The “Devil is as Devil Does” on Lucifer. Our favorite angel is up to his old tricks. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has been so good lately but always seems to fall short of his own expectations. Until Eve (Inbar Lavi) came along and reminded him that, he’s the Devil. He’s supposed to be bad. Eve accepts Lucifer for who he is…in fact, the bad boy act is what she is attracted to most.  

This love triangle is the classic devil on one shoulder, the angel on the other, telling Lucifer how to act. Chloe (Lauren German) thinks Lucifer is still good. Chloe is sure Lucifer can make good choices. Well…he can, but will he?

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So, Eve talked Lucifer into being who he truly is. She was with him when he confronted Julian McCaffrey (Erik Stocklin) and hurt him. Julian ended up paralyzed in the hospital and won’t say who made him that way. He told Chloe that he fell down the hill that his mom’s house is on. Eve liked hurting Julian and wants to experience more. She assumes that high is why Lucifer works with the police. To punish the bad guys. Eve asks if she can work with the police too. Can’t hurt to ask. 

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) was with Chloe when she interviewed Julian. He says Julian looked terrified, just like the people who talk to Lucifer in the interrogation room. Chloe doesn’t see it, so Dan takes it upon himself to investigate. He bribes the cleaning crew at the McCaffrey house to let him check out the trash. He finds a cigarette that is the same brand that Lucifer smokes.  

Amenadiel protects his family in Lucifer.

D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel in Lucifer, “Devil is as Devil Does” Courtesy of Netflix

Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) is still hosting his angel sister, Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto). Remy is shocked that her brother is the father of the celestial being and not Lucifer. He’s the one who taught her that humans and celestials should mingle together. He says he was wrong and takes Remy to the playground to watch children. Remy doesn’t see how innocent the children are. She just sees inferior beings that will corrupt Amenadiel’s son. She has made up her mind to take the child back to the Silver City and there’s nothing Amenadiel can do about it. Remy already picked up the scent of the mother and leaves to take the child. 

Linda (Rachael Harris) told Mazikeen (Lesley Ann Brandt) that the baby could hear her voice. So Maze decided to tell the baby stories about the people she killed. When Linda gets ready for work, Maze prepares to go with her. Linda doesn’t see a need for Maze to go with her, but Maze says she and the baby need protection. Linda says she will be fine and tells Maze to stay behind. Maze follows Linda around throughout the day, but Linda doesn’t detect her until later that night. She asks Maze to give her some space. 

The Case

The police found a man named Sam Sofrelli dead under a bridge. He was beaten up with a broken finger and shot before someone tossed his body over the bridge. The evidence shows his death was personal and there were gold flakes around the body.  

Lucifer asks Chloe if Eve can tag along on this case. At first, Chloe says no, but Lucifer says they will investigate separately, so Chloe allows Eve in on the case. Eve is very interested in punishing people, but no one picks up on her real intentions.  

After Ella (Aimee Garcia) finds the gold flakes, Chloe thinks of one person who carries a golden gun. His name is Greg “Pony Boy” Grabowski (Owan Harn). When they question him, he admits, via Lucifer’s devil powers, that he didn’t kill Sam. He wished his boss had let him though. Pony Boy won’t answer any questions without a lawyer present. He’s been through the routine dozens of times and the police have never been able to arrest him for anything. 

Devil Is As Devil Does
Dan and Chloe question a suspect in Lucifer

Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinosa and Lauren German as Chloe Decker in Lucifer, “Devil is as Devil Does” Courtesy of Netflix

Chloe finds out that Pony Boy works for the shipping tycoon Jacob Tiernan (Jere Burns), who also happens to be Julian McCaffrey’s father. Chloe, Eve and Lucifer interview Tiernan and he denies knowing Pony Boy. Lucifer is more interested in how Tiernan turned Julian into a monster, but Tiernan was worse. He starts to get angry, talking about how he allowed Julian to get away with too much and always bailed him out. Tiernan asks them to leave, but Lucifer keeps talking.

