This is the episode of Lucifer that we’ve been waiting for. The musical episode, “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam.” Debbie Gibson guest stars!

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Now that God (Dennis Haysbert) is on Earth, he wants to spend some quality time with Lucifer (Tom Ellis). God feels he needs to understand Luci to have a better relationship. Luci doesn’t always want him around, especially at work, but God gonna do what God gonna do. The Devil is very distraught about his relationship with Chloe (Lauren German) and blames dad. So there’s a lot to work through with dad and the girlfriend

The next day at work, Chloe and Luci have an awkward moment because of what he said the night before. He thinks he’s incapable of love and won’t say those three little words to Chloe. She doesn’t believe that Luci is incapable of love. She has faith in him. For now, though, they will remain work partners. I guess the relationship is on hold. 


A football referee Steve Rockwell collapsed during a game. Everyone thought he had a heart attack, but Ella (Aimee Garcia) found poison on his whistle. They break out into Another Bites the Dust. Lucifer can’t help but sing and dance with everyone. God is standing by watching. He wants to see Lucifer at work. God is the reason everyone was singing and dancing. Luci tells him to go away because that’s not what happens at the crime scene. 

Chloe talks to Steve’s wife Darla (Amaris Dupree). She says his life was hard because of his job. He was always receiving threats after games. The last game was really bad. Steve’s call caused one of the teams to lose their playoff spot. Darla says Steve got some nasty emails after that game. Chloe asks to see the emails before sending Darla away. 

Chloe meets God and has a few words to say to him. God is a bad father. He kicked Lucifer out of the house and didn’t talk to him for thousands of years. She has more to say but Luci makes her stop talking. 

Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) tells Linda (Rachael Harris) that Charlie is mortal and Linda is relieved. But she’s bothered by Amenadiel’s reaction. As if being human wasn’t good enough. Sure angels have wings, can fly and are immortal, but being human is just as good. She storms off with her human baby to go for a walk. 


Debbie Gibson guest stars in the Lucifer musical episode.


Chloe and Lucifer interview a  linebacker from the losing team of that game and his mom, Shelly (Gibson). Shelly says Steve Rockwell made the most asinine call in the history of football that caused her son to lose his college scholarship. She answers all of the questions, not letting her son talk at all. She says he doesn’t know what he wants, that’s why she’s there guiding him and watch over him. Shelly and Luci sing Every Breath You Take, clearly from different perspectives.

The Devil uses his mojo to ask the kid want he really wants. He wants to be a pastry chef. Shelly is shocked, but Luci reels her in and tells her to let the poor boy make his own decisions. He gets up to talk to his own father. Shelly admits that she sent the email. And they have no evidence that she killed Steve so Mom gets up to leave. The kid speaks up and says he saw Steve arguing with some tall dude in a ball cap. The guy was driving an old-school yellow truck. 

Lucifer projects his feelings about his father into the case. He doesn’t think the kid will ever live a normal life with an overbearing mother. Chloe applies Luci’s situation to the case as well and tells him that it’s a good thing that the kid keeps his mother close so they can work through their issues. Luci rethinks his position that the kid and his mom could rebuild their broken relationship so he can let go of his anger and resentment. He might be able to live a normal life and have normal loving relationships. 

Luci makes an effort to include God in his life. He allows Dad to stay at the penthouse so they can work on their issues. Then maybe he can have a relationship with Chloe. Luci even takes God to work. God meets Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Dan freaks out. See … Dan’s most recent love is … was God’s wife at one point. God pretty much scared Dan and that’s amusing to God. 


Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) shows up with a bad boy for Ella. It’s no secret that Ella likes bad boys, but she’s trying to turn over a new leaf after what happened with Pete. Maze sings George Thoroughgood’s Bad to the Bone mixed with Ella’s rendition of TLC’s No Scrubs. After the music number is over, Ella runs away from Maze and her bad boys.

Ella composes herself and jumps back into the investigations. She tells Chloe that they found two people’s fingerprints on Steve’s whistle. One of them is Dale McVey (Drew Powell), the winning coach from the questionable high school game. And McVey drives a yellow truck. 

They hear Lucifer yelling at his dad, so Chloie runs out to see what’s going on. God doesn’t like the coffee. Luci thinks it’s fine and tries to force Chloe to taste the coffee, but she doesn’t want to get in the middle of their issues. So he takes the coffee to Dr. Linda. 


