Something’s wrong in Los Angeles. Suddenly, death isn’t permanent. Dead men are waking up around the city, frantically calling out for Lucifer (Tom Ellis), only to die once again. It doesn’t matter what the show is, people returning from the dead isn’t good.

Previously on Lucifer: As the end credits rolled, ‘Mum’ stumbles into the arms of her son. The words we hear out of her mouth, “Help Me” are mysterious and ominous.

As the episode two opens, Lucifer’s Mother (Tricia Helfer) wakes up on the floor of a swanky hotel room. Her brand new human body is bruised, battered, and there’s a screwdriver sticking out of her spine. Finally pulling the pointy object out of her back, she leaves quickly to continue her search for her son.

As she regains her senses, it becomes clear just how screwy Lucifer’s family life really is. Since Lucifer has a number of scenes alone with his mother, there is plenty of time to dig up painful family memories. Between Lucifer being forced to act as his mother’s warden, and her recount of Lucifer being cast out of heaven, their relationship can best be described as Dynasty on the celestial level.

The theme of motherhood is a notable one in the episode. Lucifer not only butts heads with his own Mother, but also with Chloe (Lauren German) about the appropriate way to raise a child. As he argues with Lt. Decker about her refusal to order her daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) a new doll, it is clear that Lucifer has some definite abandonment issues.

However, Lt. Decker is more of a peripheral player this week. The case of the week is more tied to Lucifer’s Mom, placing the two of them solidly in the spotlight. Not only did ‘Mum’ wake up in a pool of blood, but there was a dead drug informant in the next bedroom over. Due to the discovery of a waterlogged cellphone, Decker and Lucifer find themselves at a Los Angeles law firm. One of the Partners is missing, having left her shoe and phone at the crime scene. It seems like ‘Mum’ picked a heck of a body to inhabit…

The episode’s writers capture a playful tone during Lucifer’s many scenes with his Mother. Helfer also shows quite a flair for the quick and witty dialogue which make up her scenes with Ellis. She keeps up with him easily, and the two show stunning chemistry together.

As the episode concludes, nothing seems quite how it should be. Lucifer’s mom says all the right things, even cooking her son “cheesy noodles” to make him feel better. Having just confessed that she sent Lucifer to hell to protect him from his father, she glances towards the heavens. There’s more to ‘Mum’ than meets the eye. Is there a storm coming?

Lucifer airs Monday nights on your local FOX affiliate.

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