Lucifer, the show, is back. Season five begins by playing with our emotions. In “Really Sad Devil Guy,” Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) investigate the same murder. 

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It’s been two months since Lucifer Morningstar left Los Angeles. Since then, Detective Decker has been working long hours with her new partner, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Their latest case brings the two worlds, Earth and Hell together. Career criminal Lee Garner (Jeremiah Birkett) is murdered aboard his boat called “FoShizzle.” He is shot in the chest, and the killer cuts off Lee’s hand. Lucifer takes him to Hell, while Chloe and Maze start investigating his murder on Earth.


CSI Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) collects evidence and starts talking about how Lucifer ghosted her. She also thinks he’s in Florida. Chloe is still pretty hurt about Luci’s departure, but she tries to act like she’s okay. Having Maze around keeps her busy. Working by day, partying at night, there’s no time to think about Lucifer.

As for Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and Linda (Rachael Harris), they’ve been busy as well. Amenadiel’s taken over management of Lux. He’s currently trying to stop the drug dealing going on in the club. Linda has started Baby Charlie’s science education with Ella. The baby is two months old, but he’s special, remember?

Miss Lopez hasn’t changed a bit. But she’s been thinking about the future, though. She’s ready to find love, but doesn’t want another bad guy. You know the last guy she kissed is a good guy, but it was really awkward. That was Dan (Kevin Alejandro). Dan is on a self-improvement kick. He uses essential oils and crystal bracelets to stay centered. He is helping Amenadiel with is drug problem at Lux. 


Lee is completely confused when he gets to Hell and has lots of questions about how things work. He’s actually pretty upset, because he had a lot going for him in LA. The mention of LA hits a soft spot in Luci, and he thinks of Chloe. She’s probably trying to figure out who killed Lee right now. That gives Luci the idea to help Lee solve his murder. The first step is to figure out who wanted Lee dead.

Chloe interviews Lee’s sister, Meg (Chaston Harmon), and learns that Lee was up to his ears in debt. He hung out with bad people and did bad things. Meg isn’t too surprised that he’s dead. She is surprised to hear that the killer cut off his hand. 

Maze shows up with a sketchy guy who tells them a man named Dirty Doug killed Lee. Dirty Doug runs a high stakes poker game. Lee owed him a bunch of money. So Maze and Chloe have to go in and investigate. There’s just one problem… the game is invite only. The only person they know who could have gotten that invite is Luci. But he’s gone. And they don’t need him. So Maze says she will get it. 


Maze gets the invite that they need, and they get ready for the game. In Hell, Lucifer and Lee go to the same poker game, in Lee’s memories. Chloe and Maze meet Dirty Doug (Michael Graziadei). The plan is to play poker, lose, and then let Dirty Doug offer them a marker so they can get some information about how he does business. First they have to work out who’s the player and who’s the arm candy. Maze. Maze is the arm candy.

Chloe starts winning, but Maze quickly reminds her to lose. Chloe goes all in on a game and loses everything. Dirty Doug approaches them and offers Chloe a marker to keep playing. They express their concern about the marker, saying they heard stories about what happens if they can’t pay. Doug knows they are talking about Lee. He says Lee bought a boat and ended up with a bullet in his head. At first Maze thinks they got a confession, but Chloe reminds her that Lee was shot in the chest. Doug quickly figures out that they are cops.  

In Hell, Lee takes Luci to the poker game when he got his marker. Other than that, he doesn’t know much about Dirty Doug, and that frustrates Lucifer. He gets a bit angry and accidentally calls Lee, “Detective.” He calls Lee a disappointment. Everything is waste of time, they aren’t even in Los Angeles and Lee isn’t her. 


Maze notices a guy running away from the game, and the ladies chase after him. Chloe chases the guy into the street, and he is hit by two cars and dies. Ella arrives to collect evidence at the accident and starts making eyes at Dirty Doug. She also finds a .45 on the dead guy. It’s the same kind of gun that killed Lee. When no one is looking, the dead guy sits up and says he has a message from Lord Lucifer. The message is, “It’s safe where you stored it.”  He dies before he can explain. 

