The time has come on Lucifer. In “A Chance at a Happy Ending,” Lucifer and Michael (both played by Tom Ellis) have their final showdown to become the new King of Heaven. This is long one, but totally worth it.

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A bus full of criminals goes over a small mountain and crashes hard! There’s no way anyone survived. This will be important later. 


Michael appears back on Earth and Lucifer wants to unleash his wrath. But they are at Lux and lots of people are watching. Michael is there to taunt Lucifer about the impending war. He actually wants to save some lives by avoiding the war altogether. Not that he’s scared or anything, but he already assembled the Flaming Sword and has most of the angel votes. Michael wants Lucifer to reclaim his throne in Hell. And as a bonus, he will let Chloe (Lauren German) rule with him. 

Chloe can’t go to Hell, not even Michael can send her there. However, Chloe does feel guilty about Dan’s (Kevin Alejandro) death. And only someone’s guilt can send them to Hell. Luci wonders if his twin planned all of this to get leverage over him. Michael says he can’t take credit for Dan. That was just a bonus that gave him a golden opportunity. Luci realizes that Michael told the mercenaries to kill Dan. And he headbutts his twin. 

Lucifer blames Michael for sending Dan to hell. Michael tells him to focus on his future with Chloe. The vote is the next day and it will be on Earth because Luci can’t enter Heaven. He’ll burn to a crisp if he tries. Michael is offering a chance at a happy ending and urges his brother to take it. 


Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is taking Dan’s death really hard. But she just got her soul so she’s not used to experiencing loss. Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and Linda (Rachael Harris) are there to console her and say you have to go through pain and loss. It’s the price of joy. Maze has some interesting memories of Dan. Amenadiel says those memories will help heal the hurt. Linda tells her that never loving anyone is far worse than loss. 

Chloe visits Lucifer, at his request and tries to apologize for their argument the night Dan died. Lucifer stops her and says she was right. He wanted to be God for the wrong reasons. But now he has a reason. He wants to be God for Dan’s sake. 

Luci tells her about Michael’s involvement in Dan’s death. He says Michael did it so Chloe would feel guilty and end up in Hell. Michael thought Lucifer would want to be in Hell with Chloe then Michael could have Heaven. Luci tells her not to feel guilty about Dan. Chloe gets upset and says that’s not how emotions work. Lucifer doesn’t want her to end up like Dan though. Chloe asks where Dan is, but Luci begs her not to make him say it.


Chloe finds a good reason to go to war with Michael in Lucifer


Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto) shows up and immediately dies. Luci thinks Michael found out she was spying for him and killed her with the Flaming Sword. But there are no burn marks, so he must have used Azrael’s blade. That means he doesn’t have all of the sword. He was bluffing. Luci finds a feather on Remiel and smells it. Something isn’t right. Luci asks Chloe to be the detective one last time. She may not be able to control her guilt, but Chloe can channel her anger. She wants to take down Michael with Lucifer. 

Ella (Aimee Garcia) talks to God saying she misses Dan. She says it’s extra dark right now and she’s having a hard time seeing. She feels like the Big Guy isn’t in Heaven anymore. Ella asks him to nudge her in the right direction. She needs a sign to know that she’s in the right place. Chloe walks in and says she needs Ella’s help. 

Luci gives the feather to Ella to examine. She finds yeast on the feather and says that’s weird. Ella also thinks Lucifer hit an Emu with his car. Ella leaves the room for a minute. Chloe reminds Luci about TJ (Kevin Douglas). TJ operated out of several locations and one was an abandoned beer factory. She thinks Remiel was going to tell Lucifer that she found TJ, but Michael killed her first. Luci wants to check it out, but the other angels might be there. He has an idea and it involves Ella. 

Eve (Inbar Lavi) is at Lux to meet up with a man she met online…Steve. And Maze shows up instead. Maze is Steve. She tells Eve that she doesn’t care if Eve dies. She wants to be with her. 


Chloe was right, the angels found TJ. Michael is there too and they try to pry the necklace away from TJ. One of the angels says the rules about killing humans ended when God left. He tells Michael to wipe TJ from existence. The angels stare at Michael as he thinks about it and then reveals himself to be Lucifer. He asks Ella to make him look like Michael.

Lucifer prepares to fight the angels as they throw TJ to the side. The real Michael arrives, kills TJ, and takes the necklace. Lucifer reveals that Michael killed Remiel. One of the angels looks disgusted while the other looks happy. Michael says he did what he had to do. Chloe arrives and shoots Michael. Michael says bullets can’t hurt him, but Chloe didn’t want to hurt him. She wanted to distract him so she and Luci could fly away. 

Linda is freaking out because Charlie falls a lot. He’s a baby and hasn’t developed as quickly as other babies. Amenadiel says falling is how humans learn. He fell as an angel when he lost his wings. Getting up was the most empowering experience of his life. Linda decides to make a chart of every time Charlie falls to see if there’s a pattern. 

Luci calls Amenadiel to tell him about Remiel. The brothers and Chloe bury her together. Luci is very upset and feels like he makes the wrong choices. And his choices lead to people dying. He says he’s a coward, but Chloe disagrees. She says they owe it to Remiel and Dan to fight Michael. But not Chloe, because she’s human. Maze joins them and gives Chloe her special demon blade, stabby. Lucifer says No, but Chloe says Yes and there’s no arguing. Chloe is going to fight. 

