The Devil is back in Lucifer, but it’s not the Devil we know. In “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!,” Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) investigate a murder on a secluded space base. 

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A woman participating on a research base is stabbed in the back and dies. The woman’s name is Judy Mason. She is a scientist on a simulation project called Red 2 Earth Project, engineered by Brody Aerospace. The company is owned by Anders Brody (Stephen Schneider), a tech billionaire whom we’ve met before. Think Elon Musk, but with a boat.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) is super impressed by the base and excited about the work that Brody is doing. She seriously believes Brody is going to land on Mars and colonize it. So do others. The base is also occupied by five others, all rich, all signed on to move to Mars. And then there’s Judy, the only scientist on the project. The base is locked down, no one in or out, so the killer has to be one of the other five crew members. And someone’s scrubbed the security footage. 


Chloe lets Ella know that Lucifer is back in town. Of course, Ella is upset that he never told her that he was leaving, so when she sees him, she gives him a beat down with her shoe. Chloe tells her that he was in Florida and Lucifer elaborates on the lie. He tells Ella that his mother was ill and he went down there to take over the family business. But there were too many creepy crawlers and no Miss Lopez. I don’t think Ella could seriously stay mad at anyone. Things are smoothed over with Ella, but not with Chloe. He just lied to Ella, and he never lies. When Chloe confronts him about it, he uses the time thing again. He was in Hell for what seemed like thousands of years. Things change. (I guess.)

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) walks by, completely unenthusiastic about Lucifer’s return. Luci uses Dan as an example of how much he’s changed. He tells Dan that it’s good to see him and he looks well. He also compliments Dan’s amethyst bracelet. Dan is cleansing his chakras. Lucifer 2.0 is very friendly and mellow. 

Chloe needs help processing, so she goes to see Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris). In addition to the changes in Lucifer, Chloe is also bothered by the fact that when she told him she loved him, he didn’t say it back. Linda uses the whole timey wimey thing again. For us it was a couple of months, for him it was thousands of years. Even though he’s lying now, Lucifer just needs time to readjust to his life in LA. 


Chloe and Luci jump right into the case by interviewing the Red 2 Mars Project crew. Sharon Osbourne is a member of that crew. She takes a moment to thank Lucifer for everything he’s done for Ozzy. During the interviews, Chloe tries to trigger the ole Lucifer tactics but ends up looking ridiculous. None of the crew members have any real motives for killing Judy. 

Ella finds sheep hair at the scene of the crime, meaning someone tracked it onto the base. They decide to talk to two people at mission control, Sam (Coby Bell) and Mandy (Erin Cummings). They keep a tight record of everyone who goes in and out of the base, mainly to keep the simulation as real as possible. Sam participated in the Red 1 Mars, and he says it’s hard on the participants. And it takes time to adjust when they return. This information is only beneficial to Chloe.

Sam mentions hearing Judy yelling at someone on the telephone. The phones are only connected to mission control, so it couldn’t have been anyone off the project. But there is one person she did argue with. The other real scientist, Donovan (Matthew Bohrer). He was upset that Judy got the commander position over him and yelled at Brody. Brody fired him, and Donovan left on bad terms. 

Lucifer notices Chloe’s strange behavior during questioning. He confronts her, saying he knows it’s because of his behavior. He’s changed, but not his feelings for her. It’s just going to take a little time to get back into the swing of things. Chloe is happy to hear that and tells him to take as much time as he needs. Dan thinks Lucifer is up to something because of his strange behavior, though. 

Maze expresses her anger with Lucifer on Lucifer


Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is waiting for Lucifer when he returns home. She’s upset that he went to Hell without her. To get out of getting beat up really bad, Lucifer tells Maze that he’s not Lucifer! He’s actually Michael, Luci’s twin brother. There are things about him that are different. For starters, Michael has an American accent and he holds his right arm differently when he walks. Not as smooth and charismatic as his brother, but it’s the same face.

Michael heard about Lucifer going back to Hell and resuming his duties. What he didn’t expect was all of the praise the other angels would give Luci. It’s just not right, and Michael wants to prove that Lucifer is not as good as everyone thinks he is. Once Luci hears that someone is living his life and messing everything up, he will return to LA.

Maze thinks Michael is ridiculous and wishes him luck. Humans, like Chloe, are smart. Michael realizes that, but he thinks he can convince Chloe that he’s Lucifer and then break her heart. Maze asks if he even knows anything about Earth and humans. And what makes him think she will let him get away with it? Michael asks Maze to help him. He knows some things that she might find interesting, but Maze doesn’t give him an answer. 

Michael as Lucifer goes to Lux, freaking out Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside). Amenadiel is worried, because the last time Hell was unattended, Demons kidnapped Baby Charlie. Michael assures him that Hell is under control and there will be no baby kidnappings any time soon. But that’s not good enough for Amenadiel. 


Chloe and Michael track down Donovan, and he runs away from them in a high speed chase. They corner him, but he tries to get away by trying to run over Chloe and Michael. Michael grabs Chloe and holds her to his chest. He activates his angel wings and flies her over the car to safety. Donovan ends up crashing. 

They take Donovan in for questioning and find out that he was in Texas at the time of the murder. He also tells them that Brody and Judy were having an affair; that’s why she got the Commander’s job. They decide to interview Brody next, but he’s in space, so they will have to wait until he gets back.

