Lucifer is on a roller coaster of emotions. In “Save Lucifer,” the Devil’s (Tom Ellis) true colors shine through. Eve (Inbar Lavi) is not dealing with their break up very well. In fact, she kind of loses it. And Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is pretty sure everything about Earth is too evil for his son.  

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The Case

We jump right into a murder in this episode.  The Murphy sisters own a real estate company. Two of the three sisters, twins Moira and Megan (Hannah Barefoot) are the faces of the company. Their younger sister Beth (Cassi Thompson) found Moira standing over Megan with a hammer in her hand. Megan ran away and has been hiding out.

Lucifer had a breakthrough in therapy and realized that he hates himself, but he doesn’t know why. He thought all of his problems should disappear but then his devil skin started showing as a result. Chloe (Lauren German) sees it and does her best to help him hide it. 

Eve moved into Linda’s (Rachael Harris) house and has been crying over Lucifer. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) offers to hurt him, but Eve loves Lucifer and tells her not to touch him. She wants him back and asks for Maze’s help. Maze tells her to make Lucifer think Eve doesn’t need him. They start by going to the scene of the crime.

Maze and Eve offer to track down Moira, but it’s really just a ploy to show Lucifer that Eve is okay. Eve even tells him that the break up is the best thing that’s happened to her. Lucifer is more concerned with his skin problem. He runs to Dr. Linda to complain about her lack of help. Linda says he’s making progress, but he needs to dig deeper to find out why he hates himself.  Lucifer asks Dan (Kevin Alejandro) why he hates him. Dan blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death. Of course, Lucifer doesn’t believe that and calls Dan useless.  

The Accountant

The team goes over the evidence and Ella (Aimee Garcia) points out that Moira killed someone with her exact face. That leads to Lucifer to assume Moira hated herself and makes the case about him. Dan gets Moira’s cell phone records and they find out that she called her accountant Willy (Kevin Powell).  

When they get to Willy’s office, they find Maze and Eve waiting for them…and making out. Eve kissed Maze to make Lucifer jealous, but Lucifer is more interesting in finding out why Moira hated herself. He does acknowledge the new development in Eve’s love life, but he’s not bothered a bit. In fact, he says he only wants to see her happy. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s skin condition worsens, causing Chloe to pull him away from Eve. 

It turns out that Moira accused Willy of killing Megan. He says Megan took over the finances for the company about a month ago. She dropped off a thumb drive and a copy of their financial records, but she seemed upset when she did it. He hasn’t looked at the files or the thumb drive. When he goes to get it, the thumb drive is gone. He has a listing of all of Murphy’s properties that he gives to Maze so they can find Moira. 

Baby Names

Amenadiel and Linda discuss names for their son. Amenadiel wants to give the boy a strong biblical name, but Linda wants something more mainstream. He thinks her list of names isn’t mainstream in the Silver City, but Linda says he won’t be living in the Silver City. He can visit, but the boy’s home will be in LA. Linda tries to compromise by suggesting they name him Michael and Amenadiel immediately shuts her down. 


Tom Ellis as Lucifer in Lucifer, “Save Lucifer.” Courtesy of Netflix

Lucifer returns to the station to find Eve sitting at Chloe’s desk, dressed exactly like her. Eve tells Lucifer, in a very serious tone, that Chloe is interviewing Moira Murphy. She and Maze found the twin and brought her in. Lucifer leaves to join them and Eve tells him that she’s working on a case to bring bad guys to justice. 

Lucifer starts questioning Moira about why she hates herself, but Chloe has already gotten her story. Moira’s story is that she found Megan in the garage, already dead. They had words earlier about an overdraft on their corporate account. She confronted Megan, but Megan said she would handle it. Then she found her. She ran because she looked guilty. Moira wanted to find the killer herself, so she called Willy. Chloe asks if anyone else has access to their financials. Megan’s husband Arnold probably does. Megan’s laptop was missing as well.  

Chloe looks at Lucifer and sees that his eyes are red. She gives him a file to cover up his eyes, but Moira briefly saw it. Chloe explains that Lucifer is just tired from working so hard. She leads him out of the room before anyone else can see. 

The Set-Up

Dan finds Maze hiding in the back seat of his car. He apologizes for how he acted at Lux, but he knows he was right about her and Eve. He says she has never looked at anyone like that.  Dan tells her not to waste any time being with Eve. She has already tried telling Eve how she feels and nothing worked. Dan suggests she make a grand gesture to show Eve how she feels about her. 

Lucifer went home to get his sunglasses and when he returns, they are releasing Megan’s husband. He doesn’t have an alibi, but he does have some high powered lawyers. Arnold is their only suspect because the time of death was thirty minutes before Moira was found with her. Eve jumps into the conversation with an idea on how to catch the killer. She tells them to announce that they found a thumb drive and then have Moira announce to her family that she’s selling the company. Then they have Moira meet Lucifer at Lux to give him the financial statements and thumb drive. That should bring the killer out in the open. Chloe thinks that’s a great idea.  

