We’re seeing double on Lucifer. In “¡Diablo!” Chloe (Lauren German) investigates a murder on the set of a show… based on Lucifer (Tom Ellis). Seems fitting.

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Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) reveals everything to Lucifer, and he’s not having it. He’s afraid for Charlie’s safety. Apparently Michael (Ellis) has made it to where he’s the only person, angel or human, talking to God… on purpose. Things are different in the Silver City, but Michael isn’t in Heaven is he? Lucifer races up to Earth, leaving Amenadiel in charge of Hell. Ha!

The first person he checks on is Chloe, of course. She thinks he’s Michael at first, until he mojos a beat cop. She’s happy to see him, and he’s glad she was able to see through Michael. He says anything Michael says is a lie. That’s a relief for Chloe, as she tells him about the whole Gift from God issue. Lucifer can’t lie and confirms that Michael was telling the truth on that one.  

Chloe is upset that he knew, and especially that he found out over a year ago. To be fair, Chloe didn’t believe in the celestial side of things back then. Luci was afraid that Chloe was some kind of tool to manipulate him, but that’s not the case. Either way it doesn’t matter to him. But it matters to Chloe. And she’s not going to let this one go so easily. 


That’s just the beginning of Lucifer’s problems. Linda (Rachael Harris) wants him to bring Amenadiel back. She tells him to start empathizing with Chloe and listen to her to hear what she needs him to do. And Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt)… is Maze. She’s still very angry with Lucifer. But he gives her an easy solution if she wants to go to Hell. Amenadiel has wings. She could have asked him to fly her down. I think there’s more to it than that. 

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is the only person who isn’t completely mad at Lucifer. When he was dealing with Michael, they were actually becoming friends. Now that he’s dealing with the real Devil, he’s still trying to be his friend. Dan even tried to give Lucifer a bracelet! He tells Lucifer to be more positive and offers his help. Lucifer thinks Dan can help him in another way. Oh and Ella (Aimee Garcia) isn’t mad at Lucifer, but she never gets mad at anyone.



Lucifer and Chloe team up again to solve a murder.


A body has been found on the WB lot. A TV writer, Matt Owens, has been found stabbed to death. Lucifer actually knew the guy. They would hang out from time to time to just talk. Matt’s show is called Diablo, and it looks really familiar to Lucifer and Chloe. Diablo is about a devilish lieutenant with the LAPD (Alex Quijano). He comes up with wild theories and crazy hijinks in the show, but he always solves the case. His partner, Detective Dancer (Brianne Davis)… she used to be a stripper… is the fun police. Always goes by the book. Does this sound like a couple we know? Chloe really doesn’t like this show. 

Chloe interviews the show stars and finds out that Matt was considered a control freak on set. But he made a hit TV show, so no one ever said anything about it. Neither of them had a problem with Matt. In fact, he taught them everything they know about solving crimes. If anyone “yearned” to kill Matt, it was second writer Keri Belwood (Tess Auberjonois). Everyone knows she wrote all of the scripts and Matt took all of the credit. 

Chloe questions Keri Belwood, who’s very familiar with how the police work, and she has nothing good to say about Matt. She reveals that Matt never stepped foot in the writers’ room. She would send him the scripts, and he would make changes. Keri says she was writing all night and she doesn’t want his job. Keri also reveals that Matt had a drug problem. She had to deliver a script to him late one night, and he was held up at a seedy motel full of tweakers. Even Diablo could put the pieces together on that scene. She gives the motel address to Chloe to check out. 


Lucifer returns home and Maze is there, twirling her knives. She attacks him, thinking it’s Michael. He convinces her that he’s really Lucifer and she headbutts him in the face. She’s mad that he left her behind and his only reply is that she could have asked Amenadiel to fly her to Hell. Maze walks away and Lucifer tells her to stab him, but she keeps walking. He says it would be a big help if she stabbed his twin, but she tells him to stab Michael himself and leaves. 

Chloe and Lucifer go to the hotel where Matt was staying, and Diablo and Dancer are right behind them. They think they can solve the case because they do it on TV.  Chloe pulls Dancer aside to talk to her, while Lucifer and Diablo search the room. Their mannerisms are exactly alike. Creepy. Chloe asks Dancer why they are there. Diablo was going to investigate with or without her and she wanted to keep him safe. If anything happens to Diablo, their show is over for real.

Lucifer realizes the room is where Matt was living when they met. Diablo reveals that Matt had a place to escape to where none of the TV execs could find him. He wasn’t on a drug binge; he returned to the room for inspiration. Chloe kicks everyone out, including Lucifer. She says she’s overwhelmed by Lucifer right now. 


Ella logs the evidence from the hotel room and Chloe asks if she believes in pre-destiny. Considering that she comes from a family of criminals and dirt bags, she should be in jail. But she walked the straight and narrow and became a CSI. Living proof that people can change bad patterns. Chloe finds something interesting. She finds a hot cinnamon vape cartridge. Diablo was vaping during their first interview, saying it keeps the weight off. Diablo also said he’d never been to Matt’s room before. The cartridge was in Matt’s trash that had been there for two days. 

