This week’s episode of Lucifer opens in a house. A woman wakes from a sound sleep. There’s an argument. As she goes downstairs to investigate, she hears a gunshot and is knocked over by a fleeing robber.  As she stares up at his drawn gun, he’s suddenly distracted by an angelic shadow. Did an angel just save her life? 

Meanwhile, Pierce (Tom Welling) and Chloe’s (Lauren German) flirtation is still hot and heavy at the station. Everyone seems fully aware of the relationship as the couple “get’s some” inside the evidence closet. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is not that supportive. Pierce is killing their banter. 

The team arrives at the weekly crime scene, and Chloe finds herself wishing she were anywhere else. Not only does she have DNA on her shirt (a sticker… get your mind out of the gutter!), but Ella (Aimee Garcia) is openly complementary of Chloe’s… moves.

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Looking around, a young man named Kevin lays dead on the floor. The cause of death is a most definite gunshot wound to the chest. The woman from the opening scene sits nearby. She tells the detectives of the home invasion and the angel who most assuredly saved her life. However, Lucifer breaks down laughing. Would one of his siblings really do this? 

Later, Lucifer and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) talk inside the penthouse. That would have needed to be one deeply confused angel. Lucifer stops and looks to the carpet. A hideous angel figurine lays on his carpet. Could Lucifer have been the angel? 

There must be some reasonable explanation… Lucifer hands the figurine to Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris). How is he tied into this? People sleepwalk… could Lucifer be sleep flying? 

At the same time, Chloe and Pierce recline in her apartment. However, the relaxing moment is short lived as she checks the time. Trixie is going to be home any minute… she can’t know about Mommy’s new boyfriend yet. Furthermore, Chloe has a text from Lucifer. Pierce is visibly annoyed, “Of course you do”. 


Lucifer and Chloe visit a rehab center which is tied to the case. Why do humans spend so much time and money resisting their desires? It seems a man at the high-end facility is tied to the crime (he’s a sex addict), but he isn’t our killer. 

Later, Lucifer lays down to get some much needed sleep. However, the thought of sleep flying is stuck in his mind. He sets up an elaborate contraption to hopefully avoid the eventuality. Unfortunately, before he can fall asleep, Amenadiel wakes him up. Holding out a newspaper clipping, they wonder one thing: Could Lucifer be the angel of San Bernadino? 

Back at the station, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) comes down the stairs. Something is wrong with the lawyer. She insults everyone as she goes. Well, maybe its not an insult… perhaps it is the truth. She grabs Dan (Kevin Alejandro), he’s going with her. 

Before long, the couple is ready to… go at it…  in a restaurant supply closet. However, a manager interrupts Dan in his preparation, forcing Charlotte to leave the room quickly. Talk about premature interruption. 

Back at the station, Lucifer decides how he’s going to avoid sleep flying once and for all. He’s never going to sleep again. The devil goes on what can only be described as a manic streak of gambling, drugs, sex, fight clubbing and tv watching… Bones to be precise… all twelve seasons. Chloe’s Booth, he’s Bones. Obviously.  


The next morning, a rattled Lucifer shows up to the station. Chloe found something. They look at security footage of the victim in mid-drug deal. Could this have something to do with his murder? 

They discover the identity of the other man in the video as they investigate a wedding. The other man in the video is an actor. It seems someone hired him to be our victim’s “friend”. Apparently, an agency tasked him with keeping Kevin partying. 

Meanwhile, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) visits Pierce. The two talk. Pierce is showing the strain of immortality. He’s had enough painful death in his time, and he just wants to die. 

Back at the station, the exhausted Lucifer finally breaks down. He admits everything to Chloe. Her relationship with Pierce is killing him. She deserves to know the truth. He proceeds to tell her everything about Cain and the mark. However, there’s one problem, it’s completely unbelievable. Especially in his current state. She sticks up for Pierce. He’s a good man and he treats her right. This conversation is over. 


Later, Chloe and Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) sit at the station. They talk, and suddenly Chloe is inspired to reveal everything to her daughter. She really likes Pierce and he makes her really happy. Trixie’s response is heartwarming, “Does he like chocolate cake?”. As the two get up to ask him, Chloe stops. Looking at an acting agency website, she sees a familiar face. The husband of Kevin’s ex-wife looks back at her… could he be tied into this crime? 

However, Lucifer beats her to it. It seems Kevin’s ex hired the man to pose as her husband. Did he murder Kevin to keep him away from his new family? Confronted with his crimes, the man pulls a knife and attempts to plunge it into Lucifer’s chest. Thankfully, Chloe is not near-by. The knife snaps as soon as it touches Lucifer. 

By the time Chloe arrives, Lucifer is long gone. She enters the house and finds her killer hog-tied and waiting for her. 

Meanwhile, Lucifer sits in the penthouse across from Maze. The demon confesses to everything. She set-up Lucifer. She staged the angel in the penthouse. She’s been wearing fake wings to incriminate him. She means business. Lucifer stands up, he needs to see Chloe. 

In the next scene, Chloe opens her door to Pierce. The detective is head-over-heels. She practically melts into a puddle as he hands her a bowl of chocolate cake. Perhaps Trixie is ready to know the truth. However, he stops her. “I can’t do this… It’s not worth it”. A broken Pierce storms out the back door as Lucifer enters through the front. He finds a distraught Chloe sitting on the couch.

Minutes later, Lucifer kicks down the door to Pierce’s house and takes him out with one punch. “Why did you hurt her?”. Pierce is emotional, “I couldn’t hurt her like that”. As Lucifer throws another punch, he looks at Pierce’s arm… the mark is gone.

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox.   




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