Ahoy there! We’re back with another Love, Victor recap! Things just keep getting spicier, don’t they? Last time, Victor (Michael Cimino) and Benji (George Sear) went on an accidental date while Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) battled the patriarchy incarnate. 

In Season 3 Episode 6, “Agent of Chaos,” Victor thinks he’s a source of all the pain in the world. 

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As this is a recap, it’s got more spoilers than Victor has storylines about being gay. You’ve been warned. 

“Make yourself bigger!” // “How? I am naturally dainty!”

We open at school with Felix (Anthony Turpel) talking about putting his boxers on backwards. He enjoys the experience of the breeze in the back. That segues into slapstick as both Felix and Victor hide from their respective exes. 

Felix suggests he and Victor start a “Daddy Don’t Like Me” bad boy club. Until Victor tells him Mr. Charles Campbell (Kevin Rahm) told him he’s bad for Benji. That he’s a creator of chaos. An agent of chaos, if you will.

Felix disagrees. He says Victor doesn’t create chaos. He is a ray of light! Victor disagrees. He hurts everyone he’s close to:

  1. Mia (Rachel Hilson) … Felix: You were figuring out your sexuality!
  2. Rahim (Anthony Keyvan) … Felix: You were choosing between two hotties!
  3. Benji … Felix: … OK, you sound a teensy bit like an agent of chaos.

Oh Felix, you were so close. 

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Next, their science teacher (Audrey Wasilewski) assigns them a group project about something. I don’t know. I’m a writer. Not a scientist. They’ve got to work in groups of three. 

In an effort to temper his chaotic agentness, Victor suggests the and Felix team up with Liam (Joshua Colley), who is horrible. And knowing Love, Victor, either queer, a raging homophobe or both. 

Liam wants to know if working with Felix and Victor counts as community service. ‘Cause they’re “dummies.” Yikes. 

“My jump shot is my SAT.”

At lunch, Lake (Bebe Wood) laments to Lucy (Ava Capri) about how awful her SAT prep scores are. Study session? They invite Andrew (Mason Gooding) and Mia to join them. Andrew says nope. (Are SATs even important anymore?)

Mia’s phone rings. Veronica (Sophia Bush) is in labour. Three weeks early. Mia’s gonna miss the birth. 😔

Across the quad, Felix runs after Pilar. He wants to talk. She says sure. Does he want to be with her? Or please her dad? Felix starts his reply with “to be fair,” so we know how well that goes. 

Felix joins Victor and Liam and their lunch table. Victor invited Liam so they could get to know each other. Liam never gets lower than an A, dreams of going to Harvard and becoming president. Felix thinks he’s got the personality for the job. 

Liam’s phone beeps. He says he’s got an AP Lit quiz and dips. But Victor and Felix, they know that ring. It is the siren-call of the In-show Grindr app. As Felix so classily puts it, Liam isn’t a d*ck, he just wants d*ck. 

Oh no. Victor clearly has not learned from the time he tried to Love, Simon Rahim. He thinks he can be Liam’s Simon (Nick Robinson). Felix wonders whatever did happen to Simon. 

Love, Victor -- “Agent of Chaos” - Episode 306 recap Mia and Andrew sit at the lunch table, all googly eyed at one another

Love, Victor — “Agent of Chaos” — Episode 306. Mia (Rachel Hilson), and Andrew (Mason Gooding), shown. (Photo by: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)

“Either man up and date me behind my father’s back or leave me alone.”

At the Casa Salazar, Adrian (Mateo Fernandez) makes his obligatory two second appearance. Isa (Ana Ortiz) is quizzing him and pretending she knows the answers. She just won’t tell him ’cause she wants him to look them up himself. Teach a man to fish and all that.

Mando (James Martinez) arrives home. He’s livid that Isa allowed Pilar to go hang out with Rahim, thereby softening her grounding. Mando says Isa’s not allowed to change the rules of Pilar’s punishment without telling him. He doesn’t care what Isa thinks! 

At the Pilar-Rahim hang out, he’s complaining about dating apps. He wishes he could have a meet-cute in a grocery store, where he and a hot dude reach for the same bottle of kombucha. Same same. 

