Lucifer returns and the whole thing becomes a family affair. In “Family Dinner,” God (Dennis Haysbert) comes to Earth to settle the difference between his sons Lucifer and Michael (both played by Tom Ellis). Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) has questions about Charlie’s future.

Quick recap: Michael kidnapped Chloe (Lauren German), setting up a showdown between the devil and his twin. Amenadiel took Luci’s side while Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) sided with Michael in exchange for a soul. Ella (Aimee Garcia) is still reeling after almost being killed by her serial killer boyfriend. And Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is still trying to come to terms that Lucifer is the Devil. 

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So God is in town and breaks up the big battle at the CCPD. Michael blames Luci; Amenadiel blames himself, and Lucifer blames himself as well because he’s sure God is blaming him. God just wants them all to get along. That’s not good enough for the devil though. Throughout the episode, he blames Michael for everything bad that’s happened to him. And Michael expresses his disdain for looking like Samael … Lucifer’s real name.


God turns his attention to Charlie and Amenadiel wants to know if Charlie will be mortal. Yes. He will suffer like all of us humans throughout his life. Amenadiel asks God to make him human instead, but it’s not that easy. 

Maze hides from God at first, then approaches him to ask him for a soul. He says he can’t give her one because she’s already perfect the way she is. This makes Maze mad and she storms away with her demon face on. She says God made a mistake when he made her and he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. Later she confronts Micahel about it but he didn’t promise that she would get a soul. He only promised an audience with God. 

Ella is trying to get over the fact that she fell in love with a serial killer. Dan tries to cheer her up, saying everyone wheres a mask, but Ella doesn’t. She is a light in this world and he hopes she never changes who she is. The world needs more people like Ella Lopez. 

Through all of this, Chloe seems to think that Lucifer is frustrated with her. She wants to hear that he loves her, but she doesn’t want to be pushy about it. So she decides to give him some space until she realizes … none of it is about her.

God decides that his family needs to sit down and have dinner together, but Luci wants no part of it. Amenadiel tries to talk him into it, but Luci won’t’ have his family gang upon him. He throws himself into work to forget about it. Dan, Chloe, and Ella all throw themselves into work too. That’s sad that they have to work to forget about their troubles. 


This episode’s murder happened at The Kingdom mini-golf course. Chris Peterson, the son of the Kingdom owner was found burnt to a crisp but also had some head trauma. Chloe and Lucifer interview the family first and they insist that they all get along. They try to blame a rival mini-golf course owner Juan Perez (Mark Adair-Rios). Juan has an alibi and tells the cops that Chris asked him for a job.

Chris’s girlfriend Betty (Gabrielle Walsh) gives them a completely different story. She says that Chris hated his family, but loved the mini-golf business. She had no idea that he went to Juan for a job but it makes sense. Chris would never go back to The Kingdom, he’d rather burn it down. 

Chloe and Luci interview Chris’ siblings again and it doesn’t take much pressure to get them talking. They really have nothing to say, except to complain about each other. But none of them killed Chris. 

Then the most unlikely suspect comes to confess. Peter Peterson (John Glover) says he found Chris with a can of gasoline. He tried to stop Chris and they fought. It was an accident, but Peter says he killed his son. Lucifer applies this latest development to his own plight and decides to attend the family dinner. 


Lucifer arrives for family dinner in the mid season premiere


The family dinner starts with Linda (Rachael Harris) saying grace, and Lucifer jumping right into blaming Michael for everything bad in the world. And asking questions about why Hell no longer needs a warden. God says he has a good reason, but he won’t tell them the reason. Luci and Michael get into who had the worse life. Luci because he was in Hell or Michael because he shares a face with Lucifer. 

Linda chimes in saying she sees three sons who want their father’s love and they don’t feel like they’re getting it. Lucifer doesn’t want Dad’s love. He just wants Dad to admit that he’s a bad father. If all of the apples are bad, maybe it’s the tree that’s the problem. 

Luci asks one simple question for one simple answer. Does God love his children? God says if he has to tell them, then he really has failed as a father. Luci takes that as a No. He now realizes that God is incapable of love. He leaves the family dinner. After the dinner, God asks Michael to return to Heaven. Michael thinks he’s being punished, but God doesn’t see it that way. 


Lucifer goes back to work only to find Chole and Ella watching surveillance footage at Hole in Juan. The gas sample they found doesn’t match the gas in the shed at The Kingdom. It matches the gas at Hole in Juan though. The footage shows the night that Chris applied for a job with Juan, Betty was with Chris. She lied.

Then Peter Peterson flew the coop. His ankle bracelet indicated that he’s heading for the train station. Chloe and Luci head that way and find Peterson chasing Betty. Peterson holds her at gunpoint and says he went to check on Betty as she was skipping town. He put the pieces together and figured out that she killed his son. 

Betty admits that she wanted to burn down The Kingdom to help Chris get away from his family. But Chris caught her. They struggled and he hit his head on the concrete. The first already started and she couldn’t do anything about it. It was an accident. Peter realizes that Chris died protecting The Kingdom. Lucifer realizes that self-sacrifice runs in the family. Chloe arrests Betty as Lucifer realizes he is just like his dad.


Michael says goodbye to Maze. He’s sorry that she didn’t get what she wanted though. Maze says she sorry for him as well, but Michael isn’t giving up. It ain’t over until it’s over … for either of them.

Choe checks up on Lucifer. She apologizes for not giving him space. Then she used the case to rush him into dealing with his feelings. Lucifer says she deserves to hear those three words back, but he will never be able to say them to her. He is his father’s son; he’s incapable of love. If he said those three words to Chloe, it would be a lie. Ouch!

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