This week’s episode of Lucifer proves that murder happens even in the house of God. In “Detective Amenadiel,” when a nun is murdered, Chloe (Lauren German) enlists the help of an angel over the devil. Linda (Rachael Harris) and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) are on opposite sides of an issue.

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Lucifer (Tom Ellis) sent several text messages and voicemails to make Chloe talk to him. He tries his best to make her feel better about the whole “Gift from God” thing, but Chloe can’t get over it. And his attempts only make her more angry. Lucifer is running out of time though. He has to return to Hell to relieve Amenadiel before something goes wrong. What he doesn’t know is that Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is back on Earth.  

Amenadiel said God spoke to him, saying Hell doesn’t need a warden and sent him home. That frustrates Lucifer because he had to spend an eternity there and Dad never talked to him. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that Chloe found out about “the secret.” But she doesn’t know that Amenadiel is the one who delivered the gift. 

Mazikeen goes to Linda to talk about her mommy issues. Things get awkward when Linda tells Maze that she had a baby and gave it up. Maze leaves in a huff, but returns later. Linda had a baby when she was 17 and she was scared. She seriously denied that she was pregnant up until she delivered. When she held her daughter, Linda thought for a moment that she could raise her. But then the nurse took the baby and Linda snuck out of the hospital. She thinks about her daughter every day and wonders how she’s doing. Maze says her daughter is doing well. 

Amenadiel checks on Chloe to make sure she’s okay. Lucifer doesn’t know he’s there so Chloe says she’s fine. She just wants to throw herself into work and stay away from anything God-related. 


A nun is murdered at the Sister of the Divine Path nunnery. Sister Victoria was hit in the back of the head and choked with her own necklace. The necklace is lying next to the body, and it has a cross on the chain. Ella (Aimee Garcia) says the bruises on the victim’s neck don’t exactly look like they were made by a cross. 

Chloe starts to interview the nuns, but they are hiding something from her. She insults them with talk about how God moves her from place to place. Ella stops her and says the nuns won’t talk to her if she acts that way. And she’s right. The nuns give Chloe the side eye. So Chloe calls for backup from Amenadiel and he’s there before she can hang up the phone.

Lucifer doesn’t really know what to do since Chloe doesn’t want him on the case. He hangs out with Dan (Kevin Alejandro) to pass the time. And because he doesn’t know what Dan actually does. Dan does the research for Chloe’s cases. He asks Lucifer to help him. At first Lucifer thinks that’s boring, but he doesn’t have anything else to do. 

Chloe enlists Amenadiel on her next case on Lucifer


Chloe thinks Amenadiel might be able to help talk to the nuns and mojo the truth out of them. Amenadiel doesn’t have Lucifer’s mojo, but he does have something. The nuns surround Amenadiel and stare at him smiling. Let’s face it, Amenadiel is a beautiful man.

Chloe and Amenadiel start interviewing the nuns. At first Chloe asks the questions, but the nuns are so distracted by the angel that he has to conduct the questioning. He finds out that the Mother Superior, Sister Angelica (Ivonne Coll), is a murderer. But did she murder Victoria? If she did, the nuns are protecting her. 

Sister Angelica goes with the police freely. Lucifer sees them lead her to an interrogation room. He’s surprised that Chloe’s asked for Amenadiel’s help. He’s actually jealous. Lucifer also finds it amusing that Amenadiel arrested a nun. Amenadiel shoots back at Luci saying he and Chloe make a great team. He’s really enjoying working with her. 


The nun admits to killing a man in self defense. Chloe accuses her of killing Victoria to cover up the murder. Angelica says Victoria knew about the murder, and she was very supportive. She has an alibi. She was leading prayers when Victoria was killed. Chloe says that just proves that a bunch of nuns are willing to lie for Angelica to protect her.

Chloe throws more shade, questioning why Angelica would give up her free will. The nun says she’s seen women like Chloe, women who think they are powerless. Chloe has more power than she thinks. Angelica says she faith in Chloe. She can tell Chloe helps people and will find out who murdered their sister. 

Lucifer waits outside to talk to Amenadiel. He spikes Dan’s coffee for fun. Dan is looking at the phone records and one number shows up every day up until the murder. Lucifer looks at it and recognizes the number as that of pop star Destiny Page. Chloe asks Sister Angelica about Destiny Page. She says Destiny wanted to purchase their convent and they told her No. Why would Destiny be calling one of the nuns who lived at the nunnery?


Maze takes Linda to an open house her daughter, Adriana, is showing. Adriana has a strong resemblance to Linda, glasses and all. Maze tries to ask questions about being adopted and feeling abandoned, but Linda diverts her questions to relate to the house. Adriana admits that she was adopted and it was the best thing to ever happen to her. 

Linda pushes Maze outside and they argue about their reason for being there. Maze wants Linda to tell Adriana who she is. Linda doesn’t want to dump that on Adriana if she doesn’t want to know. But this is really about Maze and her abandonment issues. Maze gets angry with Linda, and Linda snaps back that she’s not Lilith. She tells Maze to tell her mom what’s on her mind. Maze returns to Lilith’s apartment only to find out she passed away. She handles the news by throwing stuff around. 