Pilar’s annoyed that Felix won’t stop sending her apology memes. Then her dad calls to tell her to come home. Repeating that he doesn’t care what Isa said. 🤬

In more difficult family news, Rahim’s mom (Artemis Pebdani) and uncle (Zadran Wali) come in just for the latter to drop tons of femme/homophobia. 

“Victor, your colleague is here!”

Back at the Casa Salazar, Liam has arrived. He thinks they’re working on the science project. Victor thinks he’s gay Yoda. 

In the kitchen, Mando cannot believe Pilar hasn’t come home. Isa says she’d offer he opinion. Except that Mando doesn’t care what she thinks. 

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He apologizes. Of course he cares what she thinks. He was just so mad at Pilar for sneaking around and lying. Isa asks if that’s really it, since the two of them were doing the same thing at Pilar’s age. 

Isa says this is beyond overprotective dad. Is he thinking about Camila? Nooo, says Mando. 

“He’s probably just massaging Veronica’s placenta.”

At Lake House, Andrew has joined the study night after all. He offers support to Mia, telling her that her dad (Mekhi Phifer) will call if there’s baby news. She’s freaking out that something’s wrong.

Meanwhile, Lake quizzes Lucy on vocabulary. The word is “repudiate,” which Lucy jokingly says means to “pudiate” again. Then, she says she needs a break. 

Next, Pilar is bearding for Rahim (thanks, Maman) at Rahim’s uncle’s going away party. There is a v. cute server (Tyler Lofton) there with whom Rahim has some history. Due to the chaos of the evening, Rahim’s missed his meet cute.

Over in Victor’s room, Liam shows off a “rudimentary” 3D computer model he made of the protein they’re studying. Victor doesn’t care. He asks Liam if he knows he (Victor) is gay.

Liam does. Since Victor announced it to the entire school. Victor starts to tell Liam about his time in the closet and Simon, etc. 

Why is Victor telling him all this? Well, Victor says, he heard the app on Liam’s phone. Liam starts to protest. Victor cuts him off, assuring Liam he just wants to be there for him. He puts a reassuring hand on Liam’s shoulder. 

Oh no. Liam leans in to kiss Victor, who jumps back. That is not what he meant. He just wanted to help. Thing is, Liam didn’t ask for his help! 

Love, Victor -- “Agent of Chaos” - Episode 306 recap Victor and Liam sit at the lunch table. It's awkward.

Love, Victor — “Agent of Chaos” — Episode 306. Victor (Michael Cimino), and Liam (Joshua Colley), shown. (Photo by: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)

“I think your sister broke him.”

Victor heads out to the living room, where Isa is getting ready for evening mass. Her son wants to join her. She is thrilled

Back at the dinner from Hell, Rahim goes to right his wrong and gets the server’s, whose name we learn is Connor, number. I ship it. 

Over at Lake House, Mia is cuddled up with a teddy she knitted for her sibling, under what looks like a heavenly weighted blanket. Andrew has a surprise for her. 

He Zoomed into the delivery by Venmoing a nurse $100. I call shenanigans. Someone totally would have thought to set this up, sans bribe. 

Meanwhile, at the church so accepting it has a rainbow flag on the outside, Isa wants to know why Victor joined her. He likes the quiet of church at night. It’s a place where he can think about who he is and who he wants to be. 

And why does he need that right now? Isa wants to know. Lately he feels like a clueless wrecking ball, messing up everything in his life.

She says, “Hey that’s my favorite son you’re talking about.” Whoops. Even in-show Isa forgot about Adrian. She amends herself to say, “Oldest.” 

“I have to go talk to … Jesus about something, so I’ll see you in the car.”

Isa tells her kiddo not to get so down on himself. He’s right where he should be for his age. Maybe even more mature, considering he’s questioning himself. He’s a good man.

Oh-ho-ho. Who else is in church? Nick (Nico Greetham). He’s just finished up youth group. Isa leaves the two boys to talk. Nick’s been wanting to talk to Victor — so why didn’t you? — and apologize for his behavior during their booty-calls. 

