Best Gift for Geeks and Nerds in 2019


Impress Your Geeky Girlfriend with These Awesome Gift Ideas

Let us share you a secret, the age of Geek will never fade. From carrying supercomputers in your pocket, Aquaman, Deadpool and Antman ruling the box office, arcade games being brought back to life, everything indicates an endless era of geek and everything that surrounds it. Now, being a modern geek you must have ( or at least fantasize about) a girlfriend. Being the geek that you are, buying a present is the equivalent of leaving for a long trip without you inhaler. So, to help you breathe easily and always have fresh ideas for perfect gifts, we’ve put together some of the best ideas inspired by answers collected from geeky girls, just like the one of your dreams.

The Ultimate Puzzle – Voucher for an Escape Room

Alright, you may say that the entire Escape Room concept is already outdated and nobody does escape rooms anymore. Well, that’s why it is perfect as a geeky present. Not to mention that, the concept of escape rooms did not die, it only went out of the mainstream. Actually, room creators and escape room creators are designing more immersive rooms and more intriguing puzzles along with popular themes. Besides acting as a great gift, it also provides the perfect opportunity for you to spend more time together and form that superhero – sidekick team you always wanted. What do you mean who’s the superhero? She’s ALWAYS the superhero.

Stranger Things-Inspired T-Shirt

Especially effective if she’s actually a fan of Stranger Things. Yet again, if she doesn’t like Stranger Things you should really consider this entire geeky approach. You will be able to get over the anxiety of buying clothes for a girl thanks to this t-shirt that can’t really do wrong for a true geeky girl. The Stranger Things reference is right there, with the alphabet and the lights over each letter and it’s black so no worries about color preferences. The only possible downside of this gift idea could come from its popularity. These t-shirts sold so good that there’s a good chance you’ll see them on people that don’t even though what they stand for.

A Loot Crate

You can’t really say geeky girl without saying gamer as well. With Loot Crate you get the best of both worlds, combining video games with comics for an excellent gift idea. There’s an almost unlimited combination of items you can include in a box with the added advantage that you can include exclusive items as well. Since we mentioned Stranger Things earlier, you have the option to combine the Stranger Things fandom with Harry Potter and get the ultimate geek gift. Just make sure it’s video games she likes because if she’s more into online casino real money Australia games, you may need to start looking for a different loot crate.


Yes, the title of this fourth suggestion was meant to be as boring as possible. Yet, it really depends on what kind of socks you’re talking about. Remember how when you were a child socks were the worst possible Christmas gift? Well, as an adult it seems a proper pair of socks is the most wonderful gift. Especially when Charizard warms your toes or you can easily hide Darth Vader under your pants. You guessed it, there are countless geeky and cool socks out there that make perfect gifts. Inspired by multiple fandoms, you will be able to find high-quality designs that will not only warm the heart of your geeky girlfriend, but her feet as well.

A Power Bank

Yes, you read that right. And no, we did not run out of ideas with these two last suggestions. Admit it, the socks are a brilliant and useful idea. As for the power bank, what better gift can you give but the one of extended smartphone battery life? Smartphone that will be used to send funny memes and all sort of geeky and lovely messages to you. Now we’re talking, right ? And to make it less boring in aspect, you can easily personalize it with a sticker or even draw something meaningful or funny on it if you have the talent.

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