LUCIFER opens on the beach. The devil sits at an open-air bar, doing his best to be covert. Meanwhile, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) chats near-by with an attractive man. It seems she’s hot on the trail of the missing piece of the flaming sword. However, Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) cover is quickly blown when Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) arrives with a message. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is angry with Lucifer. Both men quickly leap to their feet as Charlotte hands the man a briefcase full of money and simply lets him leave. She’s been conned… 

They give chase to find the missing man. However, they soon discover more than they bargained for. They find the man dead, shot in the back. It is lucky Lucifer works with a homicide detective.

Meanwhile, Maze arrives to see Dr. Martin (Rachael Harris). Entering the office, she stops as she sees the therapist in the midst of an uncomfortable conversation. It seems the medical ethics committee frowned on her breaking Lucifer out of the hospital. 

Later, after a lot of clumsy improvising from Charlotte, Chloe (Lauren German) finally agrees to visit the crime scene. While Chloe looks around, Charlotte turns to her son with a smile. “We’ll get to work together. Won’t this be fun?”. Lucifer however, is less than thrilled. 

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LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the “Sympathy for the Goddess” episode airing Monday, May 22 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX

While the team huddles over the body, Chloe hypothesizes this could be a robbery gone wrong. Behind her, the others shuffle awkwardly. If she only knew. However, a thorough investigation yields only one lead, a cell phone dropped by the killer.

Later, Charlotte arrives to see Dan (Kevin Alejandro). She flirtatiously flashes the detective some leg. He looks around awkwardly, “I’m not going to have sex with you here”. She pouts. It seems she wanted something to pass the time until they find a lead. 

While Chloe and Charlotte investigate a potential suspect, Lucifer visits Dr. Martin. However, upon entering her office, he doesn’t come face to face with his therapist. Rather, a very angry Maze is waiting for him. She demands he fix the mess he caused for Linda. 

LUCIFER: Lauren German the “Sympathy for the Goddess” episode airing Monday, May 22 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX

Meanwhile, Chloe and Charlotte move quietly through a party, looking for any lead they can find. While Chloe watches, Charlotte plays their suspects off each other. It turns out, wealthy socialite Bianca (Carolina Gomez) isn’t the murderer. However, it appears her n’er do well son Chet (Kade Wise) knows more than he’s letting on. Unfortunately, as Chloe turns to leave, Bianca discovers her spying. Luckily, all it takes is Chloe fangirling over record producer Chet to get herself escorted from the party and away from danger.

Later, Maze and Lucifer squabble outside the ethics board office. “You tend to get emotional!” Lucifer says, seething after being kicked in the groin. However, Maze is beyond peeved. He can’t control her. She’s not a pawn for Lucifer to use. The public fight between them quickly escalates. 

Luckily, the two manage to fight it out without attracting attention. While they sit bruised and bleeding on the pavement, Lucifer finally reveals the truth. He isn’t planning to stay in heaven. It seems he needed Maze to discover his plan, as well as be angry with him in order to sell his story. Not surprisingly, this is not what Maze wanted to hear. 

While they know a therapist, Dr. Martin isn’t feeling very supportive right now. Lucifer and Maze sit across from Linda, who directly tells Lucifer how he hurt his friends. As Maze turns to face him, emotion brimming in her eyes, Lucifer finally realizes what he did to her. He quickly leaves. Meanwhile, Maze pushes herself to her feet and turns to Linda. They’re going to fix this. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte visits Bianca. She offers the woman a goodwill gesture. It’s the cellphone Chet dropped at the crime scene. This is the evidence which can seemingly clear her son. In return, she passes Charlotte a key. However, this is all part of a cunning plan. Lucifer and Chloe sit outside, listening to every word that is said. As there’s sudden static in the feed, Chloe stands up. Either Charlotte is double crossing them, or she’s in trouble. 


LUCIFER: Tricia Helfer in the “Sympathy for the Goddess” episode airing Monday, May 22 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX

In fact, Charlotte is playing both ends from the middle. She barely has time to get rid of the key Bianca passed her before the police barge in, and she is quickly searched. As Bianca is handcuffed and lead from the room, Charlotte and Lucifer share a coy glance. He tucks the key into his pocket. 

Later, Lucifer drops a dusty Sumerian book in front of the annoyed Charlotte. It seems the key opened a safety deposit box, and this is all it contained. Luckily, Amenadiel just so happens to speak Sumerian, and he can have it translated in a few days. However, this isn’t good enough for Charlotte who storms from the room. Lucifer looks to his brother, “It must be her time of the millennium”. 

While Lucifer later toys at his piano, Amenadiel is hard at work over the book. He suddenly looks up. Apparently there were three artifacts needed for the flaming sword. They already possess two. According to the book, a key was entrusted to God’s “favorite son”. The two brothers squabble. It must be Lucifer. However, a necklace around Amenadiel’s neck suddenly begins to float in the air. It seems he has the key. 

Meanwhile, Charlotte arrives back at her office. She stands up from her desk as Chet enters the room. It seems she made a deal with the boy. She needs the real key. Instead, he plunges a knife into her stomach. As she removes the blade, etherial light streams from her wound, burning Chet violently. 

The season finale of Lucifer airs next Monday on Fox. 

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