This episode of Lucifer, “All About Eve” jumps right into a murder case.  Chloe (Lauren German) arrives at an airplane hanger where Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) are waiting. They both notice that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) isn’t with her and her only explanation is that he won’t be working with them anymore.

The victim is Pablo Silva (Bernado Cubria), a jewelry designer. His business partner Toby Golden (Chris McGarry) found him dead. He says he was in a meeting when he received a distressing phone call from Pablo. Pablo was transporting a necklace called The Desert Mirage, a $3 million original he created from gold and diamonds from Dubai.  Apparently, Pablo agreed to give the necklace to someone else.

Toby plays the message and they hear someone speaking Arabic. Pablo says the necklace is gone.  Toby rushed to the hanger. There are a lot of drugs and alcohol on the plane and pistachio shells under the body. Dan knows of a thug named Turkish Pete (Alain Washnevski) who eats pistachios obsessively.  He speaks Arabic and he works for Arab criminal concierge named Bashir Al-Fassad (Nicholas Massouh). Dan leaves to get more information on them.

Ella is more interested in what happened between Chloe and Lucifer.  Chloe admits that they had a fight and they have some serious issues that can’t be resolved.  Ella asks how Lucifer is handling things. Chloe thinks he’s fine.

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Long Time, No See

Lucifer is not fine.  He’s taking bottles from the Lux bar in his robe and pj’s.  He clearly hasn’t showered or shaved. He starts to head back upstairs when he sees her dancing in the crowd.  Lucifer makes his way to the dancefloor and finds her. Eve (Inbar Lavi).

Eve says she left Heaven so she could have some fun.  Life with Adam is boring and she’s pretty sure that Adam does not love her. She met some new arrivals at the Gates of Heaven realized everything she wanted was on Earth. And she wanted to see Lucifer.

Lucifer isn’t up for visitors so he sends for a car and sets up Eve in a hotel.  When the driver arrives to pick her up, he pulls a gun on Lucifer.  He asks for the necklace. Lucifer tries to calm the driver down, so the driver shoots Lucifer in the face.  Eve jumps out of the car and yells for help as the driver leaves the scene. Lucifer sits up, unharmed and angry that he was shot. 

What’s the Deal?

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar and Inbar Lavi as Eve in Lucifer, “All About Eve.” Courtesy of Netflix

Eve doesn’t know who the driver was, but she does know something about a necklace.  She was on Pablo Silva’s plane from Dubai.  Pablo kept talking about it and showing it off.  He also mentioned the name Bashir Al-Fassad. Lucifer knows Bashir and how dangerous he can be.  Eve doesn’t know where the necklace is, so Lucifer suggests they visit Bashir to clear things up. 

Chloe knows about Bashir too and gets to him first.  At first, Bashir doesn’t want to talk to her, but she mentions Lucifer to Dan and Bashir changes his tune.  Especially when Chloe says she wants to cash in Bashir’s favor to Lucifer. All he has to do is tell the truth. 

Bashir knew Pablo.  He used to provide him with certain luxuries.  Pablo would go overboard and owe a huge debt.  He agreed to give Bashir the necklace to pay off some of his debt.  When they got to the hanger, the necklace was already missing. Bashir’s guys roughed up Pablo a little, but he was still alive when they left. 

Chloe asks for proof and Turkish Pete says they went to the grocery store after to get more pistachios. There should be store security footage as proof. To stake his claim on the necklace, Bashir shows them a video that Pablo sent from the plane.  There are two women on board with him and one of them is Eve.  The other is wearing the necklace in question.  

The New Deal

Lucifer and Eve arrive at Bashir’s as Dan and Chloe are leaving. Lucifer hides until the pass and Eve is curious as to why.  He avoids the question and heads straight for Bashir’s pool.  Lucifer asks why the Detective was there and Bashir informs them that Pablo is dead.  Eve is sad about the news. Bashir recognizes Eve from Pablo’s video. She says she doesn’t have the necklace and Lucifer asks him to leave her alone and the debt will be paid.  Bashir informs Lucifer that the detective already cashed in the debt. 