The only problem now is that Michael has an angel army and they have four fighters. Amenadiel knows where they can get their own army. Maze is ready to kill some angels, but Amenadiel and Lucifer declare there will be no killing of anyone. 


The time has come. The angels assemble at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium. Chloe and Lucifer arrive together, followed by Amenadiel. Maze is on her way with reinforcements, but it’s taking longer than expected. Lucifer goes inside to face Michael. 

They talk a lot about Michael’s upper hand. Luci tries to appeal to his siblings and attempts to tell them why he wants to be God. Zadkiel (Joel Rush) interrupts and says Luci wants to be God for love. And that’s the best reason. Zadkiel crosses the line and supports Lucifer. One other angel crosses with Zadkiel, but that’s all. 

Michael determines the vote is complete and he is God. He’s expecting something to happen, but gets nothing. Maybe the vote isn’t complete. Gabriel (Kimia Behpoornia) suggests the vote has to be unanimous. There’s only one way to make that happen. Get rid of the opposing votes. The one unnamed angel crosses back over to Michael’s side.

Luci stalls by singing, You Can’t Touch This. Amenadiel, Chloe and Zadkiel join in. Michael tells them to Stop! Hammertime! Maze and Eve arrive with the recently deceased criminals from the bus. It’s time to fight.

Two angels spread their wings and hover in the air. Michael tells Chloe to leave and she pulls her gun out. He reminds her that bullets can’t hurt him. She shoots the two angels in the air and reveals that they melted down a demon blade to make bullets. 


Lucifer doesn’t want bloodshed and suggests that only he and Michael fight. Whoever wins gets the throne. Michael says okay, but it will be a fight to the death. Lucifer agrees. Michael ignites the Flaming Sword and Luci throws the first punch. Amenadiel throws Zadkiel’s staff to Luci to make it sort of fair. 

Everyone watches as the twins fly into the air and fight it out. Lucifer falls first and Michael tries to stab him. Luci stops him. Michael says he can’t take the blade from him, but that wasn’t the plan. Chloe runs up and takes the necklace out of the blade and runs away. Luci goes after the blade and Azrael (Charlyne Yi) shows up. She looks at Luci and says sorry. 

Chloe runs back to Lucifer and Michael runs up behind her to stab her. Lucifer runs to Chloe, crying. Maze and Eve watch and Amenadiel tells them to stand down. Chloe says she made the choice to be there. What happened to Dan is not her fault as her death is not Lucifer’s fault. Chloe tells Lucifer that she loves him before dying. 

Michael says she should have left. She made peace with her guilt and now Lucifer will never see her again. Lucifer won’t let this happen. He says he’s going to Heaven to get Chloe back. Michael reminds Luci that he will burn if he tries to enter Heaven. Lucifer says so be it and flies away. Maze has had enough and rushes the angels. The battle between angels and demons begins. Amenadiel follows Maze’s lead.


Lucifer makes is final stand against his twin Michael


In Heaven, Chloe has a picnic with her dad John (Chris Payne Gilbert). They see a fireball fly across the sky. It’s Lucifer. He has no strength in Heaven and gets help from a familiar face. Lee (Jeremiah Birkett), the man Lucifer helped in the season five premiere. Lucifer doesn’t understand why he’s not burning. He sees Lilith’s ring on his hand and the power is fading. ‘

So how did Lee end up in Heaven. No soul has ever made it to Heaven from Hell. Lees says he faced his family and his guilt. and now he’s in Heaven. Lee knows where Chloe is and helps Lucifer find her.  When he finds her, she recognizes him and he says she has to go back. Chloe remembers the war and Trixie. She doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to lose her dad again. John says it’s okay to go. He’s not going anywhere. 

Lilith’s ring is fading. There’s not enough power to take them both back. Lucifer says the world needs Chloe decker. He chooses to stay so Chloe can live. Lucifer gives Chloe the ring and immediately starts burning. He chooses her because he loves her. 


Chloe wakes up on Earth with Lilith’s ring on her finger. She sees the angel and demons fighting. The remaining angels surround Amenadiel and Eve.  Michael looks down at Chloe and sees that she’s alive. He threatens to kill her again. Chloe gets up to face Michael. When he raises the sword to strike her, Chloe hits him hard! She still has the necklace in her hand and hits Michael again, knocking him down. Chloe gets on top of Michael and punches his face over and over, until he drops the blade.

Chloe picks up the blade and holds it to Michael’s neck. She says he took the man she loves from him. Michael tells her to do it, but Lucifer calls out to Chloe to stop her.

Everyone stops fighting and watches Lucifer return to Earth. Chloe stands down and gives the blade and necklace to him. Luci tells Michael to bend the knee. They agreed to the death. Michael kneels and spreads his wings. Lucifer ignites the sword and cuts off Michael’s wings. He declares no more killing.

Lucifer addresses everyone saying during his time on Earth, he learned that everyone deserves a second chance … even Michael. Chloe asks how he’s alive, but he doesn’t know. He looks at everyone in the stadium. Amenadiel kneels first. Everyone follows suit. He holds the Flaming Sword in the air and says, “Oh My Me.”

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