Later that night, Chloe meets Lucifer at his apartment before they meet Moira. He tells her that he’s not going because he can’t stop what’s happening to him. He says its time to face the truth, the prophecy is coming true and evil will be released. Chloe offers to have Father Kinley (Graham McTavish) moved to the LAPD holding cell so he can talk to the priest. But that will take some time and they need to close this case. Chloe hands Lucifer a mask and says the party is a masquerade.

When they get to the club, Chloe leaves to talk to Moira. Eve walks up to Lucifer and says she and Lucifer make a good team. She asks him when she can move back in. Eve says she understands that she wasn’t giving him what he needed before, but she’s sure she can now. Lucifer pulls her aside and asks why she doesn’t hate him. Lucifer doesn’t get it, it treated her badly, hurt her and used her, so she should hate him. Eve says he didn’t do any of those things. She doesn’t hate him because she loves him. He tells her not to love him and walks away. 


Inbar Lavi as Eve and Tom Ellis as Lucifer in Lucifer, “Save Lucifer.” Courtesy of Netflix

The lights go down and a spotlight is brought up on Maze. She dedicates a song to a special girl to redefine things. Maze sings “Wonderwall” to Eve, but Eve thinks she is telling her to make a grand gesture to Lucifer.  

At the station, Dan goes to Ella’s lab. She tells him that she knows it was him who went to see Tiernan. She tracked down the police cruiser that was checked out to Dan that night and erased the data. He confesses and tells her to turn him in, but she won’t do that. She wants to help him. Ella sees Dan is in a lot of pain, but Dan says Trixie was almost killed because of what he did. He thinks he deserves to be punished.  

Back at the club, Moira got word that Megan’s husband wasn’t coming. So Chloe determines that he’s not the killer. Lucifer raises his mask to look at Chloe and she sees his devil face.  Although Lucifer is complaining about the case, Chloe tells him they need to go see Father Kinley. She gets a call that Kinley has escaped. They head to Lucifer’s penthouse and people start coming up to him telling him their desires.  His power of persuasion is stronger than ever. Soon the whole bar is looking at him. So Chloe pulls him to the elevator and hears someone say something about a thumb drive. She grabs that person too. When they get to into the elevator, Chloe sees that she grabbed Beth Murphy. She wants the thumb drive because she doesn’t want anyone to know what she had done.

But he didn’t escape…not really…Eve and Maze busted him out. This is Eve’s grand gesture for Lucifer. She wants Kinley to tell Lucifer that the prophecy is nonsense so they can get back together. Kinley asks who she is and when he finds out that she’s the First Woman, he says he believes even more that the prophecy is real. Eve asks Maze to torture Kinley into doing what she says, but Maze says she can’t. He’s a fanatic.  Eve starts brainstorming about other ways to get Lucifer back and Maze yells at her to stop. She says Lucifer doesn’t love her and she needs to accept it. Maze leaves Eve alone with Kinley. 

Labor Pains

After Dan left Ella’s lab, he went to see Dr. Linda. He says he’s been lost and angry since Charlotte died. It feels better if he blames Lucifer, but he knows it’s not his fault. Linda assumes that Dan blames himself, but there’s nothing he could have done to save her. That doesn’t take away his pain. Linda says this is a good start, but he has a long road ahead. She says, for now, he should take her to the hospital because her water just broke. Linda is in labor. 

Amenadiel and Maze rush to Linda’s side as she gives birth to a son. Afterward, Amenadiel brings up the name and suggests the name Charlie, after Charlotte. Linda likes it and hands the baby to Amenadiel so she can rest. He looks at his son and says he will love the Silver City, where he will be safe forever. 

Beth tells Chloe that she wanted to be more involved in the operations of the company. Moira thought she was a mess, but Megan had faith in her. So she let Beth take over the finances. Beth found a sure-thing investment scheme. She wanted to make some money, use the profits to start her own company and show her sister that she was capable. She lost all of their money in the scheme. Megan got angry when she found out, saying Moira was right. Everything she touches is ruined. Beth doesn’t remember picking up the hammer and hitting Megan. Lucifer comments that he should have stayed away from everyone he cares about. The police arrive to take Beth into custody. Chloe asks Lucifer if he’s ready to face Kinley, but he not. He’s in full devil mode…wings and all.

Save Lucifer

Eve is flipping out. She decides she needs to get Lucifer out of LA so they can be alone. Kinley suggests they go to Hell. He says Lucifer needs a reason to leave and he’s never had a queen by his side. It would solve both of their problems.  Eve likes the idea but takes it one step further. She wants to send someone to Hell to bring back a demon. Only the demons could convince Lucifer to return. While she is brainstorming, Kinley attacks her. He says the best way to end the prophecy is to kill the devil’s, first love. Eve kills him instead with one of Maze’s hidden knives. She tells him to deliver the message when he gets to Hell. Kinley dies, but moments later, his eyes open.

Lucifer hates himself because he ruins everything he touches. He says he’s poison to anyone who dares to care about him, especially Chloe. She says it’s not about her, she’s fine and can accept him now. This is about him using her an excuse to avoid dealing with his real problem. He hates being blamed for humanity’s sins, but he blames himself as well. Chloe says he has to stop taking responsibility for things he can’t control. He has to forgive himself. Lucifer says he doesn’t know how, but he wants to. He transforms back to his human form. They both smile thinking the evil will not be released after all. 

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