Lucifer’s next episode, “The One with the Baby Carrot” opens inside the penthouse. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) backs through the door trapped in a passionate lip lock with a woman. As they enter the bedroom, shedding clothes as they go, his wings suddenly snap open. He smirks, “Sorry, I don’t usually suffer from premature… unfurling”. Frustrated with his ever tenacious wings, Lucifer stops. However, his companion is still surprisingly aroused. It seems she’s into cosplay. Despite her interest, he sends her away as he leaves to… “man-scape” his wings once again. 

Later, Lucifer sits in front of Linda (Rachael Harris) in mid-therapy session. As they talk, Lucifer describes his obsession with tracking down the Sinnerman. How could all this be related to his father? 

Back at the station, Chloe (Lauren German) and Lucifer bicker over the Sinnerman. Chloe is convinced he’s just an urban legend. Furthermore, Lucifer really needs to stop saying it with… that accent. Does he have any evidence of this at all? However, they both stop quickly as Lieutenant Pierce (Tom Welling) (squee!) walks up. Chloe has a case.


Coming up on the crime scene, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) gives them the rundown. The victim is JD Woodstock (Sina Amedson). Based on the really bad jokes in his pocket, he was a struggling comedian. Lucifer looks over the notes, “Is it rude to throw tomatoes at a corpse?”. As they talk, Dan wants to crawl into his shell as Lucifer lets his dirty little secret slip… Dan does improv. 

As the scene continues, Ella (Aimee Garcia) arrives. It turns out, Woodstock not only was a struggling comedian, but he made the news only days earlier. He claimed Bobby Lowe, (Kevin Christy) a much more famous stand-up comedian, stole his ideas. Could this be responsible for his death? Lucifer suddenly identifies with this. He’s going to solve this poor guy’s case. As the scene fades to commercial, Pierce sits in his car nearby, spying on the officers.


Later, Dan reenters the police station where he approaches Pierce. He pleads his case. He’s not a dirty cop, and he hates that Pierce thinks he is. While the two men talk, Pierce realizes something. He has leverage. Dan must have collected information about Lucifer when he joined the precinct. He instructs Dan to provide him with everything he has.

At the same time, Chloe, Lucifer and a giddy Ella leave to investigate Bobby Lowe. The difficult comedian quickly shows his true colors… I mean, how dare he have green skittles in his candy bowl! As it’s almost show time, the team stays for a taping of the Bobby Lowe Show. As Lucifer watches the silly, puppet based comedy, he grows angry and storms onto the stage. One of the puppets looks up at him, “…Easy there, Doctor Who!”. Lucifer responds by ripping the puppets head off to expose the hand underneath as the terrified screams of children echo in the audience. As Lucifer waves another colorful puppet around, its face explodes. It seems someone stashed a gun inside the puppet’s head. Lowe crumples to the ground, clutching his arm. 

Later, it seems Bobby is absolutely fine… its just a flesh wound. As a paramedic bandages his arm, he admits everything to Chloe. He stashed the gun there after receiving death threats. They never used that puppet. Furthermore, he reveals he did in fact steal JD’s act. However, he definitely didn’t kill him. The situation becomes even more complicated when Bobby tells them he wanted out of his show and JD seemed his only ticket out. Why would he kill him? 


Finally finished with a long day of investigating, Lucifer returns home. He’s engrossed in a lengthy call with the still absent Maze. He needs her to investigate the Sinnerman. Lucifer hangs up the phone as a voice cuts through the dark penthouse, “Lucifer Morningstar, I figured out what you really are…”. Lucifer turns around to see Pierce step into the light. (Gulp!). 


However, relax friends… Pierce doesn’t think Lucifer’s the devil. Lucifer looks at him, “What do you think I am?”. Pierce’s response is quick, “An idiot”. As the two men talk, Pierce instructs him to shut up about the Sinnerman. He’s playing with a dangerous fire. It turns out, Pierce faced off with the Sinnerman while working in Chicago. While he doesn’t elaborate, he mentions he paid a dear price. He doesn’t want the same to happen to Lucifer. 

Meanwhile, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) and Linda are at the penthouse cleaning up after Lucifer. How could he simply leave his discarded angel wings on the floor? They throw them into the dumpster. While they work, Linda looks up, “I thought this would be more…reverential? Less angel wing dumpster fire”. 

Later, team Lucifer leaves to attend open mic night. It seems there’s a chance their killer could be at the event. Of course, Dan must be their undercover guy. However, improv and stand-up are not the same thing. As a result, Dan strikes out (to no help from Lucifer, who begins throwing tomatoes). As Dan’s horrendous act comes to an end, a comedian strikes up a conversation with them. 

They quickly return to the station, questioning the comedian from the club. It seems he toured with both JD and Bobby at the start of their careers. Furthermore, he claims Bobby even stole his jokes. Apparently, all the “chuckle bunnies” giggled about his micro-penis, which later made its way into Bobby’s routines. While their conversation doesn’t yield a confession, everything suddenly points them to Bobby’s opening comedian Shelia (Camille Chen). Could she be involved?

Chloe and Lucifer return to the deserted television studio. Creeping through the puppet filled rooms, they find themselves in a horrifying 5 Nights at Freddy’s situation. However, they quickly come across Bobby sprawled unconscious on the floor. It seems Shelia is still in the building, and she’s armed…

While Chloe tends to Bobby, Lucifer faces off with Shelia. Do you know how hard it is to pull yourself out of the stand-up world? It seems the woman did everything, including murder, out of desperation. This gig served as her meal ticket. How could Bobby set her up for failure? Thanks to a minor distraction, Lucifer punches the comedian in the face, knocking her out. Everything seems back to normal. 

Back at the station, Lucifer talks with Pierce about the Sinnerman. The police admits Lucifer is right, the crime boss is in LA. However, Pierce insists this be kept on the down-low. Chloe can’t be involved. 


As the episode comes to an end, Lucifer seems rejuvenated and back to normal. While his pesky wings keep growing back, he’s going to do what he does best. In the final shot, we see a devilishly looking Lucifer reclining on the sofa. He looks across at a young guitar player, “What is it that you truly desire?”. 

Lucifer airs Monday nights on Fox. Previous episodes stream on Hulu. 

A Few Thoughts: 

  • What is Pierce’s game? If Tom Welling is good at anything, it’s being adorably earnest, and him immensely believable in this episode. Now, do I still think he could be a Big Bad? Yup. However, I really don’t want him to be. 
  • While the rest of the team keeps getting some great material, I find myself wanting more work for Chloe. 
  • Kevin Alejandro is doing some great work as the writers give Dan more material. Loving everything about his character arc. 
  • Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) looks to return next week, and I’m looking forward to the return of Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) as well. 
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