lucifer is lying to him about leaving Hell. She offers to get him out and Dan agrees to help her. 

Lucifer and Chloe are home. He says he ended up caring about Carol, so he failed in his personal mission. He apologizes for not figuring things out quicker, but Chloe is in no hurry. 

Carol and Ella finish their date. He says it’s the best date he’s ever had and kisses her on the cheek before saying goodnight. Ella thanks God and walks to her car. A frog falls on her car and Ella wonders if it’s a sign. 

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