In today’s board gaming realm, with Kickstarter after Kickstarter rolling out day after day, a game dating back to 2012 is considered pretty old. You know what else is old? A classic. And Wizards of the Coast’s Lords of Waterdeep is such a title; as pure and simple a worker placement game as you’ll find. The Dungeons and Dragons-themed game has simple rules and quick turns, but it has good decisions and just enough player interaction. It shines and I think it is still relevant all these years later. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this. 

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Although I’ve played it quite a bit, I had never owned a physical copy of Lords of Waterdeep. (There is a mobile app that is quite good). Recently I obtained a brand spanking new one and invited some friends over for a play. I made videos to commemorate this grand occasion. Below you will find links to an unboxing, a playthrough, and a review. I hope this ignites or rekindles your love for this modern classic. If you enjoy this content please consider subscribing to my channel. 
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