Lucifer offers to pay for the necklace, but Bashir doesn’t want money. He wants to give the necklace to his wife. Lucifer makes a new deal. If they leave Eve alone, he will retrieve the necklace. Bashir agrees. Lucifer says once the necklace is in Bashir’s hands, they can all go their separate ways.  

Lucifer asks Eve if she remembers anything else about the necklace.  She says the other woman in the video is named Odessa. She liked wearing the necklace.  The woman also talked about a friend named Dalton and going to his place.  Lucifer recognizes the name Dalton and realizes she is talking about a bar named Dalton’s Place. 

Where Are the Wings? 

Linda (Rachael Harris), Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside), and Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) go to the OB-GYN for an ultrasound.  Linda is pretty far along because the doctor tells her the baby is a boy.  Amenadiel asks if the baby has wings. The doctor is confused, so Linda plays it off that all parents think babies are angels.  She then gets worried because she didn’t think about the angel wings. 

Amenadiel takes Linda home afterward and Linda starts seeing everything that could go wrong.  She says her house is not ready for a flying baby.  Amenadiel tries to calm her down, saying he will be there to help.  Which is good because Linda has no idea how to baby proof a house for an angel baby. But neither does Amenadiel because there has never been an angel baby.   Linda is having the first and she is terrified. 

The Grifter

Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker in Lucifer, “All About Eve.” Courtesy of Netflix

Ella uses facial recognition to identify the women in the video. Nothing on Eve, but the other woman is named Odessa (Ogy Durham) and she’s a con artist.  Ella gives Chloe and Dan a list of bars that Odessa frequents.

Lucifer and Eve get to Dalton’s Place first. They approach Odessa and ask for the necklace.  When Eve reaches for Odessa’s purse, she pulls back and signals for security.  One guy steps forward and Eve prepares for a fight, eager to do some ball busting.  A guy grabs Eve. She is able to pull away, but Lucifer attacks the man who grabbed her and a bar fight begins. Random people charge at Lucifer, but he’s stronger and quicker than they are.  Others join in the fight and Eve watches Lucifer passionately.  

Things turn bad when Chloe shows up, just as someone stabs Lucifer in the shoulder with a pool stick. Chloe is a little shocked to see Lucifer and asks what he’s doing there. He doesn’t give her an explanation, saying she wouldn’t be able to accept it and walks away.  Dan walks up and has Odessa in handcuffs.

More to the Story

Lucifer and Eve leave through the back door.  She starts asking questions about the detective and why Lucifer was hurt by the pool stick.  Lucifer says he will explain everything later, but they have to come up with a new plan to find the necklace first. 

Chloe and Dan question Odessa about Pablo. She was hired to steal the necklace for an independent broker.  When they landed in LA, she left.  Pablo was still alive.  The necklace is going up for auction on the black market the next night.  Chloe and Dan surmise that the broker killed Pablo to get more money for his final work of art.  

The Only Human

Chloe runs into Maze at home. She has been avoiding her because Chloe conspired to hurt Lucifer and is keeping Trixie from her.  Chloe tries to explain how terrified she is to be the only human on Earth to know that Heaven and Hell exist.  Maze suggests that she should move out because it’s too hard for Chloe to handle. Chloe has no objections, so Maze says she’s not the only human who knows.  Linda knows too, but she handled it much better than Chloe. 

Chloe runs to Linda for advice on handling the new knowledge.  Linda said it wasn’t easy and starts freaking out. She mentions that she’s pregnant with an Angel Baby. Chloe is more shocked by that revelation.  Linda is starting to realize how dangerous her friends really are.  Her baby could be dangerous as well. 

Chloe calms her down saying if anyone can handle it, it’s Linda.  She asks Linda why she didn’t run when she first found out.  Linda says with all the bad came a lot of good. She got a best friend out of Maze. The most fascinating patient in Lucifer. And Amenadiel gave her a baby. She’s freaked out, but looking forward to meeting her son.  Linda asks what’s going on with Chloe and Lucifer.  Chloe says it’s complicated. Linda says it comes down to if Chloe wants Lucifer in her life or not.


