Even the all-powerful are vulnerable on Lucifer. In “Resting Devil Face,” God (Dennis Haysbert) continues his efforts to make up with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) while Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) is up to no good. Kids will be kids. 

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Lucifer and Amenadial (D. B. Woodside) join forces once again to convince God to go home. They are worried about his power glitch, but he says he’s okay. The glitch has stopped for now. Luci has to go to work or he would continue to persuade Dad to leave. 

Trixie stole Chole’s (Lauren German) handcuffs and locked a bully to a lunch table. Now she’s riding in the back of a squad car, getting lectured by her Mom. Neither Dan (Kevin Alejandro) nor Chloe can watch Trixie because of work, so Chloe takes her to Linda’s (Rachael Harris) house. Trixie actually likes Linda and smiles like she’s up to something. 

Dan is still very freaked out about meeting his maker. He’s afraid that God will smite him for sleeping with the Goddess of Creation. And that’s exactly what happens. God makes Dan explode all over the precinct and then puts Dan back together like it never happened. Dan is seriously freaked out now. That was actually pretty funny. 

Dan is also kind of scared of Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) now because she’s a demon. This doesn’t go over well with Maze because of the soul-crushing news that God won’t give her a soul to crush. She thanks Dan for reminding her that she’s only a demon. 

Ella and Lucifer investigate a celebrity death


Albert Walcott, a fighter knows as Almighty is found dead downtown near a homeless community. The murderer tried to make it look like an accident, but there’s only a single track mark on his head. Ella (Aimee Garcia) found lots of drugs in his system and they found a video of a fight at the hospital near the pharmacy. 

Almighty’s career was cut short due to a heart attack. His doctor, Dr. Porter (Catherine Dent) says Almighty was severely depressed, so she’s not surprised that he turned to drugs. One of the drugs on his toxicology report stands out. YSD, a drug given to fighter pilots so they will focus while flying. Lucifer just happens to have that drug in his pocket and says it’s really hard to get. He knows of only one person who sells it. Someone called The Colonel. It’s time to set up a sting operation. 

During the investigations, God announces that he made himself human. He wants to watch Lucifer at work so he follows him around. Ella finally gets to meet Dad, but of course, he’s human when Ella meets him. (I can’t believe they haven’t told her the truth yet.) 

Chloe and Dan sit in a van near an old airplane graveyard. Lucifer meets the Colonel there and finds out that Dad is already there. God wanted to experience what Luci experiences so he can understand him. Colonel O’Brien (Teri Reeves) likes Luci’s Dad until God gushes about how proud he is of his son and reveals they are working with the LAPD. Yikes!

The Colonel pulls a gun on the duo and even punches God in the face. That makes Luci so mad he shows his devil face while beating up the Colonel and her men. God stops Luci from killing anyone. Chloe and Dan run in to make the arrest while Lucifer takes his dad to retrieve his powers. There’s just one problem. God can’t remember where he left his powers. 

Linda attempts to find out why Trixie is acting out on Lucifer


Linda tries to coerce Trixie into talking about her troubles, but Trixie sees right through her. So Linda is straightforward and says she thinks Trixie is acting out because she’s upset with someone. And if she is, she should tell that person why she’s mad. Even if it hurts their feelings. 

Lucifer takes God back to the penthouse to have a drink. God was a little taken back by the devil’s face and asks Lucifer why he uses that face. Excuse the resting devil face, but he was angry. God says it’s a reflection of how Lucifer sees himself. I guess he didn’t like it. 

They are interrupted by Trixie. She’s there to tell Lucifer that she’s mad at him and says his hair is stupid. Luci disagrees. He thinks his hair is majestic. Trixie doesn’t get a chance to really say why she’s mad, she just insults the devil enough for him to ban her from the penthouse for a month. He turns to talk to God and God is passed out. 

Chloe interviews the Colonel by herself, using her Mom-tactics to get some answers. And it works. The Colonel says she didn’t give Almighty the drugs, but she did sell to his trainer, Kristoff (Andrey Ivchenko). 

