COVID pandemic has touched all spheres of human life, and movie production suffered a lot. Last year was more fruitful than 2021, but that doesn’t mean that there will be no good sci-fi TV series. Perhaps you won’t find some of the projects you’ve wanted to see here, be patient. No one states they won’t be released; there’s a certain delay due to the current situation in the world. Some of the projects that were supposed to be released last year will be released this summer. We hope that we’ll please all sci-fi geeks and people who just like watching TV series. 

Make sure you’ll have enough free time and good company to spend the summer and perhaps, fall winters watching these stunning premiers. Be ready that the curriculum may interfere with your plans. If you study complicated technical disciplines, we advise you to get samples of physics essays and papers, and the homework won’t take so much time. There are also many free college papers on journalism, but they’ll hardly help you tackle your major. It’s always better to hire professional writers or check business administration essay examples to cope with urgent tasks a bit faster. Now you’re free and are ready to dive into a sci-fi world:


This miniseries was released on 9 June, and don’t tell us you haven’t been waiting for it. It’s a great time to tell the fans about his character. It’s great that Tom Hiddleston was cast as Lokie again; otherwise, we would hardly place it first in our compilation. The events of this miniseries are inextricably connected to all Marvel movies. To be exact, the events of Loki happen after the Avengers: Endgame. The alternative version of Loki steals Tesseract and gets into the Time Variance Authority. Do you want to know what happens next? Watch it. We are sad because Loki has only six episodes, but we hope that producers will either extend it or announce the second season. 

Star Wars: Visions

This TV series and the above-mentioned one were created for Disney+. Star Wars: Visions is another premiere in the Star Wars franchise of animated series. If you don’t mind watching animated sci-fi and watching Star Wars, you should like this project. The creators announced the work on this project in December 2020, and it’s planned to release Visions this summer. Not so much information is known about it. Vision will be created by 10 independent Japanese anime studios. We suppose that it will be possible to look at the traditional franchise from a different angle; perhaps, we’ll see the interpretation of the well-known stories. Let’s wait.

Sweet Tooth

Netflix knows how to make us happy and always pleases us with something interesting. The first episode of this TV series was released on 4 June. The plot is based on the comics series written by Jeff Lemire. You should know him because he created a lot of stunning stories that became movies afterward. The plot revolves around the world of the future, where thousands of people died after a virus. Those who were lucky to survive started to mutate and, as a result, gave birth to hybrid children that were something between people and animals. People hunted them to get rid of the disease. And Sweet Tooth is a story of one such child. This TV series has more fantasy elements than science fiction, but it doesn’t make it worse. 

The Lord of the Rings

This TV series will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. All fans who had been waiting for this moment can’t wait anymore. The first announcement about this project was made in 2017. And after four years, the company is almost ready to show us this stunning show. Experts state that The Lord of the Rings will become one of the most expensive TV series in the world. The first season costs producers more than 450 million dollars. And as we know, New Line Cinema works on two seasons at the same time. It means that we won’t need to wait for the release of the second season a lot. The plot evolved in the Second Age. We’ll see all the characters we already know and of course meet new ones. 


It’s surprising for many people to see that Apple+ agreed to stream a sci-fi TV series. It’s a special project for all who love sci-fi because it’s based on Isaac Azimov’s book series. They were first published more than 50 years ago, and now we are lucky to see the film adaptation. The producer of the Foundation is David S. Goyer. We know this person well because he produced many successful projects such as Blade, Nick Fury: The Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Man of Steel. David S. Goyer was interviewed recently and said that the TV series will have only ten episodes yet, but there’s also a chance the project will be extended. 


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