Lucifer asks Chloe to leave so he can give Tiernan the punishment he deserves. Chloe refuses, standing on one side of Lucifer, asking him to leave with her. Eve stands on the other side of Lucifer, encouraging him to stay and punish Tiernan. Chloe wins, but Lucifer is not happy about it.

Chloe yells at Lucifer for his little act, saying he jeopardized the case. She says Eve is a bad influence on him. Lucifer says he is the devil and it’s his job to punish evil-doers like Julian and Tiernan. That’s why he broke Julian’s back. Chloe doesn’t know what to do with that information. She asks if he told her to leave so he could hurt Tiernan. Lucifer says he asked her to leave because she made it clear she can’t accept who he is and what he does. 

Angel vs. Devil

Dan goes to Tiernan to let him know that Sam didn’t hurt Julian. He knows who did though. Dan says he hasn’t been able to bring this person to justice. But Tiernan can give him the punishment he deserves. Dan tells Tiernan that Lucifer is the one who paralyzed Julian. 

Ella and Chloe go over the case when they start talking about celestial justice. Chloe wonders why they are arresting people if Heaven and Hell are real. Ella starts ranting about how it’s all nonsense. She uses the Bible as an example, saying it’s full of contradictions. The Devil is supposed to be pure evil, but he started out an angel. She doesn’t understand how someone can be all good and turn all bad. Chloe is sort of listening and realizes that Lucifer was once an angel. Ella realizes she’s not listening and leaves upset.

Amenadiel finds Remy and knocks her out of the sky. The end up in an abandoned building and start fighting. They argue while they fight about what’s best for the baby. Remy argues that the child should be raised in Silver City. The boy will lose everything that is special about him if he stays on Earth. Amenadiel argues that since he is the boy’s father, he belongs on Earth with his family. The boy is special because he is Amenadiel’s son. Amenadiel knocks Remy down, saying Earth hasn’t made him weak. He’s stronger because of the people he met on Earth. Remy gives in, respecting Amenadiel’s wishes. She says he will regret his decision one day though. 

A Real Friend
Trixie is suspicious of Eve in Lucifer

Scarlett Estevez as Trixie in Lucifer, “Devil is as Devil Does” Courtesy of Netflix

Chloe leaves Linda a message saying she’s worried about Lucifer. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) hears her talking and asks what’s wrong with him. Chloe says he’s fine, he’s just going through something. Trixie says that’s when people need their friends the most. She’s right, but Chloe isn’t sure that she’s the friend that Lucifer needs at the moment.

Lucifer is talking with Eve about the many ways he wants to punish Tiernan. Eve is exhausted talking about it, she ready to start punishing. She accuses him of stalling because of Chloe, saying Chloe is a bad influence on Lucifer. She wants the best version of him. The devil she met in the garden. Chloe just holds him back from being who he really is. 

Trixie shows up, in awe of everything in Lucifer’s apartment. She runs around touching everything. Eve is amused, but Lucifer is chasing Trixie around to keep her from breaking something. She lies when Lucifer asks if her mother knows that she’s there. She says her mom told her that Lucifer needed a friend. Trixie glares at Eve and says it looks like he already has one. 

Trixs Are For Kids

Dan goes to Chloe’s house to pick up Trixie. He asks Chloe about the case and finds out that Tiernan killed Sam for revenge. Dan gets worried because he told Tiernan that Lucifer hurt Julian, not Sam. Chloe goes to Trixie’s room and finds a note that she’s at Lucifer’s. They rush out of the house to get her. 

Trixie is interrogating Eve, making sure she’s being a good friend to Lucifer. Pony Boy and another hitman show up to kill Lucifer. They threaten to kill Eve and Trixie too. Eve grabs Trixie and hides. Lucifer takes care of the second hitman then goes after Pony Boy. Lucifer is about to start hurting Pony Boy, but Dan and Chloe show up with backup. Trixie runs to her parents and apologizes for sneaking out. 

