The Devil has a stage five clinger on his hands in Lucifer. The only solution is to be a “Super Bad Boyfriend.”  But let’s be real…Lucifer (Tom Ellis) brought this on himself. Eve (Inbar Lavi) is sweet and in love. Who could blame her for wanting to spend more time with her boyfriend? 

And that’s not all…Lucifer looked for his wings. He still has them, but there are no feathers on these wings.  His devil wings are back, causing Lucifer to have a melt-down.  How “good” does one have to be to get rid of devil wings? 

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What’s the Next Move?

Lucifer wants to get rid of his devil wings. He seeks the advice of a plastic surgeon, but he can’t do anything. All he can do is refer Lucifer to a Botox specialist.  Wrong answer. Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) interrupts his brother’s tantrum to ask him to be his son’s godfather.   Lucifer just laughs at him.  Amenadiel is worried about becoming a father, but Lucifer is the last person he should be talking to.  The best thing Lucifer can do for Amenadiel and his son is to stay as far away as possible.  

They are the only ones in turmoil. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) had sex at the end of the last episode.  Two people, feeling lost and alone, turning to each other. Well, things are tense, to say the least.  Despite both of them saying it was a bad idea.  That doesn’t help Ella when she’s around Chloe. Awkward!

When Lucifer catches up with Chloe (Lauren German), she tells him that she saw Father Kinley (Graham McTavish).  She repeats the prophecy, “when the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil will be released.” Lucifer takes that as a solution to his wing problems. He thinks all he has to do to stop the prophecy is break up with Eve, his first love.  

The Case
D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel and Tom Ellis as Lucifer on Lucifer, "Super Bad Boyfriend." Courtesy of Netflix.

D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel and Tom Ellis as Lucifer on Lucifer, “Super Bad Boyfriend.” Courtesy of Netflix.

The case is a murder at a prep school.  Ms. Baez was an advisor and a teacher on campus.  Chloe and Lucifer interview three of her students.  Lexy Shaw (Anna Grace Barlow) tells them that Ms. Baez was a great advisor and cheery person. She helped Lexy pass her SATs to get into Harvard.  Lexy points them to another student who has run into some trouble. 

Caleb Mayfield (Denny Love) is one of the very few black students.  He says he didn’t know Ms. Baez very well and was thinking of leaving the student group that she advises. Chloe happens to call Lucifer by name and Caleb knows him as someone who grants favors.  But back to the interview. Caleb informs them that he saw another student arguing with Ms. Baez. 

Nate Benedict (Michael Provostsays he had some words with Ms. Baez because she was having an affair with his dad. His parents are divorced and he thought they could get back together through counseling, but Ms. Baez got in the way.  He has an alibi. He was at Lexy’s place.

They interview Nate’s dad next.  Jeffrey Benedict (Graham Clarke) says he broke off the affair the week before.  They wonder if he killed her because of the break-up, but he says he started seeing his ex-wife.  They didn’t want to tell Nate because they didn’t want to get his hopes up. Lucifer asks why they broke up in the first place.  Jeffrey says he was cliche bad husband. He cheated, was selfish and neglected her.

Practice Son

Caleb goes to Lux to find Lucifer and runs into Amenadiel instead.  He has a backpack full of drugs with him.  A drug dealer named Tahir is forcing Caleb to sell them, but he doesn’t want to do it anymore. Tahir threatened to beat up Caleb if he didn’t sell the drugs.  He was hoping Lucifer would buy it all from him. Amenadiel says that would solve his problem because Tahir would just make him sell more. Caleb asks what he can do because he just wants out.

Amenadiel goes with Caleb to talk to Tahir (Antwon Tanner).   He tells Tahir that Caleb won’t be selling for him. Tahir doesn’t want to let Caleb go, saying he still owes him money.  And he won’t let Caleb or Amenadiel go without leaving some collateral.  Amenadiel gives him the necklace he wears. Tahir continues to threaten Caleb though. 

Amenadiel and Caleb get ice cream and Caleb tells him that he got into Tahir’s gang because he didn’t really fit into the prep school. He says it’s hard to find your people.  Caleb asks Amenadiel why he’s helping him. Amenadiel admits he’s got a son on the way. Caleb asks if he’s the test run. He laughs and says he’s cool with it. 

