This week’s episode of Lucifer opens inside a restaurant. A piano tinkles in the background. Pierce (Tom Welling) sits in a booth, looking over gruesome crime photos. One by one, beautiful women in period clothes take turns propositioning him. However, Pierce isn’t interested. He looks up as another officer enters from him. This is his partner. As the two walk, they discuss the “Broken Hearts Killer,” who is currently on the run in LA. A caption comes over the screen: LOS ANGELES- 1958. 

Meanwhile, the action quickly returns to modern day. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) watch as Chloe (Lauren German) talks with Pierce inside his office. Could that chemistry between the two of them? Is it a completely hot flash in the pan? Lucifer struggles to convince himself… nothing is changing between them. Things are fine.  


However, things are changing. Inside the office, Chloe barely restrains her giddiness as Pierce asks her on another date. Apparently their concert outing in the last episode went very well. Things are interrupted as Dan brings word of a murder. 

The team soon reconvenes at the crime scene. They look over a young couple laying dead in their car. Ella outlines the cause of death: they were drugged and their chests were crushed. Pierce suddenly gets an idea. He tells the group about the “Broken Hearts Killer” from the fifties… could these cases be related? The MO’s are identical.

Later, Chloe, Lucifer and Pierce interrogate the spouse of one of the victims. The woman pleads her case, quickly winning over Pierce and Chloe. There’s no way she committed the murder. However, Lucifer isn’t so sure. While they discuss the details, Dan interrupts the moment, bringing word of another murder. 

The second crime scene is similar in construction. How is the killer picking his victims? This is most definitely a serial killer.  

The briefly action returns to the flashback. Pierce still sits inside the bar. He talks with a waitress about the “Broken Hearts Killer”. The two have an undeniable chemistry. 


Back in present day, Lucifer and the team find a new lead. It seems there’s a man leading fan tours of the Broken Hearts Killer crime scenes. Could this man potentially be involved? He’s an expert on the vintage case. They take the tour, following the man around Los Angeles on a segway, until he soon reveals too much. Somehow he has information which isn’t public yet. 

As Chloe takes the man into custody, Pierce wanders off. It seems they’re just around the corner from the bar in the flashbacks. Pierce steps inside and looks around. He sees the same table. A waitress steps out from the kitchen… is that the same girl? It can’t be. Pierce looks up stunned, “Kay? How is this possible?”. She looks him up and down with confusion. The two talk. Apparently the woman Pierce knew back in the day is her grandmother. The two talk, reminiscing how her grandfather (and Pierce’s partner) solved the Broken Hearts Killer case in the fifties. Pierce looks stunned as he learns that his old friend recently died. 


While Chloe and Lucifer struggle with their… increasingly complicated… relationship, Pierce stumbles on an interesting lead. Apparently his old partner’s case files are still accessible at the bar. Could those help them solve the copycat case? 

The action returns to the 1950s. Kay and Pierce sit in their usual booth. Apparently they were a couple. Emotion builds as Pierce reveals he’s transferring out of state. He can’t keep this going between them. This is just too hard. 

Meanwhile, Lucifer goes undercover as the team learns of a radio show which exposes cheating spouses. A heartbroken Lucifer goes on the air and listens as Chloe details (with heart-wrenching clarity) her relationship with Pierce. Lucifer’s emotion brims through. He hears the feeling in her voice. 

While Dan andL Lucifer sit outside, Pierce and Chloe talk about their relationship as they wait for the killer. However, the moment is interrupted as the police discover a shadowy figure on the grounds. Talking to him, he’s far from a killer… an intern, in fact. He’s there for the show… 


With everyone distracted, no one sees the shadowy figure pumping gas into Chloe and Pierce’s romantic dinner. The two talk quietly, seemingly rounding a corner in their relationship. As Chloe looks him over, she’s suddenly overcome and faints. Pierce springs to action, but quickly collapses next to her. Things seem bleak as the killer enters, ready to pounce. However, Lucifer isn’t far behind. Pulling back his hood, the young man actually purchased the original Broken Hearts Killer’s house. We’ve seen him once before, shouting obscenities at the host of the crime scene tour. 

As the episode comes to a close, Lucifer and Chloe finally talk it out…. a bit. However, when she asks him to stay, Lucifer quickly throws up a roadblock. There’s a bachelorette party at Lux which he needs to attend. As he leaves, Chloe grabs for her phone and calls Pierce. The Lieutent is across town at the bar as he hangs up the phone. He looks to Kay’s grandaughter, “She’s the key to everything I always wanted”. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. 

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