Things are heating up on Lucifer. In “Our Mojo,” Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) investigate a possible serial killer.

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Chloe and Lucifer have spent the night together, and all that drama seems to be gone between them. Until Chloe jokingly mojos Lucifer. Chloe isn’t too concerned about it, but Lucifer is, and he runs to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) to find out why it’s happening. Linda tells him that sharing his mojo with Chloe doesn’t mean he’s lost his power. It means he’s willing to share it with Chloe. Isn’t that what being in a relationship is all about? Sharing. 

Speaking of sharing, Chloe shares with Ella (Aimee Garcia) that things are heating up for the celestial couple. Ella has news to share as well. Pete (Alexander Koch), the reporter, turns out to be the nicest bad boy she’s ever met. When Lucifer arrives, Ella can’t stop staring at them. It’s really weird.  


The victim is opera singer Diane Luna. Someone cut her vocal cords, and she died choking on her own blood. There’s no sign of forced entry, so more than likely the singer knew her assailant. The murderer also left a bouquet of lilies in her lap. I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of signature. They think it’s the neighbor, but when Lucifer tries to mojo him, it doesn’t work. 

Lucifer runs around trying to mojo anyone on the scene, and it’s not working. Luci is certain that Chloe’s stolen his mojo. And to prove it he makes her try the power on him again. It works. Chloe has Lucifer’s mojo. 

So Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is MIA. He called in sick to work and cancelled his plan with Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside). If you recall, he saw Lucifer’s devil face and freaked out. Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) visits Amenadiel and yells at him for buying so many toys for Charlie. Charlie is all Amenadiel knows anymore. He doesn’t know how to spend time by himself or remember what life was like before Charlie.  


Lucifer, Chloe and Ella go over the evidence and find some steamy text messages from Diane’s vocal coach, Mario Canales (Giovanni Bejarano). Chloe finds that Mario has a wife and kids. Lucifer thinks Mario may have killed Diane to keep her from telling his wife about the affair. He didn’t kill her. In fact, he’s divorced now. He does tell the detective that Diane was going to accuse world-class opera singer Niels Schuman (Joel Swetow) of being a bully

Pete shows up and asks Ella to attend a Star Trek convention with him. Ella actually accepts in Klingon. Lucifer is confused because Star Trek is Ella’s thing and nobody else’s. Ella says the 24th century is big enough for everyone. It’s all about sharing. 

Dan visits Charlotte’s grave, crying. He is terrified and a bubbling mess. Michael (Ellis) shows up in his best angel costume. First he has to prove that he’s not Lucifer, hence the giant scar on his face. Then he promises to help Dan find redemption and protect his loved ones against the evil Lucifer.


Lucifer wants his mojo back and wants Chloe to have sex with him, but she says that’s takes all of the fun out of it. So they go see Dr. Linda. It’s Lucifer’s idea and Chloe wants someone rational to tell Lucifer that he’s being ridiculous. Linda kind of agrees with Lucifer. She says it’s like if someone took being a detective away from Chloe and gave it to Lucifer. A huge part of her identity is gone. Chloe has to look at things from his perspective. 

Maze wants to help Amenadiel feel like his old self, and by help I mean sparring with him. They meet at Lux and immediately begin fighting. They start enjoying themselves too much when Amenadiel kisses Maze. She gets excited and then abruptly stops. She says it’s not working for her and walks away. Seems she was trying to make herself feel better and not Amenadiel.

Chloe apologies to Lucifer for not taking his feelings seriously and promises to do better. They interview Schuman and he says he didn’t do it. He wasn’t afraid of Diane’s allegations, and he didn’t want her dead. Chloe tries to mojo him, and it doesn’t work. Lucifer tries, and it still doesn’t work. Schuman’s alibi checks out, so they still don’t have a suspect. 

Later Chloe tells Lucifer that she doesn’t have his mojo. Mario calls her, asking for an autograph. The mojo didn’t work, because Mario was starstruck with Chloe. He’s a big fan of her movie career. She tries to mojo Lucifer again, and it works. So the mojo only works on the Devil. And he doesn’t like it. 


Another woman is killed in the same way as Diane. This woman was a school teacher. Chloe and Ella realize they are dealing with a serial killer. The crime scene is clean, meaning the killer only leaves behind what he wants the cops to find. In this case the lilies and some glitter. The serial killer cuts their vocal cords to take away their power. 

Chloe contacts the FBI and asks for similar cases in other cities. There are a few, and each woman was killed in the exact same way. The killer left the same rare lily with each body. There was one case where the woman was killed in the same manner, but the killer dumped her body in the woods.

Chloe notices that Ella and Pete empower each other and starts using that tactic to help Lucifer. Lucifer and Chloe check out all of the flower shops. They get to the last one and find out that a man bought the lilies the day before and left in an Uber. They also find out that the florist uses a gold glitter ribbon on every bouquet.


Maze and Amenadiel hang out at Lux. He’s concerned about her because of her behavior the day before. Was she trying to rekindle their fling? Maze says everyone rejects her. She rejected Amenadiel, so she thought maybe only an angel could love a soulless demon. Maze wants a soul, but it’s highly unlikely that she will get one. Amenadiel says that’s true, but no one ever heard of an angel and human having a baby. And the Devil fell in love… how unlikely is that? He says a soul may not make her feel whole, but if anyone can get what they want, it’s Maze. 

Chloe and Lucifer get the name Les Klumpsky (David Figlioli) from Uber. They get a warrant to search his place and find a photo of his next victim. There’s also a receipt for flowers. They call for Ella’s help and she arrives with Pete. They came straight from the Star Trek Convention. Chloe fills them in that they need to look for any clues as to where his next victim lives. Pete and Ella find a photo processing room and negatives of the next victim. The carpet on the wall matches the hotel that they are in. This woman lives in the building on the ninth floor. Chloe and Lucifer rush to find her.

Lucifer finds an open door and the woman they are looking for. She is paralyzed and can’t talk. So she can’t warn him that Klumpsky is behind Lucifer. Klumpsky injects Lucifer with a paralytic drug. Lucifer grabs him by the throat, but slowly loses power and is paralyzed himself. Chloe comes in next and finds Lucifer. He uses his eyes to let her know that Klumpsky is behind her. Chloe is able to avoid getting stabbed by a syringe but Klumpsky knocks her gun out of her hands. She rolls toward Lucifer and grabs his gun. She announces she’s LAPD before shooting Klumpsky. They got him!


The cops take Klumpsky, the Whisperer Killer. While Chloe signs off on the evidence log, Pete has a one-on-one talk with Lucifer. He doesn’t think Lucifer likes him and because Ella likes Lucifer, Pete wants them to get along. He asks what he’s doing wrong. Lucifer says he’s actually doing a lot of things right with Ella. Not only is he opening up and sharing, he empowers Ella. Pete admits to being not good enough for her, but it’s really up to Ella to decide that. All Pete can do is open up and let her in.

Amenadiel tells Linda that he decided that having a life outside of Charlie is not for him. He asks if that’s healthy and Linda says it is. She tells him to enjoy the time that Charlie needs him. If they do their job right, he won’t need them forever. 

Chloe and Lucifer hang out at his place. She puts his feelings into perspective saying that by losing his mojo it just means that he’s opening up to her and letting her in. Lucifer agrees that he let down his guard. Chloe goes to the bathroom and Dan shows up with a gun. He points it at Lucifer and hesitates. Chloe returns and tries to stop Dan, but he says he has to. Dan shoots Lucifer. 

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