Lucifer opens as a man bursts into a room, “What do you got for me?”. Another man looks him over, opening a briefcase full of diamonds. However, the moment is interrupted by a call. Stumbling to silence his phone, the man drops it. An LAPD phone number flashes on the screen. Is he a cop? It turns out he’s just Ella’s (Aimee Garcia) brother. Is the young man in danger?

Later, Ella visits Chloe’s (Lauren German) apartment. However, she’s not there to see Chloe. It’s Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) she’s looking for. It seems her brother is missing… and Maze is the best bounty hunter she knows. 

Meanwhile, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) squabble in the penthouse. Brother is supposed to help brother; however, Amenadiel isn’t jumping at Lucifer’s plea to help Pierce (Tom Welling). The mark of Cain is God’s curse… why would Amenadiel want to remove it? 

At the same time, Maze and Ella enter the office from the opening scene. There’s a brief moment of panic as Ella spies man laying dead on the floor. However, relief quickly floods over her as she realises the man is not her brother. The joy is short-lived though as Maze brings up a depressingly valid point. Her brother might not be dead, but he still could be the killer. 


Later, Chloe and Lucifer arrive at the crime scene. Maze sits quietly at the table counting money as Ella quickly tries to exonerate her still missing brother. There’s no way he could be the killer! Chloe sends Ella home, she’s too close to this. 

Meanwhile, Linda (Rachael Harris) sits across from Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) in mid-therapy session. However, the good doctor is a million miles away. She stops, cutting Charlotte off. The lawyer needs to leave. 

Back at the station, Lucifer and Chloe huddle with Dan (Kevin Alejandro). After further investigation, the murder seems to tie back to the diamond industry… a diamond robbery to be precise. Even more suspiciously, international diamond sales are involved. This is shady stuff. So, our intrepid investigators decide to go undercover. Could this be an inside job? 

Later, Chloe and Lucifer enter a jewelry store. Chloe grabs his arm, throwing Lucifer momentarily for a loop. She giddily announces to the salesman that they’re engaged. As they move through the room, Chloe suddenly winces. This color and clarity is all wrong. Since when is she a diamond expert? Scanning the room carefully, Chloe produces one of the stolen diamonds. This is what she’s looking for. While the confused clerk moves to call the police, the manager suddenly stops him. She’ll handle this. 


Chloe and Lucifer quickly get to the bottom of the manager’s story. It was indeed an inside job. It seems the robbery was an insurance scam. No one was supposed to get hurt…

Meanwhile, Maze and Ella visit a rundown hostel. As they break into one of the rooms, a man attacks them. However, as Maze pulls the assailant into a headlock, Ella quickly recognises the man. It is her brother.  

Back at Lux, Pierce and Amenadiel sit down to talk. Life as an immortal being sucks. Nothing amuses Pierce anymore. Amenadiel raises an eyebrow, “Have you tried Game of Thrones?”. Pierce draws his gun… Amenadiel marked him, and the angel is now going to get rid of it. 

Ella and Maze sit across the room, trying to pull any information they can from Jay. However, they aren’t getting anywhere. The young man can’t produce anything to prove his innocence. 

“Well now I finally get to kick your angelic ass,” Pierce says, throwing a punch at Amenadiel. Their discussion hasn’t been fruitful. The two supernatural beings throw down in the middle of Lux. Amenadiel grabs Pierce’s gun and quickly fires. However, there’s one problem… Pierce is still immortal. A little death isn’t going to stop him. 


Meanwhile, Ella takes her brother back to the crime scene. With each passing moment, the man seems more and more guilty. They discover a diamond stash room, but the scene is interrupted by the arrival of Chloe and Lucifer. Tensions escalate and a rattled Jay draws a gun. Ella attempts to diffuse the moment, but her brother runs. 

While the team huddles inside the office, Jay confronts the real killer. He’s not going to be blamed for this murder. What is the young man walking into?

At the same time, Pierce and Amenadiel are still duking it out. However, the men are getting weaker by the minute. You can only take so many hits to the head. Despite being impaled and stabbed, they keep fighting. Pierce looks up at Amenadiel, “At least I had the balls to do it myself”. Cain’s struggles with his brother oddly parallel the battles between Lucifer and Amenadiel… 

Meanwhile, Ella attempts to save the day, distracting the killer long enough to save Jay’s life. While things begin to spiral out of control, Ella cracks the motive. It all had to do with the diamond insurance claim. As the murderer is about to pull the trigger, a knife flies in from off camera, hitting the killer squarely in the chest. As the man slumps over dead, it seems Maze saved the day. 


Meanwhile, Linda visits Charlotte. The therapist quickly apologises for her outburst… her quarrel isn’t with Charlotte. She really wants to help…

With everything seemingly wrapping up, Lucifer returns to see Jay. It seems everything was a ruse… he isn’t the virtuous brother Ella thinks he is. Furthermore, he was in fact involved in the murder. Lucifer takes a menacing step towards him, “If you ever disappoint her again, I’ll come for you”. 

Back at Lux, Lucifer walks in to find his club destroyed and a bloody Amenadiel slumped inside a booth. “Working with him will only incur Father’s wrath”. Lucifer laughs, “That’s the bloody point!”. Any alliance between Lucifer and Pierce will not end well. However, Amenadiel is not going to let his brother do this… he’s going to be in his way every step Lucifer takes. Amenadiel must protect his brother. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. 

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