The campaign begins on Lucifer. In “Nothing Lasts Forever,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) makes his move to become the next God as God (Dennis Haysbert) makes his final arrangements for retirement. 

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Now that Dad’s retiring, the Devil wants to become God. Wasn’t he kicked out of Heaven? When he tells Chloe (Lauren German), she’s not excited at all. What does this mean for their relationship? Luci assures her that this is a good thing. Chloe just needs some time to get used to the idea. 

God comes back to Earth and throws himself a retirement party in the park. Angels are everywhere, except Michael (Ellis). The big question among the celestials is, who will take over the throne? Everyone assumes it will be Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside), so Lucifer announces that he will be the next God. He gets a lot of dirty looks for that one. But it’s not up to Luci, it’s up to God to name his successor. First, he wants to plan his retirement … with help from Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is really sad about Eve (Inbar Lavi). Having a soul isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She talks to Linda (Rachael Harris) about the change and is pretty sure she won’t make it into Heaven with Eve. That makes her realize her hell loop will be her trapped in Eve’s hospital room, breaking her heart and losing her forever. Later, Amenadiel stops her from killing puppies and mentions that Luci is going to become God. Maze leaves immediately to talk to Luci. 

Ella (Aimee Garcia) is also seeing Linda. She’s been having dark thoughts about things that could happen, it’s really creepy. Linda thinks Ella needs to take some time off and rest, but Ella says the job centers her and gives her purpose. Ella says she’s always had a dark side and she hides it from everyone. She’s not sure how she can accept herself when the darkness is part of who she is. 


Chloe makes Lucifer focus on the case.


The body of Bruna Lorenzoni was found floating in the shark tank at a local aquarium. She was the chief operator of the aquarium. Pieces of her body were also found floating in the shark tank, except for one arm. Ella found a stab wound in her abdomen and says Bruna was dead before she hit the water.

The aquarium owner Elizabeth Newman (Allison McAtee) found the body. She is distraught and can’t think of anyone who wanted Bruna dead. Elizabeth doesn’t know much about who comes and goes. Bruna ran everything and Elizabeth is the money person.

Luci and Chloe … mostly Chloe questions Bruna’s husband and he suspected she was having an affair. Bruna was never home. He followed her one night and saw her arguing with restaurant owner Jeremy Morgan (Brent Bailey). They were fighting about fish. Lucifer has heard of Jeremy and he is known for serving illegal animals at his restaurant.


This gives Luci the idea to set up his dad on a blind date. Maybe if he got himself a girlfriend, he’d be more inclined to retire right away and let Luci take the throne. Luci invites Chloe and her mom, Penelope (Rebecca De Mornay) to dinner with him and dear old dad. While Penelope and God are compatible, God isn’t looking for love. 

An issue between Chloe and Penelope comes up in conversation. Penelope says her husband, John was very supportive of her career. Chloe thinks it’s a travesty that her dad put off his dream of being a detective for Penelope’s career. 

While at dinner, Jeremy recognizes Penelope and accommodates their request for a special entree.  When God tells them that the meat on the entree is a panda, Chloe arrests Jeremy. While questioning him, Chloe finds out that he did buy some fish from Bruna, but he didn’t kill her. He has an alibi and wire transfers for any purchases he made from Bruna. Ella confirms Jeremy’s story, but she also found a large transfer. She tracked the routing info to an address.

Their next lead is an old friend of Luci’s Sato Miki (Lee Doud). Sato admits that he bought fish from Bruna, but only the legal stuff. The transfer was a donation to save the aquarium. Someone called Sato asking about the donation. He says she sounded angry and that could be only one person … Elizabeth. 


God prepares for retirement on Lucifer


The next day, God says he’s not looking for love because there’s only one woman for him. The Goddess of Creation and he messed that up. And he asks Luci to stop planning his retirement. Everything will happen in its time. Luci sends Amenadiel to talk to their Dad about his retirement. Amenadiel says Luci has changed a lot. He does his best when you put faith in him.

The two are playing golf and Amenadiel realizes that God hasn’t missed a hole. It doesn’t seem like God is losing his powers. He asks when God first realized he was losing his power. God says he didn’t notice, but Michael did. The more Michael talked about it, the more God realized something was wrong. Amenadiel says God is self-actualizing his issues. 

Maze gives Lilith’s ring back to Luci. Eve won’t accept it so she has no need for it. She does ask him to make her the Queen of Hell so she can control who does the torturing. Luci can’t think of anyone that he trusts more. They toast to Mazi-Queen. 

