Lucifer opens in a theater. A ballerina wipes a tear before stepping on-stage. She dances with increasing passion as the music builds to a crescendo. However, before she can react, a rope sweeps in from behind, pulling her out of frame. 

Meanwhile, an emotional Lucifer (Tom Ellis) talks with Pierce (Tom Welling) inside his apartment. The topic of their conversation: Chloe (Lauren German). How can Pierce mess with Decker’s affections like this? It seems Pierce didn’t want to hurt Chloe… he just wants to die. He’s done being immortal. 

Back at the station, Chloe walks into Ella’s (Aimee Garcia) office. The two women quickly descend into a talk about what else… boys. Why would Pierce and Chloe break-up? They were so good together! Ella makes up her mind, “I’m going to give that studly, big-armed man a serious what for!”. Chloe attempts to stop her… but only for a minute. 

Later, Ella stands inside Pierce’s office. The medical examiner does everything she can to give the boss a pep talk, and it seems to take. Suddenly, Pierce is all set to win Chloe back. He’s going to get the girl. 

Meanwhile, the team reconvenes at the crime scene and Lucifer is far from thrilled to see a newly dedicated Pierce back on the case. He doesn’t want to die anymore. Why would he? He loves Chloe! 

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Team Lucifer gathers around the body which is still sprawled on the stage. Dan (Kevin Alejandro) quickly gives the rundown of what happened. It turns out, the prima ballerina is called Raina. She died by strangulation… from the ribbon from a pair of ballet slippers. As the discussion concludes, everyone vanishes. This is just awkward. Lucifer looks down at his fingers… he has a paper cut. How could that happen? 

Later, Lucifer bursts into Linda’s (Rachael Harris) office. He has an idea… could he be free of Chloe’s effects on him? Is he immortal once again? Since she now loves Pierce, is he no longer mortal around her? He makes up his mind, he needs to tip the scales in his favour. He needs to get her back. 

All of a sudden, Chloe finds herself smack in the middle of a battle of immortals. Lucifer arrives at the station. He brings her favourite seasonal beverage and a lemon bar. However, there’s one problem: Chloe already has a plateful of lemon bars on her desk. Pierce brought them. Lucifer’s loosing the battle… 

With the sting of a car full of roses still stuck in his craw, Lucifer returns to the apartment to find Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) waiting for him. His brother looks up at him, “What is so urgent?”. Lucifer answers decisively, “We need to get rid of Pierce”. Amenadiel shakes his head… they aren’t going to kill him. What is the goal? However, as soon as Lucifer reveals the truth, Amenadiel is all set to help. They’ll take Pierce down a peg. 

Later, the team brings in a famous choreographer. Ella is breathless as she gives the man’s backstory. Apparently his leg was crushed in a car crash. However, there’s one complication… it seems his leg is fine. To make matters worse, our victim knew everything. Could this be a question of blackmail? 

While the team struggles to find a next step, Amenadiel goes to visit Charlotte (Tricia Helfer). He needs her help. Luckily, the lawyer is quick to offer her assistance. If she works with Amenadiel, she’s enacting God’s will… this is what she needs to save her soul. 

Meanwhile, Chloe returns home to find Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) waiting for her. It seems the demon wants to earn her place back in the house. The women easily fall back into a smooth friendship. Men are dumb after all. Maze looks at Chloe, she doesn’t trust people. They always let you down… Lucifer included. 

The team stumbles onto a second suspect. Is the middle aged doctor a creepy stalker? After all, he does have Raina’s underwear in his apartment. However, Chloe quickly answers their questions… they were having an affair. 

At the same time, Charlotte and Amenadiel stalk Pierce as he opens a mysterious envelope. “We’re working for God now!”. However, a chase begins as Charlotte pursues him on a motorcycle. Just when it feels like things are going smooth, Pierce gets the jump on them. He moves behind Charlotte, drawing his gun. Charlotte puts her flirt on in hopes of distracting him, but Pierce turns her down. He’s in love with Chloe after all. 

Later, Chloe once again finds herself caught between the two men. Pierce asks her out to dinner, and after some hemming and hawing, Chloe says yes. However, Lucifer invites her to dinner as well. Pierce doesn’t deserve her. She needs to be with someone better. An emotional Chloe stands up, “You can’t have it both ways…”.

The moment is interrupted by a call from Ella and Dan. It seems they discovered another clue. A video exposes Miguel, another dancer as part of the crime. As Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the scene, Raina’s ex arrives. He’s angry and armed with a handgun. We’ve got twisted love triangles, whiny dancers and blackmail. As the men are led away in handcuffs, Lucifer watches Chloe go, emotion building in his eyes. 

Meanwhile, Pierce waits for Chloe over a candlelit dinner. As he steps out of the room, Amenadiel and Charlotte break into his the apartment. They need to see what was in his envelope… this is still God’s work. 

Back at the penthouse, Lucifer talks with Linda. He screwed things up. He spent so much time trying to break Pierce, he should have just told Chloe the truth. Lucifer smiles sadly, “I want her to choose me”. Linda looks him over, “Then tell her”. 

Across town, Pierce arrives at Chloe’s apartment. It seems he was worried when she didn’t show up at dinner. As an emotional Lucifer watches through the window, Pierce pulls a ring from his pocket and drops to one knee. “Will you marry me?”. Briefly overwhelmed, Chloe shakes her head. “Yes”. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. 


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