The Break-Up

Lucifer tells Eve about the prophecy as an explanation as to why they have to break up.  All Eve hears is that she was Lucifer’s first love. All she hears is that he loves her.  She squeals with delight and professes her love for him. Lucifer tells her again that they have to break up, but Eve can’t accept that. She thinks he’s scared because he’s been hurt before. Eve says she will never give up on Lucifer. 

During the interviews with the students, Lucifer got some ideas about how to break up with Eve. He takes her to couples counseling with Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris).  He hopes Linda will tell her that they don’t belong together, but Linda and Eve gang up on him.  They agree that he is in denial about everything. He always takes the wrong message from every conversation.  And he has a knack for deflecting the conversation instead of facing his issues head-on. They’re not wrong. 

Next, he decides to use Jeffery Benedict’s strategy and be the worst boyfriend ever. He drinks with his friends, ignores Eve, makes out with other women and does everything he can to try and make Eve leave him.  His plan backfires because Eve starts to join in on the fun. She starts drinking with his friends, playing video games with him, making out with the same girls…anything he’s doing, she will do with him.

Excessive Force
D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel on Lucifer, "Super Bad Boyfriend." Courtesy of Netflix.

D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel on Lucifer, “Super Bad Boyfriend.” Courtesy of Netflix.

The autopsy report comes back. Ms. Baez was killed with a golf club.  Chloe leaves to inform Dan and Ella gets a strange phone call about the Tiernan case.  Chloe calls Lucifer to let him know they have a suspect.  He just found Eve at home playing games with his friends.  He says he has to go to work and Eve begs him to stay a little longer. 

After Amenadiel and Caleb get ice cream they run into a couple of police officers looking for Caleb. The cops pull their guns on the duo and say Caleb is wanted for murder.  Amenadiel tries to reason with the officers, but they throw Caleb on the ground to handcuff him, causing Amenadiel to be concerned. The second cop threatens to shoot Amenadiel if he doesn’t raise his hands and get on the ground.  Amenadiel refuses, saying he only wants to talk things out.  The officer is about to shoot, but Dan shows up and stops him.  The cop backs off of Amenadiel and helps his partner put Caleb in the car. 

Black and White

Dan explains to Amenadiel the evidence they have on Caleb.  He says Caleb looks guilty. Amenadiel gets angry and asks if that has anything to do with the color of his skin.  Dan says it’s the evidence and is offended that Amenadiel would accuse him of being racist.  Amenadiel is upset by how the officers treated them.  He tried reasoning with them, but they didn’t want to listen.  Dan is filing an excessive force complaint on the two officers but doesn’t think anything will come of it. 

Ella interrupts to talk to Dan. She tells him about the phone call she received. Someone told her that a cop told Tiernan that Lucifer attacked Julian McCaffrey. So that means that someone has it out for her friend.  She starts rambling about all the ways she could find out who it was, so Dan kisses her to distract her. He says blaming a cop is far fetched. Ella decides he’s right and leaves. 

Amenadiel visits Caleb in the holding cell.  Caleb is upset and ready to give up. Amenadiel believes he is innocent, but Caleb says his opinion doesn’t matter. Caleb thinks he’s living in a fantasy world. His life is over. He’s a black kid who sells drugs and whose fingerprint was found on the murder weapon. He tells Amenadiel to leave, but the angel refuses to give up on Caleb. He’s going to help him uncover the truth. He tells Caleb to have faith in him.

21 Bad Dates

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen on Lucifer, "Super Bad Boyfriend." Courtesy of Netflix

Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen on Lucifer, “Super Bad Boyfriend.” Courtesy of Netflix

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has been at Lux this whole time, going on blind date after blind date.  The first woman is too much like her.  And too clingy. The twenty-first date says it won’t’ work because they are both alphas. Eve shows up and sits with her.  Maze says she tired and is starting to think she’s the problem.  Eve says she’s crazy and offers to let Maze practice on her.

Eve asks what Maze really wants.  She’s not sure and says it’s hard to open up about her life. She is a demon. Eve says anyone worth dating should understand everything that makes her Maze. Maze’s date shows up, but she lies saying he’s a no show. She wants to keep talking to Eve.