Back in Hell, Lucifer is through trying to help Lee, but Lee isn’t finished with Lucifer. He tries to appeal to the Devil’s softer side to avoid being tortured. Lee calls him a “really sad devil guy,” and he wants Luci to help him. Luci reminds Lee that his death is his own fault and decides to show Lee why he ended up in hell.

Ella discovers the dead guy in the road is in fact Lee’s killer. Maze also finds $20,000 in the guy’s car; that’s the going rate for a hitman. They just need to find out who hired the hitman. Chloe says she may have a lead, but she won’t tell them who it is. She relays the message, “It’s safe where you stored it.” Maze and Chloe are both confused by the message, but Ella recognizes “You Stored It.” Lee’s credit card statements revealed monthly payments to a storage facility called “You Stored It.” 


Linda agrees to watch Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) for a little while, and Trixie has been dying to see Charlie. It also gives Dan a chance to return a bunch of self-help books to Linda. She’s already given him every book she has, so he asks for suggestions. Linda’s suggestion is to let what he read soak in a bit. Dan has advice for Linda as well. He tells her to live in the moment of Charlie’s life instead of planning all of his life. While they talk, Trixie hovers over Charlie’s bassinet and makes him laugh. It’s the first time he’s laughed. He’s two months old! Linda and Dan are both amazed. 

Amenadiel meets with the drug dealer, with a wire on. The kid says he prefers the old way of doing things at Lux, but Amenadiel says it’s time to evolve. He wants 20% of everything the kid makes, and he wants a sample. The kid hands over a small bag of drugs, and Dan moves in to arrest the kid. When he checks the kid’s backpack, there are no more drugs. He admits he stole the drugs from his mom who just had back surgery. Later, Amenadiel feels sheepish about the whole thing. He just wants to make the world safe for his son. Dan gets it. He wants to do the same for Trixie. He says the best way to keep Charlie safe is to be there for him and be a good dad. 


Lucifer takes Lee to his parents house as Chloe finds Meg at the storage unit. The two stories intertwine as Lucifer reveals his regret for leaving Chloe and Chloe admits that she’s not okay about Lucifer leaving. Maze says they don’t need Lucifer, and she tries to kiss Chloe. Chloe stops her and admits she’s not okay, and neither is Maze. She knows what it’s like to be abandoned. They are using their partnership to fill a void that someone left behind. Lucifer left Chloe and Eve left Maze. Chloe suggests they take a step back from working together. Maze says okay and walks away.

Chloe accompanies Megan home, and they encounter Lee’s business partners. It turns out that Lee still owes them money from their last job and they are the ones who him killed. They took his hand to open the safe in the storage unit, but it was empty. They search Megan’s home, but she says Lee probably lost it gambling or spent it. The guys don’t believe her, so Chloe steps in, saying she has the money. She shoots the first guy instead, killing him and sending him to hell. Four more guys step out to shoot back at Chloe.

Lucifer returns in Season 5 of the Netflix series


When the dead guy arrives in Hell, a demon takes him to Lord Lucifer. The shooting continues at Megan’s house, Lucifer walks in. He gets rid of the bad guys, just in time to save Megan and Chloe. Chloe is in shock seeing Luci again. She grabs him and kisses him.


Chloe immediately realizes there’s something different about him. Luci explains that time is different in Hell. For her it’s only been a couple of months, but for him, it’s been thousands of years. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of Chloe. 

Elsewhere, Amenadiel and Linda try to make Charlie laugh while he bathes. Ella hooks up with Dirty Doug. Dan may not be as happy and centered as he leads on. Maze goes to the penthouse and literally tears up Lucifer’s piano. Lucifer, the real Lucifer, is still in Hell. He says Chloe can take care of herself. He’s exactly where he belongs. And Chloe hugs the other Lucifer tightly as he smiles at the camera. 

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