They head to the lot and find Diablo dead in his trailer. He has also been stabbed to death. Ella finds a knife, but it’s a prop from the show. The only weapon that can kill the devil. This knife is the one they use for action sequences and it’s made of rubber. The knife they use for close up is metal and sharp. 

After hearing about the show, Maze and Linda have to check it out. Maze’s character is a tall black man named Blaze (Jamal Duff). She’s actually impressed, saying it’s like looking in a mirror. While they watch the show, Linda realizes that Maze has abandonment issues. She offers to help Maze work through her issues. They get distracted with the doctor of the group, Dr. Belinda (Veronika Dash), obviously based on Linda. She is a buxom blonde who’s having a fling with Blaze. Did they just combine Maze and Amenadiel? 

Dan helps Lucifer and Chloe solve a murder.


This whole time Lucifer is trying to smooth things over with Chloe, but this is a tough one. Chloe feels like she has no purpose but to serve Lucifer. Dan keeps interrupting, too, with news on the case. The PA who was supposed to be watching Diablo’s trailer was called away by the second AD, who got the message from the first AD. That message came down from the top. Keri is at the top of that chain. Chloe and Lucifer pay Keri a visit. She denies all of the evidence until Lucifer finds the knife that matches the prop Ella found in Diablo’s trailer. They immediately arrest her for both murders. 

Lucifer goes back to the precinct, and Dan reaches out to help him again. He confides in Lucifer that losing Charlotte made him realize that they have no control over their lives. The only thing that helps him stay positive is his crystals. Lucifer lowers his walls and is willing to be reharmonized. He accepts Dan’s friendship bracelet. 

Then they go over the space episode of Diablo and decide to act it out in the conference room. LOL. Ella catches them and looks over the script. The actor’s notes say “Killer = #2.” Lucifer is impressed that Diablo figured out who killed Matt, but Ella and Dan don’t think it was Keri. For one, the killer is right handed and Keri is left handed. And she didn’t want Matt’s job. So who’s #2?


Chloe informs Dancer that Keri is in custody. Dancer is sad that Diablo is gone and thinks he died because he figured out Keri was the killer. Dancer does her best impression of Keri’s southern accent that’s pretty spot on. They go to the show nightclub, complete with a stripper pole and have a drink.  Dancer admits she is up for a big role in a movie. 

Chloe is confused. She thought Dancer was grateful to be on the show. Dancer says as an actor they have to be ready to move on when a show ends. Chloe gets it and says Dancer is a good actress. She does a great impression of Keri. So good that people might think it was actually Keri on the phone. 

Chloe pulls her gun on Dancer and Dancer knocks it out of her hand. Dancer takes a liquor bottle and smashes it, threatening Chloe. Chloe tries to reason with Dancer, asking why she killed Diablo. Dancer admits that Diablo found out she killed Matt. And she killed Matt to get out of playing this part. Chloe swings around the stripper pole and kicks Dancer in the stomach, knocking her off the stage. The cops arrive with Lucifer and arrest Dancer. 


Lucifer tries talking to Chloe again, but nothing he says is working. He finally asks her what he can do to make things right between them. Chloe doesn’t know if he can do anything. She feels powerless and thought Dancer understood. She was wrong and doesn’t know how to cope. 

Maze asks Linda why she’s worried about going to Hell. Maze grew up there, and she’s perfectly fine. Linda says it’s just something stupid that humans say. She changes the subject and wants to know more about Maze’s abandonment issues. Maze blows it off until she remembers that Eve left her. She starts crying because she doesn’t understand why.


Lucifer goes home and this time Michael is there. The two brothers bicker about who’s the better twin. Michael admits that he put the idea to rebel against God in Lucifer’s head. And he may have had something to do with Eve’s seduction and Lucifer’s decision to move to LA. All their lives, Lucifer thought he was better than Michael, but he’s not better. His name isn’t even Lucifer, it’s Samael. The twins start fighting, equal in power. Neither one is winning until Lucifer bashes Michael’s head on the ground several times. He puts him in a chokehold and grabs Maze’s knife from the wall. He cuts Michael’s face with the knife.

Lucifer goes to Chloe and they have it out. Lucifer wants her to empathize with him about Michael toying with his life. Chloe knows all too well what it’s like to not be in control of your own fate. Their situations aren’t alike though. She’s in love with the Devil and then he finds out she was made to be in love with him. Her life is not her own. Lucifer starts groveling saying he spent thousands of years imagining their reunion. He could wait to get his partner back… to get Chloe back. They both thought their reunion would be different. Chloe ends the conversation saying she thought what they had was real. 

Maze shows up at Chloe’s, but Chloe is gone. Lucifer is sitting in the dark living room, though. Maze says he’s not the one she’s mad at and apologizes for their fight earlier. He leans forward, and it’s Michael. He says she should be mad at his brother because Lucifer is keeping a secret from her. He knows she won’t believe him, but he wants to tell her how to find out the secret for herself. 

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