All’s well that ends well on Lucifer… maybe. In the mid-season finale, “Spoiler Alert,” when Chloe (Lauren German) goes missing, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) uses his detective skills to find her. Michael (also Ellis) returns with menacing plans for his brother.

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So Dan (Kevin Alejandro) shot Lucifer, but Lucifer is okay. In fact, the bullet didn’t even penetrate the skin. Chloe yells at Dan, and Dan is upset that she knew about Lucifer being the Devil. To be fair, Lucifer never lied about being the Devil, but he doesn’t advertise it either. Dan leaves and Lucifer is happy that he’s invulnerable around Chloe again. Chloe starts thinking too hard on the whole thing, but then decides to just be happy he’s alive.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) hits a little road bump, too. Pete (Alexander Koch) gives her a key to his house. They seriously just met like a week ago, but Ella plays it off like it’s no biggie. Until she tells Chloe, and then she freaks out. Pete almost told her he loves her, too! Chloe tells her to calm down. Pete is a good guy, and she should embrace the good thing they’ve got going.


Chloe catches Lucifer trying to prank Dan with a snake and makes him stop. Dan is in a fragile state, so there’s no telling what he will do. They need to focus. Chloe says something isn’t right about their last case, the Whisperer Killer. She says serial killers usually start with people they know and then branch out. Klumpsky (David Figlioli) didn’t know the first three women, but he knew the fourth.

They go to the holding cell to speak to Klumpsky. He’s not happy about the nickname the press has given him. Chloe asks him about the first three victims but mixes up the details about their deaths. It’s clear that Klumpsky doesn’t know anything about those murders. Lucifer is more concerned with finding a good prank for Dan. Chloe decides to pursue this one on her own.

Chloe does a ton of research. She calls Lucifer, and of course Lucifer is busy plotting his revenge. She leaves a voicemail saying there is another serial killer out there. Klumpsky was just a copycat. She has a lead in the arts district the next day. Someone grabs Chloe before she finishes her message.

Ella gets help from a nerd squad on Lucifer


Lucifer finally comes up with the perfect revenge on Dan when he sees the voicemail alert on his phone. When he realizes what’s happened, he rushes to Chloe’s apartment. She is definitely gone, and her place is wrecked. Ella and the police arrive to investigate. Lucifer fills Ella in on Chloe’s hunch. They are sure the real serial killer took Chloe. Dan is MIA and wouldn’t be any help anyway. Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) is safe at her grandmother’s house. 

Lucifer feels guilty because he didn’t listen to Chloe. He thinks he should have been with her, and Ella agrees. She lets her fear, frustration and anxiety out on Lucifer, but he stops her. He says they can’t help Chloe if they lose their heads. Ella agrees and goes back to the investigation.

Ella finds something of interest. Chloe wrote down the name and address of her lead. Ella and Lucifer leave to meet him. His name is Scotty Thomas (Stephen Monroe Taylor). He runs a nerd squad of game developers. Chloe founds a dark website, KillSite, and Scotty. Scotty had some interesting conversations with Klumpsky. He agreed to give her screenshots of their conversations. 

Ella looks through the screenshots and finds information about a serial killer named LilyMan85. They find LilyMan’s account and he describes, in detail, the murders in their investigations. He even gives details that aren’t public yet. Ella can find LilyMan, but it will take a while at the police station. Scotty offers to let her use the nerd squad. 


Lucifer tries to call Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) for help, but she’s avoiding him. She’s actually with Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) but he’s totally hovering over Charlie because of a 101 temperature. Amenadiel tells her to answer Lucifer and tell him why she’s mad at him. He’s meeting Linda (Rachael Harris) at the hospital. As soon as Maze hears that Chloe is missing, she jumps into action. Maze visits Klumpsky in jail and is allowed to torture him for information about LilyMan85.

Lucifer and Ella find another dead woman with the same lilies as the others. Pete shows up to cover the story. He’s a little distant, because he knows he scared her by giving her a key to his place. Ella says it’s all good. She’s had time to think, and she knows a good thing when she sees it. Pete says he has a ton of research on the Whisperer Killer and offers to give it to her. It’s in a box at his place. 

Lucifer fills in Amenadiel and asks him to stop time so he can find Chloe. Amenadiel hasn’t been able to do that for a while now. Lucifer feels lost without Chloe and doesn’t know what to do next. Amenadiel tells him to use what Chloe taught him about being a detective. 

Lucifer creates a murder wall to find out what all of the victims have in common. He even goes through their credit card receipts for commonalities. Ella is impressed. Maze also contributes. She’s found out that the OG killer would hunt his victims at restaurants and they were talkers. Some of the restaurants might have CCTV. They find one restaurant that does and go to see if they can catch the killer. The security camera definitely caught the killer. Lucifer and Maze are shocked by who it is. 