Linda says their issue isn’t about the coffee. After some discussion about how overbearing God is, Linda asks if God is angry with Lucifer. He says he’s not, but Lucifer knows he is. God is trying to do what’s best for his son, but nothing is right. If he gives an opinion, he’s controlling. If he stands back to let Luci make his own decisions, then he’s a bad father. Luci always assumes the worst when it comes to his dad. 

Lucifer is annoyed, especially with the musical numbers. He can’t help but sing if there’s music playing and God knows that. That’s why he turns every situation into a music video. Linda thinks the Archangel and God had millennia to evolve beyond petty squabble, but they haven’t. They’re just like humans … maybe worse. She projects her issue with Amenadiel on God saying a good father supports his son, even if he doesn’t have wings. God gets what Linda is saying and tells Luci to get ready to be supported.


Dan sings about going to Hell in Lucifer


God gets involved with Luci and Chloe’s latest investigation. They head to interview Coach McVey. God introduces Lucifer as a very important consultant with the police who has no desk because he likes to be on the move. How embarrassing. 

McVey reveals that he tried to pay off Steve to call the game in his favor. Steve wouldn’t take the bribe when McVey tried to pay him. And as for the fingerprints on the whistle, McVey says someone stole his bag out of his car and there was a whistle in there. Chloe asks to take the truck in for processing. God is impressed with Luci’s tactics and gives him a noogie. 

Dan meets up with Amenadiel at Lux. Amenadiel offers to give Dan some space after finding out that they were celestial. Dan is more afraid of God because of Charlotte. He wants to know if God is above jealous and he’s not. Dan starts laughing because he’s definitely going to Hell now and sings Hell by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. God and Luci arrive at Lux and the devil tells him to stop the Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Dad says okay, but after Dan finishes his song. God starts dancing and Luci leaves to get a drink. 


God serves a naked devil the best coffee in the world and Luci thinks he’s just showing off. God says he’s not showing off. He just wants the best for his son. Luci apologizes for jumping down his throat and is grateful for the coffee. Hmmm … I think we’re getting somewhere. Lucifer asks Dad to stay home today or harass his other children. Maybe he’ll listen, probably won’t.

Ella processed the truck and found some long hairs. The hairs were died orange and blue, the colors of another school, Van Ness High. She and Chloe surmise that someone from Van Ness framed McVey. Luci is in his own world, reveling over how he forced Dad to stay home because of how judgemental God can be. That triggers something for Chloe and she realizes that one of the statements they have is from someone at Van Ness High. 

Linda and Charlie take a walk in the park. Cue Music, Linda sings Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Wither‘s Just the Two of Us. Amenadiel joins in on the rap part from the Will Smith version. Lots of parents dance with their kids. It’s a way for Amenadiel and Linda to get on the same page about Charlie’s mortality. God watches from afar, smiling. 


The person Chloe is thinking of is Steve’s wife Darla. She confronts Darla about the poison on the whistle. The chemicals can’t be bought at the store but you can find them in a chemistry class. Darla breaks down, saying living with Steve was hard. Nothing was ever good enough for him. Chloe tries to arrest Darla for murder and she pulls a flame from a burner. Lucifer steps in front of her and stops her from burning Chloe. Darla is shocked when Lucifer isn’t hurt. She backs down and Chloe puts handcuffs on her. 

Chloe checks on Lucifer afterward. He says Darla has a point. People don’t change and neither will his dad. Chloe says he has to give it time, but Lucifer says they may be too far gone to fix it. Chloe refused to believe that and says she has faith in him. She knows they will work through their issues. 

Chloe goes home to tuck Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) into bed. She sits up looking at a picture that Trixie drew of her and Lucifer. Cue music. Trixie sings Nat King Cole‘s Smile while Chloe thinks about Lucifer and cries. God stands outside their house, listening. That was kind of sad … 


God returns to Luci’s penthouse before the devil comes home. He tries to say something profound and asks about Luci’s suit. Luci is annoyed as usual. He brings up the touchy subject about sending him to Hell. He had a good life in LA before God showed up and now everything is ruined. Lucifer sings I Dreamed a Dream and God joins in.

God consoles Lucifer. He says he understands that Luci is angry at him and he’s sorry. God can’t fix him. Luci asks him to stop controlling him. God starts crying and says he can’t stop making people sing. He can’t control his powers anymore. And Lucifer is very concerned now.

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