Family means everything to everyone on Lucifer. In “ A Little Harmless Stalking,” Linda (Rachael Harris)  works overtime to keep her child safe. Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) finally make their relationship official. 

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Linda is driving around LA, talking to Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) on the phone when she starts driving crazy. Maze can tell something is wrong and asks her what she’s doing. Linda hangs up before Maze can ask too many questions. She follows someone to a large house. Before getting out of the car, Linda grabs a gun.

Lucifer has taken up putting a ship in a bottle. Next, he’s thinking of learning to play the french horn. Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) wants him to think about God’s retirement. Luci isn’t too concerned, he just assumed Amenadiel would take the job when the time came. Amenadiel hasn’t thought about it, but it seems like a big job. 

Lucifer likes to go with his gut on decisions like this, but Amenadiel disagrees. He says therapy has helped Luci be more mindful. Luci is offended. He says therapy has ruined him. From now on, Luci is not going to think about his decisions. He’s just gonna do it!

Chloe is at Lux, gathering her courage to ask Luci to make a decision. Are they together or not? Luci jumps in and says yes, they are together. Finally … ugh! Even Lucifer agrees they’ve been overthinking the whole thing. As Ella (Aimee Garcia) says, “it’s about damn time!


Arthur Sterling was found dead in his home. His safe was open and empty so it looks like a robbery/murder. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) tries to prepare everyone for the murder suspect. It’s Linda. She confessed to killing Mr. Sterling and won’t say why. It’s not until Maze gets involved that Linda finally comes clean about what she’s up to.

Linda tells Luci and Chloe about her daughter Adrianna (Alexandra Grossi). Since finding her, Linda has been keeping tabs on her. A little harmless stalking never killed anyone. And it’s a good thing because Adrianna is mixed up in something bad. 

Linda tells them about the event night before. She found Mr. Sterling when she walked into the house. There was no one else there, so it looks like Adrianna killed the guy. Linda refuses to believe that. By her confessing though, she gave Adrianna time to getaway. That’s when Adrianna arrives at the station to confess to the murder. 


Adrianna says she sold the house to Mr. Sterling and knew he wouldn’t be home that night. She also knew the combination to his safe. But he came home early and she shot him when he walked in on her robbing his safe. 

Dr. Linda doesn’t believe her and tries to talk to Luci about it. He’s more concerned about announcing that he and Chloe are a couple now. Linda has no words. She has more information about the case though. She saw Adrianna arguing with some scary guy the day before. She took a picture of his license plate, just in case. Chloe says they will look into it, but until then, Adrianna has to stay in jail.

Maze goes to his house to the scary guy’s house to check him out and is jumped by a woman in a black mask. They fight all over the living room and Maze kicks the woman through a glass door. She picks up the woman and removes her mask. It’s Eve (Inbar Lavi).

Eve says when she left to find herself, nothing clicked. She tried to think about when she was happiest. Eve was happiest when she was on a case with Maze. So, she decided to become a bounty hunter. She asks Maze to work with her on finding the scary guy. Maze reluctantly agrees. Eve checked out the place and the only unusual thing in the house is a Hollingshead painting. His painting goes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s really out of place in that house.


Lucifer and Chloe share a sweet kiss


Adrianna’s boyfriend Owen (Patrick Cage) arrives at the station to see her. He tells Chloe that Adrianna was having money trouble and took out a bad loan. He overheard Adrianna fighting over the phone with a woman named Jamie. 

Amenadiel meets with a priest, rabbi, and an Iman at Lux. Dan sees them and inquires about the meeting. Amenadiel says he might become God. The Holy Men were a focus group. He asked them what they would like to see in a God. Dan is shocked by Amenadiel’s news. But he supports Amendiel for the job. Amenadiel is a big picture guy, he’s the perfect candidate to replace God.

The Hollingshead painting leads Chloe, Lucifer, and Linda to an art gallery. Chloe tells them to stay in the car. Luci is dying to talk to Linda about his decision to date Chloe, but Linda is primarily focused on Adriana. They see a flower delivery van pull up and the driver unloads artwork. Time to go inside.

The owner’s name is Jamie (Lena Georgas). Jamie has no time to talk to Chloe, but she does have time for Luci and Linda posing as buyers. Luci asks for art that is unattainable. Jamie doesn’t actually say she can get him the art, but she will be in touch with him. 

Linda is convinced more than ever that Jamie and the scary guy are working together, stealing art and selling it. And they have somehow strong-armed Adriana into helping them. They don’t have any proof, but there’s enough evidence to put a wiretap on the scary guy’s phone. 


Ella is watching Charlie while Linda is on assignment. Amenadiel returns to relieve her and asks her if there’s anything God could do better. Ella says no. Amenadial is sure there’s something she would change but Ella says that’s the whole point of faith: acceptance. She says God is always there for her. She knows He loves her. 

