“A Devil of My Word” opens just after the close of our last episode. An emotional Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) watch as Charlotte’s (Tricia Helfer) body is carted away. Lucifer smiles sadly, at least Chloe will get to see her in heaven. He’ll never get to go there. They look to Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who looks distraught as he tries to work. 

They look up as Pierce (Tom Welling) enters. He gives orders as he walks. “We are going to find who did this!”. Sending the officers away, he stops Lucifer. Has he spoken to his brother? Lucifer shrugs. He probably went home with Charlotte. He has his wings back after all. 

Meanwhile, Dan returns home. However, everywhere he looks there are signs of Charlotte. He picks up legal briefs followed by their waffle maker. Overwhelmed, he hurls the waffle maker across the room, shattering a glass table. However, as the briefs fall open, he finds a picture of Pierce. Dropping to his knees, the officer looks long and hard at the picture. 

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At the same time, it seems Pierce has Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) tied up back at his place. As one of the henchmen guarding her looks the restrained demon over, he smirks, “She doesn’t look so scary”. However, Maze uses just that moment to break free, taking out the crowd of goons easily. 

Later, Dan hurries into the station, armed with Charlotte’s files. He quickly tells Lucifer and Chloe that the lawyer was investigating Pierce. He must be the person who killed Charlotte! No one knows just how to react. However, Ella (Aimee Garcia) interrupts the conference, Pierce is addressing the team. 

Stepping outside, the team watches as an emotional Pierce addresses the station. Pierce doesn’t get emotional. He must be lying. All at once, Chloe looks to Lucifer, “Let’s take him down”. 


Later, Ella addresses the team. They’ve found evidence. Luckily, the police did another sweep of the crime scene and uncovered prints for a man Charlotte was readying to prosecute. Things take shape, looking increasingly like Pierce is planning a surprisingly accurate frame job. Time is ticking. They need to take him down…

Struggling to find a lead, Dan meets with Ella in a staircase outside the station. He needs her to do him a favour…

Pierce rolls his eyes as he sees Ella pacing just outside his office. Calling her inside, she hands him a phone and proceeds to tell Pierce everything. She’s worried about Dan. He was rattling on to her about a frame job. He really should just go home and get some sleep. Pierce gives her a comforting smile and sends her away. He’ll take care of this.


Later, a goon enters Dan’s apartment. He draws his gun as the detective sleeps on his couch. However, a safety clicks off behind him. Chloe stands behind him, her gun in her hand. They were expecting this. 

Meanwhile, Lucifer confronts Pierce. As the two men talk, Pierce admits he did kill Charlotte. However, he actually wanted to kill Amenadiel. Perhaps killing God’s favourite son would get him what he wants. The two men puff out their chests, standing toe to toe. Feeling the heat, Pierce quickly backs down, calling out to the officers around them, “Help, help, I’m being attacked!”. As Lucifer is pulled back, Pierce gets away. 

Back at the penthouse, Chloe tries plan B, calling Pierce in an attempt to sweet-talk the information out of her former lover. However, he quickly figures things out. Lucifer must be standing right next to her. Pierce quickly hangs up the phone and turns into a room, dead bodies litter the floor. 

At the same time, Linda (Rachael Harris) talks with Maze. The two women seem to be well on the road to mending their friendship; however, as they hug there is a sense of forboding. What does Pierce have up his sleeve? 


Later, the team huddles up in the penthouse. While Ella and Lucifer talk on the patio, Dan and Chloe work to extract information from Pierce’s goon. They manage to gain an address… however, nothing is that easy. 

It seems Chloe and Lucifer are walking into a trap. They enter what they think is the henchman’s sister’s apartment; however, it is a warehouse. They don’t realise anything is wrong, until Pierce emerges with his gun drawn. It seems Lucifer needs to die… Chloe doesn’t need to be harmed. 

Chloe draws her weapon. However, her and Pierce both fire and are hit. As Chloe crumples to the ground, Lucifer throws his wings around her, protecting them from the barrage of gunfire which erupts. There’s a moment of tension, but suddenly they are on the roof, and everything is fine. Relax friends, Chloe was wearing a bullet proof vest. However, before she can stop him, Lucifer bursts back inside, his bloody wings flaring. 


As Lucifer and Pierce stare each other down, Chloe waits on the roof… there must be something she can do… 

Lucifer and Pierce fight. The metallic swish of Pierce’s blade cuts through the air. However, Lucifer manages to turn the knife, finally plunging it into Pierce’s chest. As Lucifer crouches over the dying Pierce, his devil face is suddenly back. Unfortunately, this is just as Chloe enters the room. She sees everything. She looks over Lucifer, his devil face a blaze. “It’s all true…”. 

Lucifer was cancelled by Fox this week. While renewal talks are lighting up social media, there are no details yet. Stay tuned to GGA for any news as it breaks. 





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