Nick regrets not giving them a shot to be something more. Victor says it’s fine. He leaves. 

Back at Casa Salazar, Pilar’s home. Mando asks her to sit with him a moment; he promises he’s not going to yell. He tells her he knows what it’s like to be young, in love and horny. 

Woah. Back in high school, Mando and Isa thought they were being safe. But Isa got pregnant when she was just one year older than Pilar. Being Catholic, Mando says, they kept the child. (Pre-marital sex, fine; birth control fine; abortion, heaven forbid!)

Anyway … though terrified, the parents Salazar started to get excited about the pregnancy. Unfortunately, Isa miscarried at four months. 

Isa wants to know why her parents never told her about this. Mando says they themselves rarely talk about it. But he wanted her to know since he thinks it’s part of why he’s not dealing well with the idea of Pilar having sex. 

Love, Victor -- “Agent of Chaos” Recap - Episode 306 Victor and Isa sit in church pews, frowning

Love, Victor — “Agent of Chaos” — Episode 306. Victor (Michael Cimino), and Isabel (Ana Ortiz), shown. (Photo by: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)

“I wasn’t lying to you.”

Sex is an adult decision with adult consequences, Mando says. Pilar reiterates that she didn’t lie about not having sex. The birth control was a precaution. 

Mando cuts her off. He no longer needs to know. Her relationship is un-forbidden. 

I think I understand what the show is trying to do by having these parents explain why they’re behaving poorly. Most people who do questionable things come arrive at those actions in good faith.

I worry that Love, Victor is taking this too far, though. There’s a point where reason becomes excuse. For example, Georgina (Leslie Grossman) actually said the words “I’m sorry” to Lake. Mando didn’t.

Speaking of Lake, she finds Lucy in the living room. Lake’s still stressing ’cause she didn’t learn a darn thing. She doesn’t understand why Lucy isn’t freaking out about the SAT. It defines their whole future! (It doesn’t.)

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Lucy isn’t planning to go to college. In fact, she’s planning on graduating high school at the end of the year. She’s going to move in with a cousin in Portland, Oregon until she figures out a job and her own place. 

Lake doesn’t understand why Lucy didn’t tell her this sooner. Lucy insists she did. That’s what she meant when she said she was saving up to get out of Creekwood ASAP. 

Their conversation is cut short ’cause Mia’s brother has arrived! She wishes she could smell him through the screen. Eww. Sorry. I am just not a baby person. 

Mia’s sad that she hasn’t met her brother. Andrew suggests they fly out to Palo Alto and stay for a couple days. Seriously. Is Andrew the only character on Love, Victor with the capability to think rationally?

“For the first time in my life, I was proud.”

At Khooné No-Last-Name, Rahim tells Maman that he doesn’t care if his uncle won’t understand him. He’s proud that he’s a gay Iranian Muslim. Rahim won’t ever hide again. 

Maman agrees. She comments on how cute Connor was. She reminds Rahim she’d told him his boy would come. “It is written.”

In the apartment building, Pilar goes to talk to Felix. She tells him her dad apologized (he didn’t, but fine). Felix is happy and goes to kiss her. Pilar steps back. It wasn’t hard enough for Felix to pick her family over her. She breaks up with him.

Meanwhile, Victor calls Liam to apologize and let him know he is around, should he ever want to talk. But it’s fine if he never wants to talk again. He’ll still vote for him when he runs for US president. 

Nick texts Victor, “You up?” Victor responds that he’s not interested in something casual. Nick tells him to come outside. He’s brought him flowers. ‘Cause Victor likes corny, romantic stuff. 

He asks Victor out on a date. Victor says yes. 

Is Love, Victor setting up #Flake as endgame? How would you feel about that? Were/are relationships this significant part of your high school experience? If you’re in high school, can you tell me, do you use dating apps? With only two episodes left of the series, let’s keep it moving, shall we?

Name drop of the ep:  “What’s a mitzvah?”// “Dude, we really gotta get you on the Ms. Maisel train.” 

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming on Hulu now. 

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