They start talking about Lucifer. Eve says she felt like she was trying to be someone she’s not with Adam.  She feels like herself when she’s with Lucifer, but she can feel him slipping away.  Maze says that’s just how Lucifer is. He’ll come around soon. 

Later Dan shows up.  When Maze sees him, he’s really drunk.  He thinks Maze is there to hit on Eve, but she says they are just friends.  When Dan says he will take a shot at her, Maze pushes him back.  He says he’s going to tell Eve how Maze feels about her and Maze hits him. She pushes him against the rail as he tells her to hit him again. Maze realizes that Dan wants her to punish him. She tells security to get Dan out of the bar. 

What Really Happened

Chloe checks on Lucifer who is having a hard time breaking up with Eve. He’s trying to be a bad boyfriend and it’s not working. Chloe says it’s not working because that’s not who he is.  Amenadiel interrupts, begging Chloe to look at the evidence again.  He believes Caleb is innocent. Chloe agrees. She says something doesn’t add up.  

Amenadiel has a list of students that Caleb sold drugs to. Chloe has a list of students who have access to the closet where the golf clubs were kept.  They find Lexy Shaw on one list and Nate Benedict on the other. It’s not a coincidence that they are dating and are each other’s alibi.

They bring in Lexy and question her again. She says Nate killed Ms. Baez. She didn’t come forward because she loves him.  Lexy says Nate has a temper and he was really upset about his parent’s divorce. The girl is crying, so Chloe offers to take a break and get her some tissues.  

Nate and his dad are in the next room listening.  He says she’s lying. Ms. Baez was the SAT administrator, so she had a copy of the test. Lexy made Nate steal the test so they could get a high score. Ms. Baez found out and threatened to tell the police and Nate’s dad.  When Lexy found out, she freaked. Lexy told Nate to kill Ms. Baez but he couldn’t do it. So Lexy did. Nate still has her bloody clothes to prove it was her.

Rotten Luck

Caleb is released and Amenadiel got his key back. Caleb asks how he can pay him back. Amenadiel asks him to play a game of one on one the next day. Caleb says Amenadiel doesn’t need to worry about being a dad.  

Lucifer finds Eve at home and says they need to talk, but Eve wants to say something first.  She realized how awesome she is and she should be treated better. Lucifer agrees, apologizing for the way he treated her and he still wants to break up. Eve is confused. She’s done everything to please him, but Lucifer said she shouldn’t change who she is to please someone.  He’s been trying to make her happy, but he doesn’t like who he is when he’s with her.  

Lucifer’s phone rings. It’s Chloe wanting to know where Amenadiel is.  They all meet at a crime scene where Caleb has been murdered. Amenadiel is extremely upset. Chloe promises to find the killer, but he already knows who did it. Lucifer offers to drive him to see Tahir.  

When they get there, Amenandiel doesn’t say anything, he just starts hitting people to get to Tahir.  Tahir’s guys try to intervene, but Lucifer flashes his devil eyes to hold them back.  Ameandiel beats up Tahir but stops himself before really hurting him. Amenadiel and Lucifer return to the car.  Amenadiel says Earth is no place to raise his son and walks away. He goes to the morgue to see Caleb’s body and leaves his key with the boy.

Identity Crisis
Tom Ellis as Lucifer and Racheal Harris as Dr. Linda on Lucifer, "Super Bad Boyfriend." Courtesy of Netflix.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer and Racheal Harris as Dr. Linda on Lucifer, “Super Bad Boyfriend.” Courtesy of Netflix.

Later, Chloe visits Lucifer at Lux.  He tells her that he broke up with Eve.  Chloe says it’s for the best if that’s what Lucifer wanted.  He’s changed and he’s a better man. Lucifer says Eve sees him in a different way than Chloe.  That’s what makes her special. He doesn’t like how it makes him feel though.  

Lucifer sees Dr. Linda for a late night session.  He blames all the bad stuff on his father, God. He thinks God is using Chloe and Eve to torment him. Lucifer and Linda work out that he has been in denial about the truth of who he is.  He says he brought this all on himself.  Linda thinks he’s making progress.   He says if he’s doing it to himself, then the real truth is there is something rotten inside him.  He doesn’t know why he hates himself so much.

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