Lucifer begins as Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) tears through her kitchen, her frustration building by the second. She throws utensils in anger, barely missing Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) head with a spatula. She grabs a can of coconut water, “You can’t find this stuff in hell”. She pauses as Chloe (Lauren German) enters, but the detective is baffled as Maze quickly storms out. Clearly, she’s not in the mood to talk. At the same time, Lucifer barely restrains his contempt as Pierce (Tom Welling) enters behind Chloe… they were at the beach… it was a… beach murder. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) sits across from Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris). The therapist takes notes as her patient describes meeting Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). Charlotte laughs nervously as she tells her story. How could she have a grown son? Would she really go around marrying men then suddenly forgetting about them?  

Later, Chloe and Lucifer arrive on the scene of an actual beach murder. Ella (Aimee Garcia) is already on scene, looking over the corpse. While Chloe rushes off to investigate footage from a nearby security camera, the medical examiner throws her arms around Lucifer. “Let it all out, buddy”. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Pierce and Chloe are “totally hot” together…

However, Chloe interrupts them. She found something. They huddle around a laptop to examine security footage. They watch stunned as Maze drops the body and looks straight at the camera. Chloe turns to Lucifer. Why on earth would he tell Maze to blow off some steam? He sighs, “I thought she meant Catalina!”. 

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Back at the station, Chloe and Lucifer talk as Pierce approaches them. Looking over the case notes, it seems that the victim was an ex con. To make matters worse, there is an open bounty on him and Maze was the hunter of note. Furthermore, she’s taken him in once before. Could she have taken it one step too far this time?  

While Chloe and Lucifer investigate the winery where the man worked, Linda talks with Amenadiel. How could he approach Charlotte? The discussion continues, but he pulls back. She always tries to dictate everything, just like how she decided they were broken-up. 

Later, the team sits around the station, trying to avoid the awkwardness caused by Pierce and Chloe’s relationship. However, Maze enters, interrupting the moment. “Let me settle it for you, I did it!”. She bends over the table, waiting to be handcuffed, “Come on boys, you know you want to!”. 

With Maze in custody, Chloe and Lucifer bring her into an interrogation room. She looks them over, “I hear women’s prison is like hell on earth, I’ll feel right at home”. However, as they talk it becomes clear that Maze isn’t the killer.  

Chloe and Lucifer dive straight into the investigation, but it isn’t before Maze escapes. It seems all it took was slippery fingers during a hug from Ella. But before she leaves, she steals a file from the evidence lock-up. It is clear that someone is framing the demon, but the question is… who? 

While Maze torments a bail bondsman, Amenadiel talks to Charlotte. The usually calm lawyer is becoming increasingly uneasy about the quickly forming story surrounding her missing year. How could she have been possessed by the Goddess of All Creation? 

Later, Chloe and Lucifer look over another crime scene. The victim is the bail bondsman Maze confronted. Evidence shows he died from a sniper shot to the head. That isn’t Maze’s style. Furthermore, multiple witnesses verify she was actually with him at the time he died… she can’t be the killer. Could the killer be one of Maze’s many, many bounties? 

Lucifer and Chloe sit through a humorous montage of Maze’s dozens of captures, but it isn’t until the last interview when they finally crack the case. The winery! Something fishy is definitely going on there. 


However, they are still a few steps behind Maze. The demon is already inside the winery with revenge in her plans. “Lady, you framed the wrong demon!”. As she confronts the winery staff, she learns that she was indeed framed. It seems everything stems from the death of the owners son in a prison fight, and Maze was the one who put him there. As Maze is about to strike the final blow, Chloe enters. 

The two women share a heartfelt moment, but Maze is still struggling. They should be friends! Chloe wants to help. However, Chloe is still the reason Lucifer won’t take her home. She throws her knife and storms out. 

The episode comes to a close as everyone confronts their problems. Lucifer and Amenadiel talk to Charlotte (wings and all). At the same time, Pierce and Chloe talk things out. It seems she’s ready to commit to the relationship. As the two police officers ride away, a heartbroken Lucifer watches from across the parking garage. 


As the credits begin, Lucifer and Maze talk in the penthouse. Both clearly struggle with their feelings (feelings suck, by the way). He’s feeling burned by Chloe, while Maze can’t believe she is merely his consolation prize. Lucifer only cares for her when he can’t have Chloe. She storms out. 

The action cuts to the street as Maze prepares to leave Los Angeles. However, Pierce approaches her in the darkness, “I can help us both get what we want…”. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. 


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