Disney Plus and Marvel are bringing Loki back for season 2. The announcement was made in a post credit scene of the season one finale. At the 42 minutes and 48 seconds mark of the episode, we see the message, “Loki will return in season 2.”

This article contains no spoilers for the season finale.

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Loki season 2 announcement

Image: Marvel

Loki is the third series from Marvel and Disney Plus, but the first to score a second season. Of course, there are no details or speculation at this time about where the series will take the God of Mischief. If you’ve watched season one, you know anything can and will happen. 

Tom Hiddleston stars as the god we all know and love from the MCU. Turns out he’s not the only Loki in the multiverse. We learned last week that there are several Lokis, including an alligator version. Strange, I know. Just like his character, Hiddleston was a bit coy about the future of the series. Watch the second video below.


Disney Plus has not given a time frame of when Loki season 2 will air. Other Marvel series are in the works and we should see a couple of those first. What If…? will premiere on August 11. And Hawkeye could also premiere before the end of the year. Then maybe we’ll get a glimpse at Loki’s future. I guess the big question is … who’s coming with him? 

Pretty exciting stuff. Let us know what you thought about Loki season one in the comments. 


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