Ella goes to Pete’s to get his research and accidentally drops a piece of paper. The paper is sucked into a power outlet. Ella sees something strange about the outlet and takes off the cover. There is a secret room in the house, full of lilies. There is also a tray of syringes on the counter. 

Ella gets out of there and tries to put the room back together when Pete arrives. At first he doesn’t know she found the room but then he sees the outlet cover. He throws Ella to the ground and starts choking her. Ella is able to fight him off and knock him out. Pete is the OG Whisperer Killer. It’s always the quiet ones.

When they get back to the station, Ella takes over the questioning. Pete had a mom who liked to yell at him. That’s why he kills loud talkers and cuts their vocal cords. Ella was going to be one of his targets but everything she said was nice. He thought he might be able to feel something with her. The important part of this is that Pete didn’t take Chloe. Ella is frustrated. Lucifer is frustrated. They’ve hit a dead end. Lucifer doesn’t know of anyone who would want to hurt Chloe. Maze wonders if maybe someone is trying to hurt Lucifer. 

Maze gets some bad news on Lucifer


Chloe is alive and in some kind of underground cell. And yep, you guessed it… Michael took her. It’s all part of an elaborate scheme to ruin Lucifer’s life. Michael plays on Chloe’s fears, talking about Lucifer’s invulnerability. What does it all mean? Chloe doesn’t care because she and Lucifer are closer than ever. Michael says she’s right. When Lucifer tells her that he loves her, he means it. But Lucifer hasn’t said that yet. Michael leaves Chloe to overthink. 

Maze finds Dan and takes him to Lucifer. Dan is still really freaked out by Lucifer, but Lucifer needs some answers. He asks why he returned to Amenadiel’s house only to see Lucifer’s devil face. Dan explains that he got a phone call from Lucifer that he did not make. That means Michael did. Dan already knew that and Lucifer assumes Michael is the one who told Dan to shoot him. 

Lucifer finally tells Dan that Michael kidnapped Chloe. Dan freaks out about that and is ready to get back to work, but Luci stops him. He can’t tell anyone that an Archangel took Chloe. But he can tell Lucifer where he saw Michael. After Michael appeared to Dan in the graveyard, he took the human to a private place to talk. It was in a cave, but Dan doesn’t exactly know where, just that it was in an abandoned place.


Chloe pulls one of the bars off of the window and hits Michael in the back when he returns. She runs out of the cell and into Maze and Dan. And she hit Lucifer, not Michael. Chloe kisses Lucifer and Dan can see how much he cares for her. Maze confirms the two are soulmates. And she’s mad all over again.

Michael shows up at the hospital just as Charlie’s fever goes down. Turns out he only had a little cold. Michael gives his condolences to Amenadiel, but Amenadiel is confused. Apparently the cold means something completely different for angels. Michael returns to the cage and Maze is waiting for him. She has her knives out and is ready to attack. He says he’s been the only one honest with her. And when he gets what he wants, she will too. They are so close to his plan coming together.

Chloe thanks everyone at the precinct for everything they did to find her. Amenadiel and Linda show up. Amenadiel is worried about Charlie because he had a common cold. Lucifer says he’s overreacting and he would rather talk to Chloe. They go to the evidence room to talk. Chloe admits to being afraid that Lucifer doesn’t have the same feelings for her that she has for him. When she said she loved him, he didn’t say it back. And she doesn’t know why. Lucifer starts to explain and assure Chloe but she freezes.


Time stands still. Lucifer thinks it’s Amenadiel, and his brother is just as surprised as he is. But more importantly, Charlie is mortal. All this time Amenadiel thought his son would be celestial and, well… invincible, like them, but he’s not. Amenadiel did stop time, but he’s not sure how. It’s obviously a result of his fears for Charlie. 

Lucifer tells Amenadiel to hit the play button and stop being afraid. Michael walks in and says that’s easier said than done. He starts antagonizing Amenadiel about how fragile human life is. Lucifer tries to stop him so they can get on with their lives. Amenadiel loses it and attacks Michael. He starts to punch Michael in the face and Maze stops him. She is taking Michael’s side because he promised her a soul. Lucifer says that’s not possible because she’s just a demon. Maze kicks him through a glass wall. 

Maze finally tells Lucifer she’s mad at him because he kept her mother from her. Lucifer fights Maze. Amenadiel fights Michael. Every now and then they switch until finally it’s Brother against Brother against Brother. A light comes from above and a voice tells them to stop. God (Dennis Haysbert) appears before them and says he hates it when they fight. 

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Part two of Lucifer season five is expected to air later this year.



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