Meanwhile, Maze is taking her frustrations out on an innocent guy by yelling at him about how perfect she is. Amenadiel saves the guy and calms down Maze. She says she accepts who she is but still resents God for not helping her.

Speaking of God, Lucifer asked Amenadiel to watch their dad while he’s passed out. Upon hearing that the Big Guy is asleep, Maze offers to help Amenadiel. She promises there are no hard feelings about the soul issue. When they get upstairs, Maze pulls her knives and stabs a pile of pillows, thinking it’s God. But God isn’t there. He left a note though. “Went to find powers.” 

During the interview with Kristoff, Chloe and Lucifer find out that yes, Kristoff was giving his clients YSD, but Almighty refused. He treated his body like a temple, no drugs, no alcohol … he wouldn’t even take aspirin. That’s when Chloe figures out that Almighty wasn’t after drugs at the hospital. The records room was next to the pharmacy. Almighty must have discovered something that was worth dying for.

During the interview, Amenadiel texts and calls Luci several times. When they are finished, he finally read the text and has to leave Chloe to find God. Lucifer leans in to kiss Chloe and she turns her head. She says she’s not sure where they stand. Luci feels bad so Chloe goes to kiss him and he hugs her. They end up shaking hands before leaving. 

Maze tracks God at the subway station. She pulls out her knives before approaching him. God hears her and turns to face her. He finds Trixie instead. Trixie asks if he’s running away too. Trixie and God wait for the next train and share snacks. God says he’s running away because he’s having some trouble. He thinks his kids are mad at him for his condition. And he might have really messed up. Trixie says even grown-ups make mistakes.

Trixie is running away because she’s mad at Lucifer. She thought they were friends, but then Lucifer left without saying goodbye. He does whatever he wants and now he’s making her mom really sad. God says it might his fault for the way Lucifer acts. He tried to give them the right amount of free will, responsibility, and consequence. Looking back, he’s not sure he got it right. Trixie says she’s never been a parent but it looks like a tough job. God smiles saying he’s never been a kid, but it doesn’t look easy. Maze hears their conversation and backs off from her attack. Trixie says it’s time to go home. The mention of home reminds God of where he left his powers. 

Chloe figures out a case alone on Lucifer


Chloe solves the case by herself. It was Dr. Porter who killed Almighty after he found out that she was the one taking YSD. She also botched several surgeries because of a shaky hand. Chloe arrests her before she cuts into another patient. 

Amenadiel and Luci return to Linda’s house, frustrated that they can’t find God. Lucifer is also upset that Amenadiel won’t force God to face his problems. Amenadiel is frustrate that Lucifer doesn’t give their dad enough respect. He is the real Almighty after all. But he’s also lost control of his powers and now he out there lost and afraid.

God appears and Lucifer yells at him for disappearing. Linda returns with Charlie and God focuses on the child. He says he remembers where he put his powers. He put them in Charlie’s rattle. God takes the rattle and puts his powers back. 

God finds Maze at Lux and says she has the ability to learn and grow. She reminds him that a demon can’t grow a soul. Can’t she? He gives Maze hope before running into Dan. Dan apologizes for sleeping with God’s wife and asks him to smite him and get it over with. God says he wasn’t the best husband to the Goddess. He’s grateful that she found someone to give her the love she deserves. He thanks Dan, laughs and walks away. 

Chloe and Trixie have a heart-to-heart before bedtime. Trixie is fully aware that grown-ups are full of flaws. She is also aware that her mom is sad about Lucifer. Chloe can’t deny that her daughter isn’t little anymore. She tried to protect Trixie from difficult feelings and situations, but now that she’s older, she can let Trixie in. 

Chloe says she’s not sure what will happen with her and Lucifer. But she knows she has to tell him how she feels. She doesn’t know what will happen after that and that’s scary. No matter what happens, Dan and Chloe will always be her parents and they will always love her. 

God shares a drink with Amenadiel and Lucifer. He tells his sons that he’s ready to retire. He disappears before either of them can protest. 

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