Ella admits that she has darkness in her. God knows and he doesn’t care. He’s all good and she feels like she doesn’t deserve him. Amenadiel disagrees. If God was there right now, he’d tell Ella to take some of the faith she has in him and put it in herself. Ella likes what he has to say and says she will try. 

Maze and Eve arrive at a warehouse where they’re supposed to find Clive. While they wait, Maze asks Eve why she’s really there. Eve admits that she came back for Maze. Maze was really hurt when Eve left the first time.  Eve apologizes and says she wants to be with Maze. Someone shows up and they have to go to work. 

They go into the warehouse and find the items from Mr. Sterling’s safe. The scary guy jumps out of nowhere and starts beating up both Maze and Eve. He’s able to separate them and pulls a gun on Maze. Eve climbs the shelves and jumps on the scary guy’s back to stop him from shooting Maze. He throws Eve off his back and Maze tackles him. The gun goes off, but Maze is okay. Eve’s not. Clive wakes up and Maze throws a flash grenade at him. It blinds the scary guy long enough for Maze to knock him out. She picks up Eve and carries her out.


Linda is very worried about Adriana and Eve. Eve is in surgery so they don’t know if she’s going to be okay or not. They have evidence to pin the scheme on Jamie, Clive, and Adriana.  Luci tells Linda that they found the murder weapon in the warehouse and only Adriana’s prints are on it. Linda is distraught and blames herself for how broken Adriana is. 

Luci tries to tell her some good news but Linda thinks it’s about his relationship with Chloe. She yells at him for being so self-centered. Linda says therapy failed because for once she needed him to care about her. Luci continues and says he and Chloe had a chat and they are going to question Adriana again. Even though all of the evidence points to Adriana, Linda believes she’s innocent.

Adriana doesn’t want to say any more than what’s in her written statement. Lucifer uses his mojo on her and Adriana desires to protect her mother. Her mother is sick and the treatment is expensive. She joined Jamie’s scheme to make some money. Adriana tried to back out but Jamie threatened to kill her mom. 

Adriana says she heard that Mr. Sterling was returning home early and tried to call Clive to call off the robbery. She went to the house to stop him but it was too late. Clive told the police that he went to Vegas after Adriana called off the robbery on Friday night. Adriana says she didn’t even know about Mr. Sterling’s change in plans until Saturday night. She went to the movies on Friday. Someone is lying. 


Linda disappears and Ella comes up with a break in the case. She processed the murder weapon a second time and found it was wiped down. And there was only one print from Adriana on the gun. She also found methyl acrylate on the gun … it’s the substance on the sticky side of scotch tape. Someone used the tape to put Adriana’s print on the gun. Chloe says she checked Clive’s story and he was in Vegas and did receive a text from Adriana, calling off the robbery. So who else had access to Adriana’s phone while she was at the movies? Chloe knows and she thinks Linda knows too.

Linda finds Owen and holds him at gunpoint. She believes that Owen framed Adriana when he used her phone to call off the robbery. Then he went to the house to steal the items from the safe and was caught by Mr. Sterling. He used the gun in the safe to kill Sterling and planted it in the warehouse with Adriana’s fingerprint on it. Owen doesn’t admit to anything, but Chloe and Lucifer show up with the same accusation. Chloe arrests Owen while Luci consoles Linda. 

Adriana sees Linda and recognizes her. Linda says she’s there because the police are her friends and are helping her with something. She tells Adriana that she’s glad that she okay before she leaves.

Luci finds Linda and wants to know why she hasn’t told Adriana who she is. Linda says it should be Adriana’s choice to find her. Plus she’s afraid of rejection. Luci understands. He says you want to know her and be with her, but deep down you’re not sure you deserve her love. Because she’s so perfect and you’re unworthy. They understand each other very well.


Inbar Lavi returns as Eve in Lucifer


Maze visits Eve in the hospital and says she was scared when Eve got shot. She wants to be with Eve too. Maze kisses and gives Eve Lilith’s ring. The ring will make whoever wears it immortal. Eve refuses the ring, saying mortality is a gift, it makes you appreciate life. 

Maze insists that Eve take the ring or they can’t be together. She says she’s trying to protect Eve, but Eve knows Maze is protecting herself. Maze says she can’t lose Eve. She says she loves Eve. Eve loves her too. She says that’s what makes it so scary and they have to embrace that. Maze can’t do it and leaves. 

Adriana visits Linda. She asks if Linda was helping with her case and Linda says she was. Adriana says there was an anonymous donation towards her mother’s medical bills. Linda doesn’t admit to it but says that was nice. Adriana knows that Linda is her mom. Linda says she wanted to tell her, but she was scared Adriana didn’t want her. She thought Adriana should come to her and now she’s here. Adriana also gets to meet her brother Charlie.

Lucifer finds Amenadiel people-watching at Lux. Amenadiel is having doubts about being God. He loves living among humans. His life is here on Earth and he doesn’t want any of that to change. Luci tells him to do what makes him happy. There’s another angel who wants to take on the responsibility. Lucifer wants to be God.

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