Lucifer opens at the Hollywood Bowl, a concert begins inside the iconic music venue in “Let the Pinhead Sing”. A masked musician descends the stairs, launching into her performance. However, there’s a sudden explosion, sending the masked dancer flying. She collapses as a panicked Axara (Skye Townsend) sprints onstage from the wings. 


While Lucifer (Tom Ellis) talks with Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris), Ella (Aimee Garcia) attempts to cheer up the moody Lieutenant Pierce (Tom Welling). She made him a compliment box! She even had the entire precinct to write him compliments! However, as she pulls them out one by one, it turns out the officers aren’t very original… they each say he has nice arms. I mean he does…. This is just getting awkward. 

Across town, Chloe (Lauren German) stands onstage at the crime-scene. While Axara’s artistic team seems reluctant to accept the inevitable truth that her backup dancer was murdered, Ella suddenly produces the important evidence. It seems our killer cleverly hid professional grade fireworks inside one of the spotlights. This wasn’t an accident… 

Later, Lucifer and Chloe visit Axara in her dressing room. Talking to the singer, she hints that one of her ex-back-up singers was out to get her. According to her social media, he said she needed to “die a slow, painful death”. 

At the same time, Linda goes to see Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). The Doctor pleads her case outside the door. No man is worth ruining their friendship. On the other side of the door, Maze hears everything she says. These two ladies need to fix things. 

Chloe and Lucifer pause as they step into the interrogation room. Are they in the wrong room? They are looking for Patrick. However, they quickly realize this is Patrick and his lawyer. They’re just in drag. Talking with the man, he seemingly possesses an ironclad alibi. He was onstage performing his own act. 

Later, Chloe and Lucifer visit another suspect. It seems the man was stalking Axara to a frightening extent on social media. However, as they enter his apartment, they find him dead on the floor. Pills are scattered around him in the shag carpeting. It seems like a cut and dry suicide. 

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Back at the station, Lucifer parades into the room, bringing Axara merchandise with him. While he swoops around the office passing out presents as he goes. Chloe sits nearby, seething in anger. Why is Lucifer ignoring her? 

At the same time, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) feebly tries to cheer up the massively depressed Pierce. It seems Pierce’s life is a “tsunami in crap”. 

However, there’s a new development in the case. According to Ella, Axara’s super fan didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered. To make things even more complicated, he died the day before the initial crime. These are all connected. 


While Chloe continues the investigation, Lucifer brings Axara to his penthouse. The singer needs protection, and the choice of hideout is unpredictable. Things proceed smoothly except for one thing… Axara is quite the pain in the you-know-what. 

Meanwhile, Linda and Maze sit across from Charlotte (Tricia Helfer). It seems the ladies are going to try and mend fences. However, as they dive into their problems, their feelings are raw. Maze barely restrains her anger, “Hoe’s before bros”. An emotional Linda storms from the room. She’s done with this. 

Back at the penthouse, Lucifer walks into the bedroom to find an… amorous… Axara ready and waiting. She always has sex before a show. It relaxes her. However, there’s one problem… for once in his entire life, Lucifer isn’t in the mood. The two talk and Axara is actually quite deep. “Never let anything come between you and what you’re passionate about”. A relieved Lucifer stands up to fix a drink, but as soon as he returns he finds the singer missing. Buggar. 


Downstairs, Pierce and Dan continue their uncomfortable conversation. However, things are quickly interrupted by a familiar music cue. Axara sits at a nearby piano and launches into the disco classic “I Will Survive”. Lucifer isn’t far behind her but quickly finds himself sucked into the music number himself. As the song comes to a close, a woman emerges from the crowd. This is Cece. She clutches a knife in her hand. “You were supposed to keep her safe”. 

Lucifer keeps Axara behind him as the woman continues, telling him everything. It seems Cece and Axara were close… like really close. Furthermore, she orchestrated the murders in an attempt to keep the singer safe. She just wanted Axara to stop touring so they could be together. There’s a sudden scuffle, and Lucifer throws himself onto Cece as Chloe enters the room. While a cuffed Cece is led from the room, Chloe tends to the bleeding Lucifer. 

As the episode comes to a close, Pierce takes Chloe to Azara’s concert as a heartbroken Lucifer watches. 

With the final credits starting to roll, an emotional Lucifer goes to see Linda. “I think I’ve made a terrible mistake”. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. 



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