Life is a party on Lucifer. And that’s why Eve (Inbar Lavi) has returned to Earth. In “Expire Erect” things heat up between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Eve, but Chloe (Lauren German) isn’t quite ready to give up her friend. And Ella (Aimee Garcia) is still struggling with her issues with God. Will the Big Guy ever get a second chance?

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We open this episode to a very strange scene. Lucifer is drinking in Lux, sitting on the floor and bleeding. Eve is kissing Ella Lopez, and Chloe is looking for answers in a sub sandwich. What the what?!

36 Hours Ago

Lucifer and Eve have spent the last week together…in the bedroom. Lucifer is having fun until Eve says the “B” word….BOYFRIEND. So what’s a guy to do when that happens? Run to his therapist. Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) is amused. Lucifer insists that he and Eve are just friends, so she should know he’s not the serious type. Linda thinks Lucifer is moving on too fast. She suggests he get closure with Chloe before he can move forward.

The Case

The victim is named Derek Lee. He was found dead in his driveway next to a classic car that Ella loves! Chloe speaks to the witnesses and finds out that someone wanted to buy the car, but they didn’t take anything. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) finds out that Derek just won a bid on a rare classic. Shortly after, an anonymous texter threatens to kill Derek.  

Derek was supposed to pick up the car at the Malibu Motor Enthusiasts event later that day. Dan suggest they go there immediately, but Ella says it’s very exclusive and hard to get in, even with a badge. They would need to drive up in a classic car to get in. Guess who has one?

One More

Inbar Lavi as Eve in Lucifer, “Expire Erect.” Courtesy of Netflix

Lucifer is at home with Eve and he’s a little bothered that she’s using his toothbrush. They try to continue their week of bliss, but Chloe interrupts. Things have been awkward with the Detective, so when she asks him to help on a case, he wants to decline. Chloe uses the word ‘closure’, in that they always have good closure on their cases. Lucifer thinks this is what Dr. Linda was talking about and agrees to work on one last case.  

At the Malibu Motor Enthusiasts event, they learn that Derek was hanging out with a questionable man named Sid. The only clue they have is that he drives a Polynesian Green car. They go back to the station and have Ella look into it. She finds Sid, so they go to question him about Derek. When they find him, he’s already dead.

What Eve Wants

Chloe knows that Lucifer had a lady guest when she visited him earlier and finds out it’s the woman from the jewelry heist, Eve. She tells Ella that it’s just a phase. Beside Eve doesn’t know Lucifer as well as she does.

Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) goes to Lucifer’s and finds Eve. His first instinct is to be protective and make sure Eve isn’t there to hurt him. His reasoning is that Lucifer killed her son Cain. Eve knows how evil Cain was. She thinks he had it coming.

So Amenadiel’s next question is, why did she leave the Silver City? Simple…Eve was bored. She’s having way more fun with Lucifer on Earth. Amenadiel reminds her that she’s mortal now and may not be able to get back into Heaven. Eve is okay with that though. She says if she ends up in Hell, she and Lucifer can continue their party there.

Lucifer says goodbye to everyone at the police station and buys them Carl’s Jr. Maze catches a dangerous criminal and invites Dan to go with her to get his brother. Dan declines her invitation, his ‘roughing up people’ days are over. Maze tells him to call her if he changes his mind.

Case Closed

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker in Lucifer, “Expire Erect.” Courtesy of Netflix

Throughout the case, Lucifer has been commenting on how much he will miss working with Chloe. She insists that he doesn’t have to stop working with her, but he needs closure. Ella bursts their bubble when she solves the murder case. Derek and Sid were killed by a man named Marco Franklin. The three of them served in Iraq. Then Marco served time for robbery. He had two accomplices who were never caught. That has to be Sid and Derek and Marco killed them both. Case Closed.

Lucifer and Chloe try to find a way to not close the case, but Ella has all of the bases covered. They have a witness who says Marco attacked Sid and the shell casing match a gun registered to him. Dan is en route to Marco’s location as they speak. Ella leaves to start the celebration. Lucifer thanks Chloe for a great last case and great partnership. They shake hands and he leaves the station.

Love and Other Drugs

Ella meets Eve at Lux and gives her the evil eye. Lucifer has told Eve all about Ella saying how amazing she is. Eve is a little star struck when meeting Ella. Ella can’t help but like Eve and Eve really like Ella. So much that Eve offers Ella drugs.

Upstairs, Amenadiel voices his concerns about Eve being on Earth. She came back for the old Lucifer and Amenadiel doesn’t want that devil back. Lucifer says he doesn’t know if he’s with her or not. He says he thought closure would help but it hasn’t.

They go downstairs and find Chloe looking for Lucifer. The case isn’t closed because Marco ran away. He leaves to get his jacket and Ella finds Chloe. The drugs are making Ella very touchy-feely. She introduces Chloe to Eve and leaves. Eve knows who Chloe is, but it takes Chloe a bit to figure out who Eve is. Lucifer returns and Marco Franklin (Rigo Sanchez) enters Lux.

