Hereditary director Ari Aster is returning to the big screen with his latest creepy thriller, Midsommar. The teaser trailer dropped earlier this week and is guaranteed to give you the chills from start to finish. The main gist of the trailer is that we see a group of people travel to a remote Swedish town for a nine day festival that only occurs every 90 years. Things seem to be going fine at first, why wouldn’t they? Top secret festival, idyllic location and lots of nice people around. What could go wrong? A lot apparently. 

Things quickly escalate as other attendees of this ‘festival’ begin to conduct activities that can only be described as cult-like. Wearing all white, chanting, and performing a random autopsy on a bear. Like an actual bear. As if that isn’t creepy enough then you hear the most bizarre voice over, informing our characters and viewers, “You can’t speak, you can’t move. But this opens you up to the influence. And it breaks down your defenses. Trust me. You’re gonna love it.” Could this be the creepy follow up to Hereditary we’ve been waiting for? Hopefully the answer is: hell yeah.


The cast includes Florence Pugh, William Jackson Harper ,Will Poulter, Julia Ragnarsson, Jack Reynor and Anna Åström. Check out the trailer below!

Terror strikes when a young woman travels to a remote Swedish town.

Midsommar will be in theaters August 9th!