Now that the drama is over, let the party start on Lucifer. In “BluBallz,” Chloe (Lauren German) runs into an old flame while investigating a DJ’s murder.

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Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe were on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level when they got a call about a dead DJ on the marina… dock… whatever. Ella (Aimee Garcia) senses shenanigans, and Chloe asks her not to broadcast her sex life. The DJ was electrocuted through his BluBallz headphones. There was a live wire exposed in the earpiece that touched his skin. It could have been just wear and tear, but Chloe finds that someone cut the surge protector. It’s definitely a murder.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and Linda (Rachael Harris) are dealing with a crying baby. Nothing they do works to sooth Charlie. Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) shows up and gives Linda a break. Maze is over her mother’s death and is now focused on not ending up alone. Linda tries to give her advice, but she’s pretty distracted by Charlie’s crying. The only advice she can give Maze is to be emotionally available. 

Love must be in the air, because Ella meets a cute boy at the crime scene. His name is Pete (Alexander Koch), and he’s a reporter. He asks Ella out for coffee, and she turns him down. I don’t get it. Neither does Lucifer. Ella says Pete isn’t her type. She likes Bad Boys, remember. SMH

And Chloe runs into an old, cute boyfriend. His name is Jed (Justin Bruening), and he’s a DJ. His DJ name is Karnel, and he’s a hit with the ladies. Oh and he has the cutest nickname for Chloe, “Cherry Jane.” Lucifer is immediately jealous. Jed asks Chloe if she has a boyfriend, and she says “No!” Lucifer pouts about it, but Chloe explains that their relationship is new, and they don’t really know what it is. And she just doesn’t want people talking about her business. 


So, Jed was supposed to play after the murdered DJ. And the malfunctioning headphones were actually Jed’s. He loaned them out just before the set. Is someone trying to kill Jed? It’s possible. Just to be safe, Chloe makes Jed go with her to the station. 

Dan knows Jed and hates him, too. He says there isn’t anything Jed won’t do to get Chloe back. Chloe finds out that a guy named Raul Blanco (Alveraz Ricardez) sent Jed some threatening messages. Blanco is mad that Jed’s foundation is building low-income housing by the marina.

Maze is people watching at the precinct and spots Ellen… Ella hugging a cop. She asks how Ellen is so friendly. The CSI says she’s just herself… you know. Elllllaaaaaaa. 

Lucifer asks about that cute little nickname that Jed calls Chloe. Something about… they went to a cherry stand and… Chloe doesn’t give many details. But she assumes that Lucifer talked to Dan about Jed, judging by how clingy he is. She says he has nothing to worry about though. She’s over him, and he’s over her. So over her that he named his foundation The Cherry Jane Foundation. 


Blanco and a group of protesters are chanting outside of the construction zone. He spreads lies about Jed and the shelter, but he also pays the protesters to be there. Blanco is only interested in saving his own business. They accuse him of trying to kill Jed and ask where he was the night before. Blanco says he was protesting at the time of the murder. He’s just trying to protect the neighborhood. He also mentions that he caught a homeless woman sneaking into the construction site a week ago. 

Chloe says the last time Jed was a way from his headphones was a week ago. So maybe the homeless woman is trying to kill Jed, but why? Lucifer doesn’t think anyone is trying to murder Jed. He eats his words when a bomb goes off. But even that doesn’t convince Lucifer. He thinks Jed is behind all of the attacks to get close to Chloe. Chloe thinks that’s ridiculous and goes back to the investigation. She starts pulling prints from the gate that the homeless woman escaped through. 

Dan teaches Amenadiel how to swaddle a baby. Amenadiel is desperate to find a way to stop Charlie’s crying. He’s grateful for Dan’s help and his friendship. Dan is grateful, too, and doesn’t think he deserves a good friend like Amenadiel. He has a dark side and has done things that no one knows about. Amenadiel assures Dan that he’s not evil. His hair is too high. 

The prints belong to Belinda Roberts (Alexandra Hoover), and she’s not really homeless. They find her in the woods, trying to record snakes having sex. She says she went to Jed’s place to plant sound equipment. She wanted to prove that he used her sound sample and didn’t pay her. Chloe thinks they can identify the killer by listening to Belinda’s files. 

Lucifer checks on Chloe after an explosion on Lucifer


They return to the precinct only to find a bunch of gift baskets everywhere. The baskets are from Karnel’s fans. Jed says he’s getting a little stir crazy. Chloe wants him to be comfortable and is about to offer to let him stay at her place. But Lucifer steps in and offers his penthouse instead. 

As soon as they walk in the door, Lucifer accuses Jed of trying to steal Chloe. Jed is confused, because Chloe said she wasn’t seeing anyone. Lucifer assures him that he is dating Chloe. Jed admits he never got over Chloe. He thought it was fate that brought them back together. Lucifer uses his mojo on Jed to find out what he really wants. Jed says he wishes he never messed things up with Chloe. He tells Lucifer that things were going great, and she dumped him one day. Lucifer worries that Chloe could change her mind about him and asks Jed to list everything he did wrong. 

Chloe and Ella go over the evidence. They find an email from KarnelGirl506. She says she left her whole world behind for him. She was at his show and his studio and he won’t get away next time. Ella tells Chloe to go to Lucifer’s and she will finish going through the recordings. But Chloe says Lucifer canceled because he would rather hang out with her ex. Ella starts to tell her to take charge, and Chloe hears something on the recording. Ella listens and recognizes the sound. 