Amenadiel finishes the interview with Sister Angelica. Lucifer makes fun of him for arresting a nun, but Amanadiel isn’t having it. He says he wants Chloe to resolve her issues just as much as Lucifer does. Lucifer accuses Amenadiel of feeling guilty because he’s the one who put the miracle in Chloe’s mom. Chloe is standing in the doorway and hears everything they say. 

Chloe seeks answers from the Angels on Lucifer


Chloe sits the boys down and wants to know how all of this happened. All Amenadiel can say is that God told him to go to Earth and “lay a blessing” on Penelope Decker. Chloe knew that her parents were having trouble having kids and had given up. And shortly after Amenadiel’s trip, Chloe was born. Does this mean that Amenadiel is her father? Of course not. 

Amenadiel apologizes for his part in the whole thing. Chloe says it’s okay and asks if she has any powers. She’s immune to Lucifer’s mojo so there’s got to be something else, but there’s not. They were more concerned with creating the perfect Mrs. Morningstar. 

Luci chimes in saying he was just as upset as she was when he found out. But then he started to look at it differently and saw that it wasn’t a curse but a gift. Chloe says it’s different because he was given a gift and she is the gift. She doesn’t even feel like she’s a person anymore. She’s a thing that was made for somebody else.


Chloe goes to see Destiny Page (Chaley Rose), but her bodyguard, Hank (Matt Gerald), won’t let Chloe see her. Amenadiel gets in, though, and startles Destiny. Destiny screams for Hank, and they almost come to blows. Things calm down when Destiny hears that someone was murdered. They tell her that Victoria is dead and want to know why they were communicating. Destiny says Victoria was her assistant. She sent Victoria to the nunnery to get intel on the nuns so she could buy it. 

Chloe asks Destiny if she killed Victoria, but Destiny says she loves Victoria. She also has an alibi. She was at an AA meeting, in disguise. Afterward she went to goat yoga and a goat ate her one month chip. Chloe calls Dan and ask him to check out the yoga place and try to find the chip.

Dan and Luci go to the yoga pace and dig though goat feces to find the chip. Well, Dan digs, Lucifer pouts because he deserves to be off the case. Dan tells him to help or leave, so Lucifer leaves. Dan finds Lucifer talking to the yoga instructor. She saw Destiny in disguise. Dan also finds the chip, which means that Destiny didn’t kill Victoria.

Dan notices a necklace on the yoga instructor. Lucifer thinks Dan is just checking her out. Dan explains that the instructor has an engagement ring on the necklace. They run back to the station to tell Chloe and Amenadiel that the contusions on Victoria’s neck were from an engagement ring. Chloe thinks it may help, but not really. They don’t have any proof that Victoria had a fiancé. 


One of the nuns shows up and wants to talk to Amenadiel alone. She feels compelled to admit her feelings for him and kisses him. He stops her, and she apologizes. She says she gets a feeling that she’s never had before when she’s with Amenadiel. He asks what that is, and she says she feels closer to God. Amenadiel says it’s like her love for God is being reflected back at her. 

Amenadiel says he thought she was there to give information about the murder. She says she doesn’t know anything. He asks if Victoria had a boyfriend or any visitors. The nun says Victoria liked to be alone and even hid in a secret room in the convent.

Lucifer checks in with Chloe. She’s still having a lot of trouble letting this go. He tells her to take her time processing it. There are no shortcuts. Chloe thanks him and goes back to work. 

Chloe gets the blueprints to the convent and goes to investigate the convent with Amenadiel. They find the secret room and find Hank. Hank was Victoria’s fiance. She broke up with him, and they fought. Hank says he tried to take his ring back and accidentally killed Victoria. He doesn’t understand how she could chosen the convent over him. What they had was real and the convent believes in nonsense. 

Amenadiel has had enough and steps up to Hank. Hank shoots him in the chest several times. Amenadiel says Victoria started to believe, and Hank tried to take her faith away from her. Hank is in disbelief that Amenadiel isn’t dead. Amenadiel spreads his wings, freaking out Hank. The angel flaps his wings once and Hank goes flying across the room. 


Hank is arrested and very scared of Amenadiel. Chloe understands. She says when you find out that God and everything is real, it can be punishing. Amenadiel uses that lead in to explain why the nuns are so drawn to him. He says they see their own faith reflected back at them. And when people look at Lucifer, they see their desires in him. But Chloe doesn’t see that. And that means Chloe sees Lucifer for who he really is. That means their love is real. Chloe is not the gift; their love is the gift. So why does Chloe make him vulnerable? Amenadiel has a theory about that. 

Maze returns to Linda and gives her a release form for biological parents. Just in case Adriana wants to find her. She says Linda needs to give Adriana the choice. Linda asks how things with Lilith. Maze says she didn’t get to talk to her because Lilith is dead. Linda consoles her friend while she cries. 

Lucifer sits in his penthouse playing a somber song on the piano when Chloe walks in. She tells him about her conversation with Amenadiel and why she makes him vulnerable. Amenadiel’s theory is that Chloe doesn’t make him vulnerable. Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around her. Lucifer thinks his brother might be right. Chloe says if Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around her then she chooses to be vulnerable around him, and she kisses Lucifer.

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