Later that night, Chloe goes to Lucifer’s penthouse and finds him making out with Maze. She freaks out and runs away, but Michael catches her. He tries to explain what’s going on, but Chloe cuts him off. She’s trying to be patient, but she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Michael uses that same excuse saying he doesn’t know either. She’s not sure if she believes him, but he says he would never lie to her. Now Chloe needs some time. 


When they finally interview Brody, Chloe asks Lucifer to use his mojo on Brody. Instead of asking what Brody desires, Michael asks what he truly fears. Brody is afraid everyone will find out that he hates space. The whole project is a publicity stunt to compete with Bezos and Musk. Judy found out and threatened to expose him, but he talked her out of it. He decided to go through with the project to land on Mars. The night Judy died, Brody was throwing up as he prepared to launch into space for the first time.

On their way out, Chloe lets Michael know that they are okay. She doesn’t know what he’s been through. And knowing what he’s told her about Hell, it’s no surprise that he came back full of fear and dishonesty. He’s changed, and it would be weird if he didn’t. So she has to accept this is how he is now. 

Amenadiel has Charlie at the club because he thinks it’s the safest place to be. He tells Linda that Lucifer is back, but she already knows. Lucifer said Hell is being looked after and that was okay for Amenadiel because Lucifer doesn’t lie. He does now, according to Linda. But they can’t let their fears get the best of them, so they have to trust that Lucifer is telling them the truth. 

Maze confronts Chloe about the kiss, but Chloe is okay. Chloe knows that Maze is in a bad place and dealing with some pain right now. So is Lucifer. He is desperate for love and affection. The whole thing has made Chloe realize she wants to be the one there for Lucifer and nobody else. It’s time to take their relationship to the next level. 

Chloe tries to be more intimate with Lucifer on Lucifer.


Chloe tries to be sexy and intimate with Lucifer in the breakroom. She says it’s time they move forward, puts her hand in his pants pocket, and stares at their reflection in the vending machine. Michael doesn’t say much, but he’s clearly turned on. The reflection makes Chloe think that there might have been a reflection on the security footage. 

Michael regains his composure and runs into Linda. He knows she is worried about who’s watching Hell and assures her that everyone is in line. Then he picks up on her fear. She’s scared for Charlie, but she’s also scared of something else. She is afraid of being a bad mother and there’s a good reason for that. 

Ella and Chloe go over the security footage and there is a reflection of someone outside of the dome. They can’t see the face, but the suit is unique. It has an external oxygen tube. That tube was built into the suits on Red 2 Mars, so it must be an older suit. And there is one person they know with an older version of that suit.


Luci and Chloe go to Sam Chavez’s house, but no one is there. All of the lights are out, so they don’t see Sam come up behind them with a gun. He starts shooting until Chloe announces that she’s LAPD. Sam puts the gun down, apologizing because he thought she was Brody. Turns out that Sam was working with Judy to expose the project as a publicity stunt. 

All of the evidence points to Sam. The Red 1 Mars suit. And the sheep hair from the sheepskin rug on his floor. Sam complies and says he will go willingly. Mandy steps out with a knife in her hand. She says Sam is lying, because she’s the one who killed Judy. She gives them the knife because it’s the murder weapon. Mandy killed Judy because she thought Sam was in love with Judy. Sam gets all mushy saying there is nothing that changes his feelings for her, even if she goes to jail. That hits Chloe and Michael in the feels. 


Maze decides to stop Michael from hurting Chloe, but he already decided to change his plans. His new plan is to take over Lucifer’s life with Chloe. Maze doesn’t like that either and attacks Michael. He must have anticipated it because he is able to turn the tables on Maze and choke her out. He zip ties her hands and hides her in the closet. 

Chloe shows up, ready to take things to the next level and Michael is all about it. She gets really close to kissing Michael, but pulls back every time. When she appears to start undressing, Chloe actually pulls out a gun and shoots Michael. She knew he wasn’t Lucifer the moment he kissed her. He was pretty good at lying so she almost bought his act. But then she saw him with Maze and Lucifer would never hurt her like that. 

Michael introduces himself and Chloe shoots him a couple more times. She says he is no Lucifer and that triggers Michael. He decides to tell her why she was born. She is God’s gift to Lucifer. Otherwise she wouldn’t exist. Her only purpose is to be Lucifer’s plaything. Chloe doesn’t believe and makes Michael leave. 


Amenadiel also reveals he knows that’s Michael and not Lucifer. Michael played on his fears about protecting Charlie. That’s what gave him away. Amenadiel tells Michael to go home. Michael threatens to tell Remiel that Charlie exists. Charlie doesn’t belong on Earth either. Amenadiel says he’s not afraid of Michael and tells him to go home again. Michael decides that Lucifer’s life sucks anyway. 

Amenadiel finishes their conversation saying that Michael takes pride in exploiting others’ fears, but they all know his. He is afraid that Lucifer is better than him and always will be. Michael says his twin could never be better, but Amenadiel says deep down, Michael knows Luci will always win. 

Michael leaves, but I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of him. Amenadiel goes to Hell to let Lucifer know that it’s time to come home. Lucifer can only assume something bad happened. 

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