Jed says the lack of mystery is why he and Chloe didn’t work. Chloe looks at everything like a case that needs to be solved. Once she figured him out, she was done with him. Chloe calls Lucifer, but he doesn’t answer. She leaves a voicemail about the case, saying she needs to talk to Jed about his crazy fans. 


Maze shows up at the lab, dressed like Ella. Ella thinks it’s cool, even when she finds out that Maze went through her closet. Maze says she is trying to be positive and friendly, just like Ella. Back to the case, the noise that Ella recognized comes from a digital hearing aid. Her grandmother wears the same kind of hearing aid. They decide to plan a rave to draw out the killer.

Dan checks in on Amenadiel. He’s alone with Charlie, and Charlie is still crying. Amenadiel and Linda had a fight, and she left. Linda is at the rave with Chloe, Ella and Maze– and they look ridiculous! Chloe’s sting has turned into a Girls’ Night for Ella, Maze and Linda. They are looking for a girl with a hearing aid. So they split up and search the place.

Lucifer and Jed go to Amenadiel’s and find out about the sting at Lux. He’s still avoiding Chloe’s calls so he can appear mysterious. The last place Chloe would expect to find him is with a baby, and that’s why they are there. Amenadiel says he can stay only if he can get Charlie to stop crying.

They try everything, but nothing works. Charlie just keeps crying. Jed asks about the sting and Dan says Chloe is trying to draw out the killer. She’s sent out word that DJ Karnel is performing at Lux. 


Ella gets distracted by a guy at the bar. She reminds herself that she’s on duty. Maze meets a woman named Karen (Marissa Rivera), a very strange raver who doesn’t stop talking. While Maze chats with Karen about tattoos, Maze sees Ella kissing the guy at the bar. She approaches Ella and reminds her that they are supposed to be working. Ella says pretending to be her is stupid. She’s just a magnet for losers. Maze was Ella for two hours, and being nice was the hardest thing she’s ever done. Maze says if Ella thinks she only deserves losers then Maze should learn from someone else.

Chloe asks Linda about having sex with Lucifer. Linda says not to worry about the sex. Chloe should be worried about Lucifer’s narcissism, fear of intimacy and how he sabotages everything good in his life. He’s essentially the oldest, most immature person in the world.

Chloe calls Lucifer several times. He’s having fun being mysterious and throws his phone out the window. Chloe calls Dan to report what’s going on. She asks if he’s seen Lucifer. He lies and says he doesn’t know where Lucifer is. When he hangs up, they realize Jed is gone. Dan says Jed is trying to get Chloe back. He runs after Jed, leaving Lucifer to stew in his anger. Lucifer thinks Jed was manipulating him and goes full on devil face. Charlie stops crying and stares at Lucifer. Luci returns to his human face and Charlie starts crying again. Amenadiel asks Lucifer to put his devil face on again. This time Luci growls at Charlie, making him laugh. Dan comes back, saying he can’t find Jed. Lucifer tries to leave with Dan to search for Jed, but Amenadiel begs him to stay and keep Charlie calm.  


Jed shows up at Lux and starts his set. Chloe and her crew are surprised to see him. They didn’t find anyone with a hearing aid, so maybe he’s going to be safe. Ella sees Karen walking toward the stage with a strange look on her face. Karen reaches into her bag, and Maze tackles her, thinking she has a gun. She only wants a selfie. 

Karen is actually KarnelGirl506, but she’s not the killer. Her husband, Ron (Adam Korson), is, and he has a gun… and a hearing aid. It turns out that Jed and Karen spent the night together. Ron calls Jed a homewrecker and wants to kill him. Chloe talks him down. She realizes that Ron and she are in the same boat. They were both ghosted (not really) and feel like hurting someone. But that won’t help, because all they really want to do is be with their boo. Ron lowers the gun, and Jed runs away. Ron raises the gun, and Chloe grabs him, flipping him over on his back and taking the gun from him. 

The standoff is over. Everyone is safe, but Linda is missing. She’s passed out in a booth. Chloe arrests Ron and talks to Jed. Jed realizes Chloe was only doing her job by protecting him. She admits that she’s dating Lucifer and their situation is complicated. Jed knew she was talking about Lucifer when she talked Ron out of shooting him. And it sounds like Lucifer is incredible. Jed leaves. 

Ella finishes up collecting evidence and runs into Pete. She asks him out and gives him her number. Maze sees them and says Pete seems nice. Ella says Maze is nice, too… okay not nice but good. Maze is definitely hella scary, but good scary. She knows Maze is looking for love and says when she shows how amazing she really is, Maze will find her soulmate. Maze says you can’t find a soulmate if you don’t have a soul.


Charlie goes to sleep just as Dan walks in to let everyone know that the case is closed. Lucifer is kind of mad that he let Jed get in his head, making him miss out on the case. He’s new to relationships and isn’t sure how everything works. How is he supposed to know what Chloe is thinking? He asks for Dan’s advice. Dan advises him to stop asking for other people’s advice and talk to Chloe.

Charlie wakes up. Dan offers to take the baby this time, but Amenadiel says it’s okay. Dan says he’s exhausted and leaves. On the way to his car, Lucifer calls Dan and says he forgot something and to come back in the house. Dan turns around and looks into the windows of the house. He sees Lucifer’s devil face. He’s holding Charlie and Amenadiel is standing next to him. Dan freaks out and runs away.

Later that night, Chloe visits Lucifer and he apologizes for not communicating with her. Chloe gets it, and things are better between them. Chloe says goodnight, but she can’t leave. They start making out, and her phone rings. And for once, Chloe ignores her phone.

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