Hostage Situation

Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinosa and Lesly-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen in Lucifer “Expire Erect.” Courtesy of Netflix

Marco shoots Lucifer when he tries to deescalate the situation. Unfortunately, Chloe is standing next to him. Marco wants Chloe’s help in finding his wife and he won’t let anyone leave until she shows up. And he wants food. He planted a bomb in the building if they don’t comply.

Chloe calls the station. Dan and the SWAT team are ready, but they can’t tell Chloe where the breach point will be. Marco asked for food too, and that gives Dan an idea. Maze shows up, ready to take out Marco, but Dan tells her to calm down because there’s a bomb. He needs her help finding Leona Franklin.

Leona’s file is almost blank. She doesn’t have any phone records, social security number, or a social media footprint. Maze knows who may have helped wipe her file. Dan wants to get a warrant, but Maze disagrees. She says the only way to get Marco is to think like him.

Expire Erect

Meanwhile, Chloe tries to come up with a plan to defuse the bomb. She needs Ella, but Ella is so out of it. Chloe freaks out for a minute, but Eve reminds her of how awesome she is. She says Lucifer told her that Chloe is the smartest, most capable and resourceful person he knows. Chloe pulls it together. She asks Lucifer for a way to sober up Ella. He can sober her up, but he can help her focus on cocaine.

Chloe and Eve have a heart to heart. Chloe realizes that Eve knows Lucifer well. Eve admits to seeing his devil face and not being afraid of it. While they talk, Ella tries to talk Lucifer out of leaving the LAPD. She wants to know what he means by ‘closure.’ Lucifer has no idea.

Marco’s food arrives and the order is wrong. He throws it near Chloe and yells that her people got it wrong. Chloe knows Dan wouldn’t make a mistake like that and starts to examine the sandwich. Ella starts freaking out about defusing the bomb so Eve kisses her to calm her down. Lucifer just enjoys the show, happy that he can expire erect.

Full Disclosure

Lesly-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen in Lucifer “Expire Erect.” Courtesy of Netflix

Maze walks into an office building and pretends to look for someone who makes fake IDs to draw out the guy she’s looking for. He tries to slip out the back door and Dan tackles him. They ask him everything he knows about Leona.

Maze and Dan find Leona (Jessy Schram), who has changed her name to Amy. She is scared of Marco and refuses to help. Dan gets emotional, saying Amy is the only person who can help save everyone in the club. She agrees to go, but when they get to Lux, Amy insists that she go in alone.

The Answer is the Sandwich

Chloe recognizes the sandwich. It’s a southwestern sandwich from Luis’s. It means the SWAT team will breach through the southwest. Chloe tells Ella to get ready to move. She asks Eve to go with Ella to keep her calm. Amy enters Lux, giving them the distraction they need to move.

Amy apologizes to Marco, saying she made many mistakes and he didn’t deserve what happened to him. She hugs him tightly and stabs him in the gut. She takes over the hostage situation.

Ella and Eve reach the bomb and Ella has trouble deciding which wire to cut. Eve tries to make her hurry, but Ella needs to pray for a sign. Meanwhile, Chloe keeps Amy talking. She finds out that Amy was the mastermind of the bank robbery. Marco, Derek, and Sid carried it out, but only Marco got caught. When he got out, he killed the other two. Amy/Leona was the last one he needed to get rid of. Amy turned the tables on him and now she has to blow up Lux to cover her tracks.  

Amy thinks Chloe is trying to get in her head, but actually, Chloe has been talking this whole time and walking around to move Amy to the southwest corner. An explosion goes off, knocking the gun and bomb detonator out of Amy’s hands. When Amy grabs the detonator, Chloe runs to cover Lucifer’s body. The detonator doesn’t work because Ella cut the wire. SWAT rushes in and arrests Amy.

Good for Him

Lucifer woke up when Chloe jumped on him. He is grateful that she would sacrifice herself to save him. Lucifer is okay and they understand each other better after it’s all said and done. Lucifer says he has the closure he needs. But Chloe can’t invite a murder to his party on his next case.

Dan feels responsible for what happened because he believed Amy was a victim. Maze says he needs to start thinking like a criminal if he wants to catch them. Ella tells him to stop beating himself up. She rambles on about how she defused the bomb and came to the realization that God doesn’t exist. He asks if she’s on drugs and she admits that she is. Dan quickly removes her from the scene.

Later Chloe asks Amenadiel if Eve is evil or okay. Amenadiel likes Eve and thinks she’s okay. Chloe hopes so because she can see how much Eve cares about Lucifer. She thinks Eve is just what he needs. Amenadiel is amazed at Chloe. After everything she’s been through, she worries most about what’s best for those she cares about. He says her dad is very proud of her. Chloe starts to tell him that her dad is dead, but he knows.  

The next day, Lucifer makes his relationship with Eve official, calling himself her boyfriend. He starts to cut an apple and knicks himself but doesn’t bleed. Eve asks why he gets hurt sometimes. He tells her that only happens when he’s around Chloe. Eve looks shocked like she might know something about why that is.

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