The Best Lucifer
Lucifer contemplates hurting Tiernanon Lucifer

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, “Devil is as Devil Does” Courtesy of Netflix

After everything calms down, Lucifer tells Chloe that he would do anything to protect Trixie. She knows that and she knows what Lucifer wants to do to Tiernan. Lucifer wonders if Chloe wants to punish Tiernan too, especially after what just happened. She does, but she wants to punish him the right way because she believes in right and wrong. Chloe also believes Lucifer does too. He is the devil, but he was an angel once. Lucifer isn’t sure he’s an angel anymore. After he killed Cain, he hasn’t checked to see if his wings were still there. Chloe tells him to go look. 

Eve interrupts and Chloe gives her a big hug for saving Trixie. After Chloe leaves, Eve asks if Lucifer is going to punish Tiernan. He is and he wants to go alone. Eve says she only wants Lucifer to be happy. He smiles at her and leaves.  

Chloe and Dan question Pony Boy about who murdered Sam. He asks for a lawyer, but they have the gold flakes from his gun in evidence. They could easily pin the murder on him if he doesn’t start talking. Pony Boy tells them that Julian owed Sam a lot of money and Tiernan wouldn’t help him. He had to give Sam stuff to make up the debt including family heirlooms. Like a ring with the family crest engraved in it. The night Sam died, Tiernan asked Pony Boy for his gun. Later, Tiernan found out that Lucifer paralyzed Julian, not Sam. That’s why he sent the hitmen after him.  Chloe asks how Tiernan found out Lucifer hurt Julian. Pony Boy looks at Dan and lies, saying he doesn’t know. 

Moment of Truth

Someone calls Tiernan to warn him that the police are coming for him. He informs his bodyguard that it’s time to leave town. Lucifer shows up before they make a move though. He flashes his devil eyes at Tiernan and says it’s time to get the punishment he deserves.

Chloe, Dan, and Ella are going over the evidence again, looking for evidence that Sam had Julian’s ring. They find a picture on social media and prepare to leave to arrest Tiernan. Lucifer arrives at the police station with Tiernan. He says he happened to be walking past Tiernan’s office and heard him talking about leaving town. He thought it was his civic duty to bring him in. Chloe asks if he looked for his angel wings and he did. Chloe says he did the right thing.  

Linda gets up to make some tea and Maze is hiding in the house somewhere. When she asks what Maze is doing, her answer is giving Linda space. Linda wonders if Maze is in love with her, and Maze can only laugh. Linda is relieved but Maze is obviously looking for something more than what Linda or the baby can be. A connection. A partner. Linda gets a text and looks at Maze funny.

The Wings Don’t Lie
Ella tries to help Dan sort out his issues in Lucifer

Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez in Lucifer, “Devil is as Devil Does” Courtesy of Netflix

Ella is working late and finds her crucifix necklace. She takes a long look at it until Dan walks in. He asks if she’s okay. Ella doesn’t want to talk about it. Dan asks if she ever feels lost because he does. He doesn’t really want to talk about it either. They brush hands and that leads to a kiss…and another kiss…and another. Dan lifts Ella up on top of a desk and they start making out. 

Chloe has been receiving phone calls from Father Kinley (Graham McTavish). She finally goes to see him to tell him to stop calling her. He says they are transferring him to Rome, but he needed to tell her something first. Chloe doesn’t want to hear anything from him. She needs him to know that he was wrong about Lucifer. 

Father Kinley keeps talking like he didn’t hear her. He wants her to hear the prophecy. He thought it was about Chloe, but he was wrong. He asks if she knows who Lucifer’s first love could be. He recites the prophecy: When the Devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released.

About the same time, Linda arrives at Lucifer’s apartment. The text was from him. He’s sitting in the dark, scared about becoming a monster. Lucifer rants and raves about making good choices.  He looked for his wings and they are still there. But the wings are different. The wings aren’t white and feathered. The wings are red devil wings. He tried to be good and not hurt anyone. So why are his wings different? 

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