Inbar Lavi as Eve and Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer, “All About Eve.” Courtesy of Netflix

The next day, Eve shows up at the police station to talk to Chloe.  Lucifer is there too to see Ella, with two mugs in hand.  Eve tells Chloe what she knows about Pablo, but it’s not much.  She then analyzes Chloe, saying she’s smart and kind, but sad.  After the interview, Chloe heads to Ella’s lab to tell her about the strange interview. She sees the two mugs and knows that Lucifer was there. Ella thinks she did something wrong…and she kind of did.  Ella told Lucifer about the black market auction.  Oops. 

Lucifer and Eve spot the necklace as soon as they get to the auction.  Lucifer wants to grab and go, but Eve wants to have some fun.  A guard takes the necklace backstage to put on a model. Lucifer approaches the model and she immediately gives in to Lucifer’s charm and gives up the necklace.  As they are leaving the auction, Lucifer and Eve run into Chloe. 

The Desert Mirage

Chloe says she needs the necklace to flush out Pablo’s killer, but Lucifer doesn’t care.  Eve suggests they help Chloe so Lucifer agrees.  Eve goes backstage to put on the necklace. She walks the runway while Lucifer bids on it.  He has a lot of competition so Chloe urges him to seal the deal.  Lucifer bids 10 million and wins.  When he goes to pay, he learns that Turkish Pete is the independent broker. 

Turkish Pete stole the necklace because Bashir was going to give it to his wife. He saw an opportunity to make some money.  Lucifer assumes he killed Pablo, but his grocery story alibi checks out. Besides, Pablo was their cash cow.  He was always in debt and always getting bailed out by his partner Toby.  But Toby told Chloe that he didn’t know that Pete was in trouble. She’s been lied to.

Backstage, Toby approaches Eve with a gun.  She screams for Lucifer as Chloe is handcuffing Turkish Pete to a rail. She and Lucifer run to the back and try to talk Toby down.  He says he killed Pablo basically because he was tired of losing money.  When he found Pablo at the hanger, and the necklace was gone, he snapped. 

Chloe continually tells Toby to let Eve go.  Lucifer tells his friend that it’s time to do that thing she’s always wanted to do.  Eve makes a fist and swings her arm backward against Toby’s groin, making him fall over in pain.  Lucifer flips him backward away from Eve. Dan runs in and they handcuff Toby. Lucifer asks for the necklace, but Dan says it’s stolen evidence. He asks for Chloe’s help, but there’s nothing she can do. Lucifer and Eve leave the auction.

All About Eve

Amenadiel and Linda wrap the ceiling fan, the stair rails, light fixtures, and a wooden beam in bubble wrap.  Maze shows up and asks to move in. Amenadiel says Linda isn’t ready for a houseguest. Maze tells him that its happening whether he likes it or not…Auntie Maze is there to help.  Linda loves it and agrees to let her stay.

Ella asks Chloe to sign her paperwork before leaving. She thinks Chloe is upset with her for telling Lucifer about the auction, but she’s is not mad.  Chloe admits that she misses Lucifer.  She says there are things about him that’s hard to accept, but she has to find a way.  Chloe wants Lucifer in her life.  Ella tells her to go get him.

The First Sinner

Lucifer and Eve return to Lux without the necklace.  Eve looks at it as an opportunity to steal it back from the LAPD. She’s in a mood to celebrate and jumps up to get champagne.  Her purse falls over and the necklace spills out.  The necklace fell out of Toby’s pocket when Lucifer flipped him so she grabbed it. She hid it because Lucifer said they would go their separate ways when it was found.  Lucifer gets a little upset because it means that Eve lied to him.  He asks what else she is hiding. 

The only thing Eve lied about is her reason for returning to Earth. She came back to be with him.  He was her first and she feels free with him.  Lucifer says that was thousands of years ago.  She made a mistake because he feels unworthy.  Eve knows his insecurities have something to do with Chloe.  Chloe doesn’t accept him for who he is, but Eve is not Chloe.  Lucifer shows her his devil face saying she doesn’t know who he truly is. Eve says he’s amazing and kisses him.  Chloe arrives at Lux and sees them together.

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