God pays Ella a visit. She greets him with a big hug, calling him Daddy Morningstar. God knows something is bothering Ella and she tells him about her darkness. She thinks it attracts her to bad people. She’s afraid she’s a bad person too. God says everyone has darkness. The thing is to accept it. The darker the darkness, the brighter the light. And Ella shines so brightly. He can see it all the way from Heaven. They are interrupted by an alarm and God disappears. 


Chloe tells Dan (Kevin Alejandro) that Lucifer is going to be God. He’s not surprised, it actually makes sense. Luci did pull off a pretty big prank on Dan that transformed his life. Dan can think of crazier things than Lucifer being God. 

Chloe is actually concerned that Luci won’t be able to balance being God and being her boyfriend. Dan says she shouldn’t worry because Lucifer and Chloe are crazy about each other. She should just trust that whatever challenges are thrown at them, they will figure it out.

Ella tracks Bruna’s Fitbit and it’s still in the shark’s stomach. Sharks swallow their food whole, so there might still be a little bit of evidence on the arm. Dan isn’t so sure. With exposure to the water and stomach acid, there may not be much left. But the killer doesn’t know that. They call Elizabeth to let her know that they will need to examine the shark for more evidence. 

When they get to the aquarium, Elizabeth is trying to quickly get rid of the shark. She admits that she killed Bruna, but it was an accident. She was so upset that Bruna was selling the exotic fish that she confronted her. Bruna snapped back at Elizabeth about the financial trouble the aquarium was in. Things got heated and Elizabeth didn’t realize that she stabbed Bruna until it was over. 


Gabriel helps Lucifer send a special message


The whole thing makes Luci realize that he hasn’t been listening to his father about what he wants in his retirement. He leaves to take care of something. Luci asks his angel sister Gabriel (Kimia Behpoornia) for a special favor. 

The next day Penelope visits Chloe and sets the record straight. John and Penelope would take turns supporting each other’s careers. But when it came time for John to make detective, he died. Penelope says she loved him from the bottom of her heart and would give anything to be a supporting partner.

Amenadiel brings God to the penthouse where Luci is waiting. Lucifer says he wasn’t truly listening to what their father needed. So he enlisted Gabriel’s help to deliver a special message. He brings out Charlotte, aka the Goddess of Creation (Tricia Helfer). The Goddess has her own universe to look after now. She understands how hard the job really is … and how lonely it is. God apologizes for being an awful husband. 

Lucifer says she only has a small amount of power to be there, so they have to make it count. Amenadiel tells him that God isn’t losing his powers. Michael has been gaslighting God to make him think he is though. He says God can keep his job and everything can go back to normal. They can be a family again. They watch as God and Goddess kiss. Lucifer is a little bothered that he won’t get to prove that he’s worthy now. 


By the looks of things, God is going ahead with retirement with his wife. Luci asks if they will be settling in Florida or maybe the Silver City. The parents announce that they are moving to Goddess’ universe. Amenadiel and Lucifer are upset with the decision. God says Goddess spent a long time in his world. It’s his turn to spend time in her world.

Luci pulls God aside for a quick word. He says there’s no need for Dad to retire, he can continue to be God. They just started mending their broken relationship. He asks if God can stay a little longer. God says nothing lasts forever. 

Goddess apologizes to Amenadiel for not being able to say goodbye the last time. She calls him her perfect boy and now father but he disagrees. He just tries to do his best. She says that’s what makes him perfect. 

Lucifer asks if they get a say in the matter. God gave him a life of choice. This one is God’s choice. He says Lucifer was right, he could have been a better father. God tells Lucifer that he loves him and hugs him. He also says he’s proud of the man Luci has become. Luci tells God that Amenadiel would like to hear that too, but God already told him. The boys say goodbye to their parents for the last time. Goddess thanks Lucifer for reuniting them all. 

Oh wait, what about the successor? God says it’s not up to him anymore. They’ll figure it out. He says it was all part of his plan. Luci asks how much of it was his plan. God laughs and Goddess says goodbye as they walk through a curtain at Lux for good. 


Lucifer runs for God.


Chloe catches up with Lucifer at the penthouse. She tells him that she’s quitting the LAPD to help him become God. She became a cop to do good and help people. As God, he will have the power to help everyone. If she can help him become God, she will help everyone as well. Lucifer has been helping her do her job for the last five years. It’s her turn to support him.

Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto) arrives to let Luci know that Michael is gathering support in the Silver City to be the next God. And as much as she doesn’t like Luci, she hates Michael even more. Remiel pledges her support to Lucifer but doesn’t think Michael will suspect that she’d side with Luci. She offers to spy on Michael. 

Michael is already making moves. Not only did Gabriel bring back the Goddess, but she also brought back one of Azrael’s blades. (the one that Luci threw into the Goddess’s universe.) Gabriel gives it to Michael. This is not good y’all.

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